Olympic God Powers

by admin on February 25, 2018


Stop something in motion, whether it be a person, project or idea.
Destroy the wealth of an enemy.
Discover hidden sources of money.
End a project (yours or somebody else’s).
Bind a person.
Attract genuine friends into your life.
To stop an enemy in their tracks; if they have any intention of harming you, they will forget and/or have their plans destroy themselves instead of you/others.


Give you great dignity.
Attract money from afar.
Make you appear valuable to those you encounter.
Increase luck when in conflict.
Increase your authority over others.
Aid in healing the self.
Creation of great insight out of nothing.
To aid others to see who you truly are; boosts your reputation by allowing others to see the real you.


Fight disease with vigour.
Strike fear into an enemy.
Defeat the efforts of an enemy.
Help you respond to attacks with cunning.
Attract others through calm authority.
Weaken the competition.
Protection of physical property.
To make yourself look good in front of others; they see the best of you when it counts the most.


Help you discover your true desires.
Inspire creative work.
Find new ideas related to business.
Bring the warmth of gentle healing.
Improve your reputation.
Enable you to work in peace.
Attract a medium/ large windfall.
To create miraculous solutions out of almost nothing.


Improve sexual expression.
Change the mind of one you care about.
Attract those who can help you.
Attract love.
Attract friendship.
Cause lovers to part.
Enhance knowledge of sexual activity between lovers.
To create a better financial life by knowing how to push yourself to the next level. You know if you want a promotion at work versus moving to another job / career.


Improve artistic expression.
Improve trade.
Ease mental suffering.
Enable good communication.
Spread the word.
Help you speak clearly.
Bring forth amazing ideas for artistic projects.
Removes your mental financial blocks so that you can reflect on your spending more.


Enhance magick.
Improve intuition.
Slow the passage of time.
Cause another to dream about you.
Ease anxiety and fear.
Create sexual attraction.
Increases serendipity and enjoyment of simple pleasures.
How to push yourself to the next level; understanding what your limits are so you can transcend.

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