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Lwa Spirits & Their Powers


Causes very bad people to experience a shocking severe moment of realization of how bad they are – then get destroyed by other things that literally brings them into a massive life crisis.


Brings incredible life suffering to those who constantly attack, damage – or hurt others in very obvious and despicable ways.


Guides parents and authority figures into very deep understanding if they need to be illuminated by great meaning – and deep situation understanding.


Nullifies black magick, and other forms of sorcery – attacks, that are very emotionally and mentally focused.


Brings us the truth about how people truly are, and how deceptive or manipulative they might be – in general.


Brings great failure and extreme life destruction to those who have been unethical and wicked for many years.


Guides those who need help to very valuable resources and situations that forces their understanding and – general situations to be fixed and resolved, very thoroughly.


Shifts our thinking to find the best deals and money maximizing situations that guides us to the best of what we desire, and need – and that we find exactly what we desire without problems.


Forces very foolish people to change their thinking and causes a very severe realization of life regret – as they see how stupid they have acted…for far too long.


Changes the thinking of very stubborn and inflexible people, then guides their minds to be – far more flexible and mentally aware.


Brings a huge life breakthrough for those seeking the truth of their own life purpose, and lives as a whole.


Causes very intense destruction for those who try to actively swindle others, then brutally forces them through a gargantuan series of very fatal life catastrophes.


Brings very great fortune to those who work hard to get to a place of achievement. Then rewards them with insight on how to make everything better.


Guides very powerful evil people into a very intensely severe, and powerful life destruction period – that almost, never ends for them. This completely destroys their lives.


Brings very great catastrophe to those who work against us – guides them to reveal their evil to all the wrong people.


Flips very negative situations so that we can experience something good and beneficial, rather than a very bad event that damages us.


Attracts the best people, ideas and things so that you can accomplish some goal or task better.


Enables very deep understanding of life topics that are very important to us, then guides us into a very thorough period of very deep study…that is purely beneficial in some way.


Forces very insane and crazy situations and people, to calm down – very deeply and severely, so that everything is perfectly fine.


Guides us to avoid and possibly transcend having a mid life crisis, in a very severely – extreme and life changing way.


Brings great comprehension to very slow and foolish people so that they can get an idea or situation correct.


Guides us to understand what prize or reward we would most enjoy, then shifts our thinking so that we can work toward that overall goal or thing.


Enables very spiritually blind people to recognize truth, and spiritual meaning – in this reality, without confusion or frustration derailing thtem. Guides the to understand what it means to be spiritual.


Brings very intene fame and fortune for situations and projects that need a popularity boost. Very good for business or anything else that requires more of an audience in order to be considered successful.


Forces extremely over confident people to realize how wrong they have been about working against others, then brings a series of very intense bad moments that grants them understanding of how they have been ultimately bad and evil in their own ways.


Destroys bad situations and thinking that might lead to further…negativity and other bad stuff. Causes slightly life disruption while your reality shifts back to a better place.


Grants insight as it relates to resolving any small life issues that you do not understand how to remove or fix.


Guides us to understand our love lives in a way that forces very deep and incredible personal discovery – about who we are and what we might expect out of our love lives for the future. Brings us to understand ourselves – much deeper.


Enables very hectic lives to be calmed down and better organized through a small sequence of mindset and life changes.


Brings parents to become more compassionate toward their children in a way that enhances their lives and relationships.


Forces arrogant and over confident people to reveal their bad or evil nature to those who can best punish and destroy them – causes an extreme life cataclysm and mega life meltdown that cannot easily be repaired.


Causes us to be much more aware of our talents and what we want out of life so that we can find the perfect work – and job that fits us…beyond perfectly.


Creates very intense justice for situations where liars and evil people almost…won over against the innocent, then forces all the bad people through a massive life disaster and series of catastrophes.


Guides very loyal people to understand what they value in themselves and others more. Causes them to understand their own lives and how they relate to others


Brings us to manifest and attract whatever it is that we desire in a way that brings us great satisfaction.


Forces us to see where we might be in error, or failing severely – and guides us to correct all life and general errors that we can easily fix.


Causes very unexpected situations in which we might benefit and receive something of great value to us – through very serendipitous events.


Guides us to become the best of ourselves at work so that we can gain the best work position possible for long term satisfaction – and work related well being.


Brings lovers and people in long term relationships to actively understand each other far deeper and better.


Brings us to think deeper about projects and situations requiring greater strategy to navigate. 


Brings us to understand why life catastrophes might happen to ourselves, and possibly others – and allows us to understand truth in our lives very deeply.


Guides us to understand what foods and snacks we most enjoy for ultimate fulfillment.


Reveals those who are evil and bad in our lives in a way that we know how best to deal with them without any problems.


Brings incredible life discoveries to those who actively seek the truth.


Causes very bad people to reveal their evil to others in a severely embarrassing and horrifying way – that completely destroys their reputations.


Brings very valuable information to those searching for higher knowledge on a given subject that they have been researching for a while.


Forces very arrogant people through a very horrifying series of misfortune events that destroys their arrogance – but reveals them to those closest to them.


Guides understanding of very extreme and impossible topics


Removes stubborn thoughts from your mind – and replaces them with positive and beneficial ideas.


Destroys negative situations that possibly harm or hinder the people who are in it. Causes the situation to be dissolved.


Creates knowledge of sorcery and the spirit world as it relates to us getting what we need and want


Brings incredible growth to situations needing great insight or a breakthrough


Causes incredible pain to those who hinder and damage others for prolonged periods of time.


Enables very old people to understand ideas that might be extremely confusing or else just far too confusing for words.


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