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1. Angel and demon combination to create a miracle situation.

2. Demon ritual with Phenex and Lucifuge to grant luck and fortune.

3. Djinn and demon ritual with Asmoday and Ronove to resolve a situation to be far better than expected.

4. Angel ritual with Achaiah and Lavel for love and success.

5.  Demon ritual to create insanely better circumstances actually made a small lucky situation happen.

6. Angel and demon ritual helps create luck and fortune within her money life.

7. Demon ritual with Ronove for faster situation development.

8. Angel and demon combination ritual with Damebiah and Astaroth for financial luck and serendipity.

9. Demon ritual with Bune to create a better money situation with situation resolution.

10. Life breakthrough and success with a few angels and demons.

11. Emotion and mental strength ritual with several angels and demons.

12. Demon ritual with Seere, Asmoday Valac for life clarity and general success.

13. Fallen angel ritual aimed at life breakthrough, personal understanding and general life clarity.

14. Life clarity and personal understanding ritual with several angels, Greek spirits, and djinn.

15. Success and emotional control ritual with demons and angels.

16. Job and general luck ritual with several djinn and angels.

17. General life breakthrough ritual…with several demons.