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Custom Rituals

If you have a need a service that doesn’t quite fit the other categories or a very particular request, then you might need a custom ritual.

Obviously the price fits the request, and I can’t know that until i know your situation.

If you would like a custom magick – and sorcery ritual done for you, and know roughly what you would like…please select one of the options below to get your ritual started.

$1500 – Custom sorcery

$2200 – Custom sorcery Lvl 1

$2800 – Custom sorcery Lvl 2

$3400 – Custom sorcery Lvl 3

$3800 – Custom sorcery Lvl 4

$4500 – Custom sorcery Lvl 5

$6200 – Custom sorcery Lvl 6

$9600 – Custom sorcery Lvl 7

$12600 – Custom sorcery Lvl 8

If you need a custom price…for your ritual…

Custom Price – for your ritual…click here – 


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Expand Your Wealth In-Totality…

If You Have A business Or Want To Start One…

Sample email: Custom ritual…

Hi, I have multiple requests and would like to do a custom ritual.

I just want to have better money management, a tiny windfall, and better relationship with my spouse.

Ideally i would like for my spouse and me to bicker less, and to have a more loving relationship.

If possible, i would like to get more creative stuff to happen in the bedroom regarding our sex life.

It’s not a problem – we just don’t have very interesting activities in bed and i want to change that.

I also want a promotion for him and for the people at my work to be nicer in general.

If i could somehow get more luck and success in general, i would greatly appreciate that.

Please let me know how this works.


My response to the email:

Regarding the ritual, you don’t have to provide any more information.

You should see / feel a positive shift in your relationship. You both with just have more fun in your sex life – it will spice up over the coming days / weeks.

Your luck and general success will also be boosted – you should notice that pretty soon.

You will have better money management – meaning a far better budget, with a tiny windfall, and far stronger bond with your partner.

The work stuff will just get better. They will be warmer to you in general.

Your partner will also get a promotion.

This would be $300.

If this sounds good to you, please send payment through cash.me.

The rituals begin as soon as payment is made.


If you would like to pay with Paypal – here you go

For Paypal, you can send payment to the following url:


Clients from the United States may also pay with CashApp (cash.app)

To pay with Cash.App/$magickislife …send payment through cash.app –

My Cashtag: $magickislife

Name: Donald Johnson

All services can also be paid through bitcoin – and that can be done through coinbase.com.

Bitcoin (not any other type of coin)…may be sent to the following address:


I give reception confirmation for all orders so you know when everything begins.

For those who need to send a money order, or check – please use the following information (for mail in money order, or check)…

Donald Johnson
7448 Tooma st #125
San Diego, Ca 92139

If you have any questions or concerns just message me or email me:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dbjohnsonjr

Email: magickislife@gmail.com


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