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Viking God Powers

Delivers incredible knowledge and truth to those who desperately seek answers and have wondered for years various facts and curious thoughts.

Causes us to ask within of what we need to do in order to move forward in a much stronger and better way, thereby causing us to become better and the strongest we can be in general.

Everything in a very confusing situation we are forced into is just understood and comprehended in a way that causes long term understanding for all involved.

Allows us to have much better and stronger relations with the animals and creatures we have in our lives, whether they are our pets directly or not.

Brings great harmony to previously ugly and tense situations where very few people understood or enjoyed what was going on, even if all of it was a complete lie – then brings the evil to be dispelled through intense life disaster for all who caused unjustified harm to others.

Enables the confused but willing to work to find exactly what they need in life, and to finally understand what reasonable long term career they might want to get into.

Grants us stronger friends and loved ones who are actually good to us and supportive of our ventures.

Causes our mood to change for the better during very odd and curiously troubling times where we might be confused.

Causes us to find joy and small riches in situations that might otherwise ruin our day.

Removes the nasty and emotional weirdness that can come from certain people and situations so that you can think clearly and emotionally free of worry.

Encourages nasty and evil people to expose themselves to their worst enemies in the stupidest ways possible such that their entire lives fall apart in a very short amount of time.

Dissolves weird and bad thoughts within us that don’t help us achieve our goals and helps us feel good and happy on a more routine basis.


Brings titanic shifts and changes to your life in such a way that everything is thrown into hugely positive new direction, then guides you to see and understand that you can achieve all that you want through a massive new life direction.

Guides those who can greatly benefit you into your life so that they can help you and you resolve problems, confusion and anything else that seriously and literally annoys and nags at you directly or indirectly on a continual basis.

Causes death to hideously bad and confusing situations that you never wanted to be part of but were always sort of either directly or indirectly pulled into – then brings good and positive people to help you (if applicable) in their own way so that you can be part of something very positive and good that you want to be part of (if applicable).


Causes the arrogant and falsely intelligent to be horribly revealed in such a way that their reputations and personal life are thrown into ruinous collapse; then brings the worst out of the evil people around them so that they are thrown into incredibly intense conflict that doesn’t appear to end.

Forces the annoying and weird people in your life to either stop their nonsense or leave your presence and life completely – then brings quality people into your world in a way that forces your quality of life to increase, even if nothing major happens to physically make that happen (you just feel better about everything).

Dissolves very negative and nasty thoughts thrown at you from others, then causes them to feel the full brunt of their very deviously negative thoughts completely and without reservation – guides you to become and be far more positive in general.

Delivers us from angst and frustration in a way that forces us out of horrible and problematic situations completely.

Forces those who are too loud and obnoxious to move away from us completely and totally, then gives them severely harsh lessons about their evil ways.

Destroys the idea in others that they can mess with us and torture us, then rebounds all their intentions into their own lives where they are eventually and immediately demolished of all they have taken for granted.

Brings us understanding of luck and fortune in our lives and near and far futures so that we don’t have lingering long term misunderstandings about our lives in general when it comes to having good and bad days.

Guides the severely wicked to turn their efforts on your worst enemies so that everything just crumbles and nothing really works out for those who intend to harm you in direct and indirect ways.

Protects you from curses and select cases of physical damage where you know others are trying to cause an accident or very bad situations for you.

Enables deep emotional protection during very severely trying and challenging times.

Brings others to see how dumb and stupid their past thoughts and actions have been, then guides them to change through a very radical period of mental and emotional shifting of emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

When others are working close to us, shields our work and efforts so that their energy and physical presence cannot disrupt us whatsoever.

Guides the weak minded to reveal themselves and how they have betrayed those around them in totality such that they cannot harm others – very good for revealing cowards and those who like to connect themselves to perceptively strong people.

Destroys the evil eye as thrown by others around us, and rebounds that negative energy on all those relevant and nearby who most deserve that negative punishment.

Enables the meek and mildly evil people we directly and indirectly know (outside of our lives) to reveal their worst selves to the most relevant and best people around they so that we energetically indirectly benefit from their downfall – in proportion to all the harm they have caused us for this entire lifetime.

Delivers incredible insight to those who are mentally pained by very bad past mistakes that tend to linger around, then guides them to immediately start resolving any problems that still hang around.

Causes your personal work environment to be peaceful, productive and very easy going so that you are not stressed out nearly as much as you might be otherwise.

Increases your ability to find good deals when out shopping so that you aren’t spending your money and expanding your budget needlessly on a routine basis.

Allows us to understand the thoughts and emotions of those close to us a lot easier and better so that everything just runs a lot smoother merely through pure understanding.

Guides others to see us in the best way so that they do not feel threatened and act out aggressively and irrationally against us in any way.

Shifts the thoughts and feeling of the very aggressively reactive so that we are not part of their emotionally explosive moments.

Enables work and home environments to be far more peaceful, guiding those who live there or are routinely there in general to argue and express negative energy far less, and almost not at all.

Creates a very powerful situation in which you can connect with very useful contacts who see you as a beneficial and useful person they can work with long term.

Guides you into the most ideal employment situation in general, with the mild possibility of a career – but this is more for those who just need a decent paying job.

Dissolves the confusion about our lives, thereby allowing others to see the best in our situations and personalities in general.

Brings us genuine friends and people who most resonate with our life purpose and goals in general, and helps remove the nasty people from our lives over time.

Allows us to see the true worth of a project so that we can evaluate whether we should invest more energy into it or not.

Demolishes the idea that we aren’t good or strong enough to complete a task, then brings in those who can most help us in whatever it is that we most need done.

Grants insight to those who are severely confused but can help us and they are brought into our lives in a way that can shift the way we think about everything important in our lives.

Delivers incredible harm and justice to those who have wronged us in the past, then destroys their sense of focus and control long term so that they cannot easily live and do their regular daily activities without small and severely annoying problems constantly emotionally and mentally pestering them.

Causes us to become the best of ourselves over time so that we can attract our soulmates – changes happen over several weeks and months.

Brings us possible situations where we can see signs omens and very deep life changing things that really deliver hugely relevant lessons into our lives overall.

Dissolves the pain and negative emotions behind horrific breakups and any other situations that have previously or currently left us emotionally torn apart.

Causes time and reality to slow down or speed up in a way that enables us to appreciate certain events far more.

Allows us to only be around the best of others as we go to events and situations we technically don’t remotely want to be in at all.

Guides others to respond to us truthfully or just not speak to us at all if they are going to lie – if they must speak to us, the lies will be pretty clear.

Causes very forgetful people to receive and feel enhanced memory for the next useful period of time.

Makes your finances clear and joyful so that you know if you are on track or not, and guides you to be better with your money for the long run.

Removes the feeling of doubt about your money life so that you can see truthfully if you are on track or not, then guides you to fix your situation for the better over time.

Guides very strong and useful people into your life so that they can help you, and you mutually help them in ways that are incredibly easy to understand for them.

Severs the connection between you and very nasty and horrible people who tend to linger around without any reasons; guides them to bother and expose themselves to horrible people that will ruin them and cause them great emotional and mental pain.

Causes enemies to forget their plans against us and anyone close to us, then pushes them into horrible and horrifying situations that destroy their lives completely.

Freya – Brings you to understand problematic and troublesome situation in such a way that everything is brought to justice and/or very illuminating resolution quickly.

Guides others who are very stubborn or who simply don’t understand to see things very easily and clearly so that conflict or fighting cannot happen.

Develops the planning of those who are unambitious or unwilling to put effort into a project so that things can run smoothly and without problems or distortion.

Enables the meek and weak to find their internal strength and build upon their personal happiness in a way that allows them to be more confident about their abilities with greater self esteem in general.

Removes the needy and greedy unethical people from your life so that everything can run a lot smoother without any obvious or significant problems.

Delivers an ominous warning to your naysayers and enemies either through intuition, physically or both, that you aren’t to be messed with – and if they proceed with damage or punishment, life gets very hideously horrendously bad for them continuously without end.

Brings stubborn and neglectful people to change their ways completely so that their lives aren’t so weirdly negative and unhealthy in various ways, then guides them to want to be better and stay that way continually – then helps them maintain their new life outlook for the months and years to come.

Allows you to feel into your own true wants and needs very deeply so that your life and world doesn’t feel so odd and out of place – then guides you to understand your true life path so that you can pursue the right life goals and ideas without confusion.

Destroys the feeling of being completely stuck with your life so that things just fall into place in a very different and oddly creative way that you cannot easily predict, but you welcome once the changes start to come in.

Guides us to avoid very useless social gatherings that technically have nothing to do with us – this happens peacefully and without too many problems.

Shifts entire situations so that we are not caught in any conflict that might arise.

Brings others to reflect on our very dumb and deeply regretful mistakes so that they will never repeat those actions and things ever again.

Opens the minds and vision of those who want to excel at their crafts and careers to know exactly what they want in order to ascend in their professions.

Brings those who want a better career life to know through intuition and insight exactly what they need to do in order to get ahead.

Forces superiors and those higher up than you to see you and all others you select to be seen honestly and truthfully so that you all can be rewarded for your efforts.

Removes the idea that we cannot do something that we otherwise could obviously do without hesitation, then guides the people and ideas that limits us completely and totally out of our lives.

Dissolves the idea and emotions that make us think that we are not enough or inadequate for whatever it is that we want to achieve and know that we can achieve with applied and focused efforts over time.

Creates very strong situations that are very benefiting to those who are involved, and destroys and remove all the bad people who attempt to derail them completely – with physical confirmation of them being pulled away and your full potential to achieve whatever in your project revealed to you.

Destroys the harmful slander and negative energy from others as they might have incredibly evil intentions against us.

Removes the small and large lies from your family so that the most relevant people can see who has been lying and you can finally see the true nature of those around you.

Causes others to get immediately mentally and emotionally cursed for their nasty intentions, thoughts and emotions they attempt to throw and curse others with.

Summons and attracts very interesting situations that bring us intense insight that helps us navigate our problems from the present and the past without any problems.

Destroys the feeling and evil eye from others in such a way that no one can fully and technically derail our efforts, emotions and focus.

Allows us to see how passively meddlesome people affect our lives then brings us to remove them and/or mute them from our lives.

Allows the hurtful people to be completely muted and displaced (moved to other situations), then forces you to concentrate on other more practical and worth while things until everything is completed and all the bad people are horribly put into severe misfortune for the rest of their lives.

Causes the ethical and just people to open up their hearts and minds to understanding themselves and their worlds better so that life purpose is no longer a question.

Destroys the feeling of being inadequate and installs into us more positive and harmonious thoughts and feelings that guides us to be more productive and aligned with who we truly are.

Brings your life into a very curious level of personal and spiritual evolution in such a way that your goals don’t feel out of reach and you just feel almost completely good and very happy about your life and self – guides your personal understanding to be very intense and satisfying so that the future isn’t so weird, confusing and cold helping you to avoid personal life catastrophes and disasters.

Flips your enemies success and gives you pretty much everything they have in proportion to the damage they have caused you, then guides them to move out of your life completely so that they disrupt other very nasty and hate filled people – and they fight relentlessly amongst one another until they are both ruined and destroyed.

Guides the evil and wicked past actions and thoughts of people to be revealed so that everyone relevant can see how bad they are, thereby exposing them as horrendous people – they are then torn apart by anxiety, angst and relentless mental torment and emotional rage that gives them very nasty personal ruin and life crisis that lasts for months on end.

Guides the wicked to reveal themselves through hideous and horrifying acts that causes everyone in their circles to know who they are and completely destroy them; their enemies are exposed to them and they are in complete ruin, in reputation, personal life and their own circles of loved ones and friends.

Opens our eyes to see the evil people and acts that are around us and brings others to deal with all the negative, evil and nasty people so that we are able to concentrate on other things.

Strengthens your will during crazy, intense and challenging periods where you cannot easily feel good or well about your life – then pushes you to become far stronger in general so that you see the truth of good in your life and embrace happiness, personal strength and push out the insane people, situations and life events that make things bad and negative.

Causes those who are ill to recover in a way that allows them to feel very deep life lessons in a very intense and life awakening sort of way.

Those who are ill intended in your life will understand exactly how badly they have been and remove themselves from your situation, project and surrounding long enough for you to do whatever it is that you need.

Brings incredible emotional torment to those who are wicked, deceitful and just outright liars – often slandering other for fun and their own gain.

Provides all the tools, lessons and information you need to complete a relatively simple task that you know should be easily completed.

Guides you to the best service people in general so that you can benefit from reasonably priced or bartered for services, with the highest quality services provided for your budget and situation.

Allows others to see you for your valuable talents and guides them into your life so that you can build long term business.

Grants wealth and larger sums of money to those who have work long and hard on projects that they have not found reasonable satisfaction with.

Delivers incredible wealth and money insight to those who have worked and deserve a better money situation in general, where the insight brings them to a far greater place financially.

Guides you to understand past mistakes and problems in such a way that everything somehow just works out for the better long term with your renewed understanding.

Causes the negative small stuff in our lives to have far less impact on our emotions and mentality on a routine basis, then guides us to understand our weaknesses better so that we can transcend them over time.

Enables us to see and feel how everything in very confusing and unsettling situations in our own lives or others will come together will at the lies, frustration and confusion set aside.

Causes us to understand the truth of others situation, and guides them to see their lives more honestly and truthfully so that they can change for the better.

Releases us from past anguish, guilt and fear so that we can move forward safely and soundly without any problems that linger with us from the past.

Delivers us from very mentally hurtful situations so that our lives aren’t nearly as pained and regretful as we once allowed ourselves to drown in and just feel continually tormented by.

Causes our minds and emotions to be reset and refreshed with a very intense detox and release period that forces the bad people to reveal themselves and move out of our lives while we feel and experience an emotional restart.

Prevents intense and explosive conflict and fighting between couples who aren’t currently completely getting along – then guides them to whatever helps them find the best resolution to their situation long term.

Guides very people to move away from each other, and this can especially include toxic couples who don’t remotely get along and need to just be apart; can also guide apart very nasty households where people just linger around far too much.

Brings warmth and comfort to severely depressed and sad situations revolving in some way around love – whether it is a loving relationship, family or close relatives and friends.

Guides relationships to be far more loving and loyal in general to the point where everything is back on track – this is only applied to genuine loving long term relationships.

Shifts the lives and thoughts of those who are incredibly unethical so they are no longer in your life and generally no longer act out in ways that are incredibly negatively morally damaging, causing no more harm to other but only themselves.

Exposes those who are massively unethical in a very obviously clear way so that they are brought out of your life in a way that destroys them almost completely without being able to recover.


To understand what you truly desire out of this life, then guides you to actualize your near and long term goals in a way that completely satisfies you in a way that you understand where your life is headed.

Guides you to understand what an event, situation or series of circumstances means for you so that you can glean deeply powerful insight from everything over time.

Brings you to know and understand how to resolve very complex and confusing situations with simple and easy solutions that others just don’t remotely see or will ever come up with themselves.


Changes the perception of the arrogant and haughty around you so that you can easily stand out from the crowd and look good even under the most stubborn of judgement.

Guides you to connect with friends from the past who you have long wanted to meet up with again.

Brings you to study, practice and just hone your skills in general so that you are far better at whatever thing you need to benefit yourself, career and general life.


Severs your ties to horrendous people so that your world cannot be shaken by their nasty and wicked thoughts and acts; guides them to be removed from your life.

Brings prosperity and joy to your life in such a way that all the negativity regarding your finances is dispelled and you finally have a clear understanding of how to bring everything into a good level of personal and emotional abundance where you know truthfully that you are completely alright.

Resolves all problematic situations completely, thoroughly and once and for all, without any conflict or open aggression as past confusion and turmoil is brought into complete clarity – without reservation.


To understand the needs and wants of those close to you so that you can easily communicate with them more effectively and just deal with them better in genreal.

Protects your body and possessions during very stressful and dangerous times so that you can concentrate on other things without worrying about thieves and bad people messing with you.

Causes greater intuition at important times where you need to make wise decisions that affect your future.


To confuse unethical people in such a way that they are brought into a full life crisis because of their past mistakes and very unethical acts.

To silence very aggressive emotions in conflicted people so that conflict and fights don’t linger or happen at all.

Allows you to see the truth of a much larger situation when there are seemingly too many pieces and aspects of things to comprehend easily.

Forces stubborn and ignorant superiors to see us in the very best way so that our efforts are properly rewarded.

Guides the wicked among our numbers to reveal themselves over time so that we don’t have any worries about them causing trouble for us.

Grants us insight into very confusing situations that don’t directly involve us so that we know whether or not we want to be part of it or not.


To understand whether a career or job in general suits your interests for long term employment.

Shifts your thinking so that confusing and manipulative people can’t easily sway and influence your thoughts and thinking.

Brings others to know and accept that you are already successful, and to respect you as you are without many haggles or questions.


Provides relief to those who are suffering emotional and physical pain in ways that aren’t easily resolved and remedied.

Brings popularity and attention to projects and situations that require more people, activity and guides everyone to almost fully immerse into whatever the experience was.

To bring us greater communication skills during very stressful but important times, where our writing and verbal speech becomes a lot more expressive of what we honestly and literally intended to say.

Removes old items and people from your life that no longer serve you, even if you can’t easily recognize that they are useless to you.

Destroys old habits and nasty negative personality traits that you or others have that severely and even greatly disrupts your life in a harmful way.

Brings you to understand how to let go of past emotions and ideas that linger with you and cause you to think and believe very weird and negative things.


To cause significant insight to those who want to rise up in ranks at work, school, their careers or any other system or group where you desire to be seen in a far better light.

Brings the problems of any project, situation, or work place into the spot light so that everyone involved can completely understand what went wrong and you are guided to immediately resolve all issues without any hindrances.

Destroys the life and personal relationships of truly wicked and evil people so that their lives are fully ruined.


Removes and dissolves the poverty mindset in people who are habitually very poor in their thinking, to the point where it has ruined their lives in smaller ways that others know about – and they fully and completely understand that they need to stop being and thinking like that.

Causes long term projects to progress much smoother and faster than normal so that everything just comes together better than you would have expected.


Brings about any long term desire to fruition as long as you have worked consistently and readily toward that goal – then guides you to make consistent breakthroughs related to that project in such a way that you achieve your goals without many problems.

Shifts out very idle and stuck situations so that you know what the problems were, and either drop the situation or project entirely – or push everything into over drive in your own way to make everything completely successful.

Changes our beliefs about money so that our thoughts and emotions aren’t so unproductive and neglected, then brings us to understand how to produce greater cash flow over time through consistent but effective efforts.

Destroys the idea that we aren’t good enough to make extra income and side cash through relevant projects, then guides us all to understand who we are and what we are meant to do through very focused consistent efforts applied over time to make our finances a lot better.

Removes the feeling of idleness and incredibly negative lack in our lives (poverty) so that we can embrace smarter money and financial decisions long term without severely destructive problems.


Enhances your self confidence and causes you to understand why you might have been feeling so lowly before, then guides you to correct all imbalances.

To bring far greater persistence, motivation and emotional strength in general so that you can complete all projects and personal life things without any hassles or major problems.

Guides others to see you truthfully and in the best light so that they can give you mild favor in smaller decisions that can greatly affect your future.


To gain wisdom and insight in general so that your life and personal / work projects become better from your smarter actions and thinking.

Guides your enemies to reveal themselves in very blatantly stupid and horrendously obvious ways so that others make fun of them, and they are fully exposed as evil people.

Causes mild and annoying enemies, and people in general to not notice you but to see and notice other far more dangerous people that they annoy – have conflict with, and fall into ridiculous fights and disastrous situations over.


Guides you to see and understand how to get exactly what you want and need without much frustration, effort and hassle – you are shown whatever you need to do in order to get what you want in the simplest ways possible.

Shifts your enemies so that they harm one another rather than yourself, and then guides the worst people in your life to reveal themselves and act out in ways that you actually creatively benefit from – your enemies are guided to tear each other apart away from you in an incredibly destructive way that gives other bad and wicked people very deep and horrendously intense lessons.


Causes everything in a very curiously confusing situation to be revealed through incredibly obvious means that forces others to know the truth and accept it.

Guides the stupid and mentally slow to realize their mistakes, then brings them to become a bit more alert and smarter about their actions in the future.

Changes the thinking of parents and guardians to be more attentive about the stuff that most matters, and gets them to be far more respectable and caring without being overbearing.

Allows you to understand your money situation a lot more so that small problems don’t become larger over time and immediately contains very problematic situations so that you don’t have to deal with intense headache later on.

Guides everyone in a project to understand their goals completely and fully without reservation, then brings them to actualize and act on their goals in a way that helps everyone who deserves to receive rewards for their efforts in a very positive way (only those who worked genuinely will receive rewards).

Brings us to receive incredible insights according to our intended achievement and goals that we wish to attain, then guides us to understand how to make everything a lot bigger over time so that we are able to further and plan out our larger goals over a shorter period of time.

Reveals the best possible person among a group of people such that everything is made better through your selection of the strongest people of that group (for whatever the purpose or reason is).

Guides those who are invisibly and hidden evil to expose their ways entirely to those around them who can most cause them harm without them really detecting that anything will turn out bad or wrong.

Shields us from slander and attack so that others don’t believe the stuff that is thrown against us and brings out the worst in our enemies and generally the wicked and evil people around us.


Brings luck, success and fortune to those who need it for situational events that come up unexpectedly, but that we will nonetheless do well in.

Causes those who know the truth to speak it to others who will understand and comprehend exactly what happened without any problems.

Enables reluctant and stubborn people to stand up for what they believe in during very significant and important periods where others are almost shocked that they are suddenly speaking up.


Gives insight to those who are troubled by incomplete or confusing situations that don’t fully make sense, then shows them what they need out of that situation to benefit long term.

Changes very problematic events and causes those who are causing the trouble to be destroyed, muted or just removed – enabling far more peace and tranquility in general.

Causes those who can make significant decisions affecting your money life to grant you favor, thereby giving you small favors and long term potential benefits.


Gives greater communication skills to those who are normally quiet and not often heard, so that others may take notice of them and understand them fully.

Shifts your enemies home life so that they are constantly under heated conflict from relatives about their lies, manipulations and past and current deceptions.

Allows you to see very hidden and subtle opportunities for wealth and money where you might not normally notice them.

Guides you to have much deeper and more satisfying sleep such that everything just works out for the better during your daily life.

Brings the energy draining people out of your life without reservation so that they can mess with and infect other nasty people; causes a massive fight between all the bad people so that they are forced into deeply enraged conflict that might end up with physical pain, death or other very nastily aggressive measures.

Causes the evil people roughly within your life to expose themselves completely confusing themselves and destroying their reputations completely, then guides them to become severely harmed by their own rebounding evil intent and harm meant for others.


Changes the minds and thoughts of your superiors either at home or work so that the lies they might feel and know about you are exposed and the guilty people who slandered you are revealed completely and without reservation.

Causes far greater creativity for those who are working on a long term project and need a breakthrough that ends everything better than they expected.

Allows you understanding and clear headedness when things are unclear and you can’t think very well at all.

Guides us to understand those who are severely misunderstood so that they might be relieved of all confusion surrounding their situations completely.

Directs the very lost and idle people to find their way through self reflection and massive insights that guide them to understand who they are and what they want out of life.

Brings the very complaint oriented people, and those who are just negative in general to see and understand what they have been doing for a massive moment of reflection and heavy life meltdown moment where they have to change everything for the better.

Brings warmth and joy to very tense and frustrating situations that you know aren’t that big of a deal and causes everyone involved to be very aware of the truth so that conflict disappears completely.

Removes frustration and problems from current projects in a way that makes perfect sense for all people involved, then guides everyone to complete everything in the best way possible without any problems.

Causes us to have clear thinking and balanced emotions during times that others are very stressed out and tense, frustrated and just not good to be around.

Allows the weak around us to feel their internal strength so that they can deal with their problems and gradually just leave us alone and move away from us.

Delivers a nasty emotional and mental blow to those who messed with us and damaged us in the past so that everything in our lives is just completely and finally resolved without any problems.

Causes the very weirdly nasty people from our present and past lives to realize how evil and horrible they are, then causes a mild life crisis that leave them emotionally absent and weak because they cannot understand what their lives are about anymore.

Causes those who have to write for a living, either as a business or for others in employed work to finish everything with the best of their efforts.

Brings very neutral and oddly judgmental people to see us positively and favorably when they might not even possibly notice us, or rate us negatively or unfavorably.

Helps us create very meaningful situations where we are completely made better off by the occurrence and experience of whatever we setup for ourselves and others in that event.


Changes our your mindset so that you aren’t so dragged down and out by negative thinking and worry on a continual basis, then shifts your emotions and general thinking so that the world doesn’t feel so bad and you can see the good and creative angles that most people just cannot easily see.

Grants deep insight into very complex situations so that you aren’t confused or frustrated by the situation and others lack of comprehension of what is going on – then pushes you to shift the project or whatever it is so that everything is completely clear without any hassles or problems for anyone involved.

Causes deep life change for those who are either severely unethical, stuck in ruts or generally just very down on their luck in general – then guides them to be very different in mindset, personal will power and control so that their lives change for the better.


Disables you from thinking negatively in general about your life or obviously positive situations that you deserve to enjoy, then brings the nasty and negative people to go about their own business and cause conflict with other evil people, thereby shifting everything bad and nasty out of your life and causing a very heated storm of disaster for them.

Causes the ridiculously negative financial situations to resolve very swiftly and easily without much hassle or problems – guides you thinking to change about the situation, then gives you deep insight on how to resolve everything over time.

Brings you to understand your finances completely and more fully, then provides you the confidence to explore more ambitious money projects that can expand your money situations a lot more over time – guides you to get only into situations that can positively enhance your life long term.

Guides those who are confused but generally know their way, then brings them to understand what it means to figure out their lives and problems in a big picture way so that they always know they’re on track.

Causes and changes the minds of those who are obviously very physically damaging to others to be physically disabled, where their thoughts are shifted and changed completely to reflect on their lives and actions in a way that causes a life meltdown.

Enables the very weak to understand their own problems in a way that guides them to over come them in a very self growth and benefiting type of way.

Causes very big and prolonged events to go well with bad and evil people either causing no harm and mischief or else just keeping their heads completely low and only adding good energy to the event.

Brings out the best or worst in people so that others can see how they truly are in general without unnecessary judgments.

Allows those who are not able to commit or purely uncertain about completely safe things, places or events to make up their minds completely and be happy with their role in whatever the situation is.


Calms down situations after great calamity and catastrophe has taken over and struck down on everyone involved; then guides those are emotionally and mentally numb and shocked to heal and reset so that they can move on without problems.

Dissolves the heated tension within your own life about your own current and recent past mistakes where you experienced great blow back, and guides you to change your thinking and life so that you don’t ever make the same mistakes again.

Enables very slow and inattentive people to wake up in a very startling and aggressive way where their mistakes are thrown back into their faces, such that they are forced to wake up in a very life altering sort of series of events.


Causes those who are mentally and emotionally unwell to reset their minds and hearts and move on from their negativity while understanding all the lessons that came with that situation.

Opens the perception of those who are far too aggressive, loud, annoying and irritating to finally understand their life and ways such that they are brought into a horrendous life crisis about understand who they are, and how off track they are.

Shifts the minds, emotions and thoughts of those who are severely off track with their lives, then brings massive change to their situations and lives in general that takes them out of their current worlds and forces them back on track.


Causes those you don’t like or just not want to be seen by to not notice you, and you become completely invisible to them in their own visual and mental way.

Enhances very strong situations and relationships so that the best of each person is brought to the surface.

Encourages lovers and strong long term relationships to have strong trust, communication and loyalty that doesn’t get rocked by conflict, problems and outside scandal.


Prevents very accident prone people from causing any damage or harm to others unjustifiably, then grants them greater accident free luck for a period of time.

Causes the unwell to get whatever lessons they need to understand from their period of feeling down and out, then reveals all cowards and ill intended people in their lives and causes them to go into a life meltdown (if applicable – primary effect is the lessons).

Prevents very bad people from coming into your life unexpectedly when you know a situation, life series of events or period of something happening brings in very nasty and corrupt situations and people – then guides them to have a severe life meltdown handling and dealing with other people.

Allows those who are weak and evil to completely dissolve out of your life, or any other persons life whom they might be annoying or pestering.

Makes your work environment a lot more peaceful and productive in general while causing your enemies to go elsewhere to cause problems and trouble.

Removes the feeling of doubt in those whom you want to understand and just feel happy about their lives in a very truthful and honest but growth oriented way.


Causes your enemies to reflect in their own cold thoughts knowing that they are wicked and are bound from inflicting damage onto you and those around you, either physically or nonphysically.

Destroys your enemies sense of strategy, planning, and ability to think whatsoever so that they are completely unwilling and unable to do anything useful in their lives – leads to complete and total life destruction over time.

Enables you to see the future of a potential relationship so that things are seen and felt upfront rather than after problems develop later that you could have foreseen.


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