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Angel Powers

1. Vehuiah

To enable others to see the best in us; useful for important events or anytime you need to be at your best.

To destroy the idea that we are less than who we truly are; enables the best of us to shine forth.

To develop your imagination to the point where you are able to easily envision the future; aids you in planning your life out.

To aid in the discovery of creative solutions out of almost nothing; if you have problems resolving or fixing something, this will help you sort things out.

2. Yeliel

To develop your sense of understanding as it relates to others and their issues.

To create a sense of calm in a group or family; very useful after a tense event or situation.

To dissolve the tensions between two or more people; works almost instantly.

3. Sitael

To enable deep learning of a craft or technical skill; allows you to learn faster for a set period of time.

The power to develop magickal understanding of your own power; will help you gain understanding of your magickal path.

To reduce the misunderstanding in others of how they perceive us; they won’t be so judgmental of us, and they will see us for who we truly are.

4. Elemiah

To create a peaceful environment at home.

To establish a creative work space so that you can work most effectively.

To reduce heavy emotional tension within yourself.

5. Mahasiah

To enable deep learning on just about any topic.

To develop clear understanding on any topic.

To establish ourselves as a leader in our group / industry.

6. Lelahel

Enables perfect insight regarding a project or problem that needs progress or to conclude.

Develops your understanding of the spirits; gives you knowledge of who will best work with you and how they can help you.

Creates more luck for projects; cause them to conclude swiftly and well.

7. Achaiah

To enable greater reputation in times of stress.

To build upon your current skills to become a proficient tradesman in your chosen craft.

To establish greater understand of the future as it relates to a current person, project or endeavor.

8. Cahetal

Gives greater understanding of projects that are stuck so they may progress.

Enables deeper visions of how a project should best develop; especially helpful when you have run out of ideas.

Develops our understanding of others in a project that is greatly dependent on all people working together.

9. Heziel

Reveal those in your life who mess up your projects and/or try to sabotage your work.

To give you insight into those in your life who try to derail / sabotage your work.

Gives deep understanding of your enemies so it is impossible for them to damage or harm you in any way.

10. Eladiah

Dissolves the self-doubt we have often have when we are working on something important.

Enables deep insight when things are going poorly and we need direction; you will see the best way forward.

Creates faster development in a project in which we are the established leader.

11. Laviah

Enhances our self-esteem, especially when others try to criticize and/or slander us.

Creates insight in others about how they can best contribute to our project; especially useful if they are working with you.

Develops your understanding people and what drives them so you can better lead them.

12. Hahaiah

Reduces the urge to procrastinate.

Creates deep visions of a project so you can work on it more efficiently.

Enables understanding of something you might feel is far too difficult or impossible.

13. Yezelel

Develops your vision and helps push your project into fruition.

Aids the development of project relationships so you get along with your people easier.

Creates deep lasting relationships from work and business projects.

14. Mebahel

Enables understanding of very stubborn and difficult people.

Creates change for those who need new life direction; gently guides them to a better life.

Dissolves past fears so that we can move forward freely.

15. Hariel

Enables deep understanding of the hidden knowledge; very useful in industries where you have to be self-taught.

Creates deep and lasting insight about who we are and where we need to go; guides us to the people, things and places we need to further our proper life path.

Destroys the idea that we are worthless or weak in all the ways that most count.

16. Hakemiah

Removes misunderstanding in those who have power; enables them to perceive correctly so that projects, relationships, and entire businesses work better.

Dissolves deep misunderstanding / lies within people around us.

Creates resolve in those who are deeply conflicted about something.

17. Lavel

To help others who are greatly in need; can even bring them aid even if you don’t specifically know what they need.

Creates lasting change for those who need to a big life change.

To bring justice to enemies; resolves the injustice brought unethical people in your life.

18. Keliel

Causes understanding in those we perceive to be eventual enemies; enables them to see that we are of no threat.

Removes the harmful people in our lives; these are the people who secretly derail us but we don’t see or know they are doing it.

Removes the idea of ugliness in those who are beautiful but don’t see it.

19. Lovel

Brings you closer to any heartfelt desire you that you are working for.

Enables those who most resonate with you to be brought closer to you.

Removes the blocks we have to understanding ourselves and our life paths.

20. Pahaliah

Removes past misunderstanding pertaining to a situation.

Enables you to understand why people act the way they do.

Gives understanding to others about why you/others act and think the way you do.

21. Nelachel

Helps maintains momentum throughout a project.

Creates lasting change for those who are nearly destitute.

Gives powerful insight for situations that appear very simple but end up being very convoluted or complex.

22. Yeyayel

Creates very deep insight for those who want an incredible breakthrough for a project.

Enhances your exercise yield so that your workouts are most efficient.

Enables deep knowledge of what your body needs to fit your fitness goals; guides you to the best path for personal fitness.

23. Melahel

Brings deep change to parents who are stuck in old ways; enables them to see a more efficient way of doing things, or just gives them new productive hobbies.

To bring enemies crumbling to their knees; destroys them where it hurts the most.

Enables deep understanding of your psychic senses.

24. Chahuiah

To create deep change in those who have no idea how to further a project and/or their life path.

To block slander when you know horrible people are around you.

To create blocks in those who want to derail innocent people; they won’t be able to harm them in any way.

25. Netahiah

Creates deep change through spiritual awareness; to the degree that you are aware of your spiritual path, you will gain deep change in your personal life.

Enables massive change for those seeking illumination; destroys past misunderstandings of who they thought they were and gives them insight about their proper path.

Enables serendipity (luck) with your finances.

26. Haaiah

Develops your skills to the point that you are practically proficient in your trade.

Enables understanding of a skill in which you feel is challenging; gives you insight on how to do it yourself.

Gives insight into basic things we can do to make our lives more efficient.

27. Yeretel

Creates understanding in those about what their proper school path is; know whether a certain school, degree, program or major is perfect for you.

Deepens your resolve to get a project finishes; especially useful if it takes several months / years.

Gives you a vision of where a project is going so that you know how and when to act.

28. Shahahiah

Develops sense of wit and humor so that you can be more at ease in tense situations.

Creates deep sorrow in those who work against you or wrong you in a way that really messes you up.

Removes the sense of sorrow you feel for certain situations and enables you to understand them in full.

29. Riyiyel

To ruin the reputation of enemies.

To destroy the idea in others that they are worthless or useless.

To implant ideas into others that they should do something specific that would benefit them; they are generally guided to the best / wisest option for them, and they think they thought of it – especially useful for the arrogant and egotistic.

30. Omael

To create a deep resonating self-belief such that you are able to get your work and personal life in order; grants you greater self confidence in general.

Develops your sense of humor so that you can get more jokes in general; especially if they are directed at you.

Creates deeper understanding in yourself and others as it relates to getting complex projects started and/or completed.

31. Lecavel

To pause before acting so that your individual thoughts and actions are wise.

To create the appearance that you are stronger than you really are; useful in situations where there might be dangerous people or things around you.

To enable deep zen meditation when you need to unwind from reality.

32. Vesheriah

Causes you to be a more fluent and eloquent conversationalist for social gatherings.

Causes you to be included in events or situation that are important to you, but you might not normally be included in.

Brings you the tools and solutions you need to complete an important project.

33. Yichuiah

To enhance a relationship to the point where marriage is a discussion point; you both reflect deeply and talk about how / if that is a potential for the two of you.

To increase understanding in your romantic partner so that they indirectly understand what you want and need on a consistent basis.

Enables your partner to understand your lesser needs and wants so the small stuff doesn’t go unnoticed; allows them to observe you a bit deeper to understand you better.

34. Lehachiah

To develop an idea to full fruition; causes you to feel motivated enough and get the proper inspiration so that everything aligns perfectly well.

Causes deep insight into a problematic point in a project so that everything becomes unstuck.

Gives deep business / project insight so that you know the future of how things develop and/or how you can act in the wisest way possible to keep everything flowing well.

35. Kevekiah

Develops your understanding of pets and animals so that you can care for them better; if they are ill you will discover the best way to heal them.

Decreases the amount of distracting activity you have each day so that you can be more productive; especially useful if your mind wanders.

Removes the urge to do unnecessary things that might lead to bad mistakes / foolish decisions.

36. Menadel

Creates deep peace in any relationship no matter how tense or frustrating it initially began.

Deepens your connection to the divine so that you know yourself better and understand your role on earth.

Develops your mental clarity toward creative tasks so that you can be more proficient in your work / business / career environment.

37. Aniel

Protects any project or endeavor from disaster – whether it is natural or from enemies; you are physically and magickally protected from a business or project failing from unexpected events.

Develops your understanding of people you simply can’t get along with or understand so that you can understand similar people instantly in the future.

Creates deep understanding for writing and literature in a way that allows you to make a career out of it or know how to profit from it in your own way.

38. Chaamiah

Increases your wisdom in general; causes you to have less foolish thinking in general.

Improves your accuracy when trying to read people so that you can detect liars easier.

Enhances your ability to spot errors in any project and/or in people’s behavior / speech so you can correct significant faults faster.

Decreases the amount of distractions that can come to a work or personal project that demands your time and energy; if you work with others, it also help them.

39. Rehoel

To understand your finances such that you know how to grow / evolve/ transcend and push yourself to the next level. This is about knowing if you want to stay at your job (promotion), take your business to another level, or make your job a career through certain steps.

40. Yeyizel

Builds upon the trust of others so that you can establish stronger relationships over time.

Creates deeper understanding in others for situations that concern them but they simply cannot get.

Connects wise people together in a way that they can affect others in a positive way that also positively benefits others.

41. Hahahel

Aids your understanding of those closest to you in a way that enables you to see their future in order for you to help them.

Builds your personal stamina for projects so that everything you want to work on gets your full effort and attention.

Delivers deep understanding of how a friend or competitors works so that you can reverse engineer them to potentially help them in a way that perfectly suits you.

42. Michel

Increases your ambition and motivation to get a project, work or otherwise, done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Grants you clearer speak for times when you need to speak well.

Delivers faster results for those seeking to consult for others; you just understand how to give your clients what they want and need asap rather than over time.

43. Vevaliah

Create the best atmosphere so that your personal energy is perfectly enhanced; your energy, happiness, and productivity will greatly enhance.

Master your sense of time and patience so that you become productive but also understand that some things take time; you become patient toward the right things and productive for whatever you need done.

Enables deep contemplation so that you can manage a huge project in your mind so that all the major details are easily remembered.

44. Yelahiah

Removes all doubt as it is directed at yourself, those around you, or a situation / project you’re working on so that you can see what’s really going on; your full potential unearths.

Dissolves hatred cause my misunderstanding and lies; this removes the emotions in those around you, or remotely related to you, who have heated tempers over situations that are nothing at all.

Creates solutions that resolves really tense situation that no one really understands or wants to deal with; the solutions create peace and understanding within all parties.

45. Sealiah

Gives you insight on how a relationship or project is going to develop; lets you make the right moves at the right time so that your part of things is seen is perfectly reasonable.

Helps your descriptive abilities so that you can recount a situation, person, place or thing perfectly to others so they can understand.

Dissolves your misconceptions regarding a situation, person, place or thing in a way that removes all lies and illuminates the truth.

46. Ariel

Attracts large money windfalls; it comes in randomly and unexpected.

Delivers a swift blow to your enemies; they understand how and why they wronged you and reflect on how poor their decision was to go against you.

Creates strong angst in those who are wicked, deceitful and manipulative; they just feel terrible for how they think and are in general.

47. Eshaliah

To bring peace to the mind when challenges arise and it feels like you are currently in chaos.

Dissolves emotional trauma with pure understanding and self-love; you just get what happened and you don’t feel negative about the situation whatsoever.

Creates an aura of power and calm confidence that your opponents / enemies will feel; they avoid you at all costs.

48. Mihel

Creates peace between parents who bicker and fight; resolves mild conflict.

Develops deep love between those who genuinely love each other but continually bicker and fight in petty ways.

Enables partners to see the best in each other so that they can be completely peaceful; especially useful for gatherings – the sense of peace won’t go away, but lingers until they understand each other better.

49. Vehuel

Gives you the understanding you need to progress a project faster than it normally would, and guides you to create creative solutions to enable faster development of the project than ever thought possible.

Enables you to see how a situation can be explored in very creative ways; you learn how to get things developed as quickly as possible, you attract all the tools you need to make it happen, and you see things in a way that lets you speed up things; almost at an impossible rate.

Enables others to see you as the best possible solution to their problems; especially useful in business, or if you need a loved one to accept your help in a way that they normally wouldn’t.

50. Daniel

Enables you to make wise decisions that positive affect your future in the long term.

Enhances your intuition so that you make wise decisions on a continual basis.

Creates a sense of calm serenity so that you can present yourself well to a large group of people; enables you to speak clearly and eloquently if needed.

51. Hachashiah

Enables you to see how a financial venture will work out long term; guides you to discover how things will turn out in a way that benefits you in the short and long term.

Guides you to see how a project will develop in the coming weeks and months; enables you to understand how and when the project develops significantly at certain time points.

Enables you to master a given topic over several months / years so that you can make a professional career out of that thing long term.

52. Omemiah

Enables group leaders to successfully manage larger than average teams with grace and ease.

Builds up the momentum in a group or project so that all members involved are completely amped up and ready to take charge; they just get work done faster and more effectively in general.

Develops your sense of understanding the emotions of others so that you become socially skilled in ways that connect you to the people who most resonate with you; they are naturally attracted to your social abilities and come to you.

53. Nenael

Creates written skill such that you can write in short bursts very clearly and effectively; great for small work projects where you need to write well and fast.

Develops your verbal abilities to say the most in the fewest words possible; excellent for summarizing your speech.

Gives great personal strength to those who can’t easily handle highly tense and emotional situations well.

54. Nitel

Understanding a situation in a way that you discover new angles to increase your understanding of the situation as a while; very important if it feels with a much larger multi-faceted project.

Discover the best way to figure out the future in a way that lets you see important details that you could never figure out before; enables you to guess correctly, and predict impossible things accurately.

Figure out the future of a situation in a very unique way that others don’t really think about; enables you to envision the future accurately in a way that was basically impossible or not reasonable before.

Discover who among you are loyal, trustworthy and able to handle their own stuff; let’s you see the genuine and trustworthy among your friends, family and acquaintances.

Enable you to understand your life in a perfectly clear way that enables you to see / understand your path; guides you to understand who you are, what you want, where you’re headed, and the tools to get you there.

55. Mivahiah

Develops your ability to spot the deceitful, liars and manipulators around you so that they can never influence you negatively.

Creates a heightened sense of evil thoughts around you so that you can tell if others are plotting against you or others.

Enables deep self-reflection so that you can know if you are in the right career, the right relationship, or any other topic of deep importance in your life.

56. Poiel

Attracts deep desires that are heartfelt and significant to our life paths; brings us everything needed to be closer to achieving our goals.

Grants us fame and fortune in relation to our talents; we are guided to make the best use of our skills so that others can mutually benefit from it, thereby increasing our fame.

Increase luck in relation to your ambition; boosts your luck in general as it relates to achieving your goals.

57. Nememiah

Increases the profitability of financial and business ventures in a way that enables all involved to understand the future potential of the project.

Develops understanding of a situation where there is a lot of confusion and few (if any) who understand it.

Creates smoother and faster development of a project in a way that pushes it to fruition in a faster way than anyone expects; uses all the most intelligent angles possible to make the impossible seem possible.

58. Yeyilel

Creates a deep sense of calm when challenging times come in where you just feel at ease; allows you to weather the storm and feel good even when everything is chaos.

Develops a deep sense of serenity whenever you want; allows you to find your zen in ways that are very simple and easy.

Compels those could most help you to reach out to you and offer you their guidance / help in a way that is mutually benefiting.

59. Harachel

Allows you to discover ridiculous angles of a situation you can exploit to make everything run faster / smoother; enables you to develop the situation faster, in a way that might seem unreasonably fast to others.

Creates deep understanding for you and those around you regarding a project / situation; everyone just gets when it when and how things will develop so there is no confusion.

Creates belief in others that everything will turn out perfectly well even when there might be confusion regarding the development of a situation, project, person, or anything else that is relevant.

60. Metzerel

Causes great excitement in those who need to rekindle their sense of happiness for life in general; gives them a happy serene feeling knowing that the future / an event will turn out better than alright.

Destroys any slander or damage that your enemies might throw your way; none of it will remotely hurt it and there is a good chance it can rebound negatively onto your enemies.

Develops your understanding of others negative emotions and mood swings so that you can help them in a unique way that they don’t expect; you talk to them or help them with issues they never remotely imagined they could be helped with.

61. Umabel

Creates a friendly aura around you so that you attract the best possible people – not just for casual friendship – but for long term connection, whether business, personal or otherwise.

Causes others to see the best in you and your talents so they know to connect with you or not; guides them to you in a way that you only connect with the best people who most resonate with you.

Dissolves relations with useless connection that only eat up your time and energy.

62. Yahahel

Gives deep understanding of lessons we need to learn; we gain perfect insight into lessons that must be learned for us to move forward.

Develops our understanding of ourselves and others as they relate to our lessons, and us to theirs so we get each other’s situations perfectly, especially to avoid drama.

Gives us the ability to end conversations in a way that is perfectly reasonable without having to resort to awkward or unnecessary means; you just know how to pull away at the right time.

63. Anuel

Creates understanding out of impossible situations that don’t remotely make sense initially.

Deepens your bond with those you work with so that everything – especially work life – flows very well.

Enables deep connection to yourself and others so that everyone feels at peace and centered.

64. Machiel

Removes those are who are loud and annoying from our presence and eventually from our lives if they have no purpose in it.

Dissolves misunderstanding between co-workers regarding small or petty things that shouldn’t have mattered anyway but cause small / mild conflict.

Restores calm between tense environment in a creative way that no one expects; can make a work environment peaceful and light overnight.

65. Damebiah

Enhances businesses understanding in such a way that you and everyone involved understand where your company is headed; brings everyone the same understanding so no one is confused about the direction of the company.

Gives direction to confused businessman who are not sure what angle or direction to pursue in their businesses in the future.

Removes distractions so that businessman and those in work environments can concentrate perfectly; especially useful for loud or distracting environments that can be very hard to focus in for prolonged periods.

66. Menakel

Develops your understanding of the occult; you will understand how and why each spirit is important for you to work with.

Creates deep understanding of how you work with others, and mildly how they can best work with you, so that you can get the most out of your work, personal life, or whatever other situation is applicable.

Develops your drive to get a larger project done over time; you feel the proper motivation, vision and insight to get everything done on time.

67. Iyahel

Creates a deep realization of your true life path so that everything just makes perfect sense.

Causes you to think deeply about any situation so that the most intelligent move to develop it comes to mind.

Helps you understand a situation in full so that no part of it is confusing to you; especially useful in professional and business environments so that everyone gets what’s going on.

68. Chavuiah

Dissolves misperception and lies regarding an important topic that affects a lot of people; enables all involved to see the truth of the situation.

Removes misunderstanding regarding a person in leadership where many people don’t get them very much, if at all.

Enables you to be seen as the leader in a group or project in which you are not seen as the established leader; this is applicable in situations where you are leading or doing most of the work.

69. Raahel

Removes all misunderstandings in a partnership, work relationship, or business relationship so that all conflict is resolved speedily.

Causes deep understanding in others so that they understand what you presented or said in a perfect way so that you do not have to repeat yourself.

Developing the listening skill in others so that they cannot use the excuse that they did not hear you and/or that they weren’t listening.

70. Yabahmiah

Develops your comprehension of an event, person or idea to the point that you can reconstruct it and make it better.

Creates deep wisdom in those who have been making foolish choices for a long of time; causes them to pause deeply before acting then act based on deep contemplation – they will just know the wisest move.

Connects you with the people you most resonate with in a way that lets you build a long term partnership / friendship; great for business, personal life, work or whatever else that is applicable.

71. Hayiel

Dissolves the idea that you can’t do something, or that you aren’t mentally capable of something; gives you the proper knowledge of exactly what you are capable of.

Removes your misconceptions about a relationship so that things can be perceived completely truthfully.

Removes your misconceptions about a situation so that things can be perceived completely truthfully.

72. Mumiah

Allows you to remember important thoughts and ideas that you once forgot; they will come to you in a way that you can record them and/or remember them long term.

Enables you to discover new ideas and thoughts that you wouldn’t normally think about; great for developing a project, business, or work life.

Helps you develop a timed project so that you and others involved work most effectively / efficiently in getting everything completed – possibly before the projected deadline.


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  • heavysm December 11, 2020, 9:02 am

    If you want the full listing of angels (not including this list of the 72 angels – of the shem ha mephorash) – go here…


  • Kfm October 23, 2023, 3:37 am

    I’ve been working with the 72 angels and have had amazing results. What I’d like to ask is, can angels multitask? There are some articles on the internet that say they cannot
    Have you ever asked an angel for two different things at the same time and had great results?

    • heavysm October 23, 2023, 4:13 pm

      This can be a common idea, but it depends on what you are asking. This might be better suited for 2 separate angels tasked to work at one time, but it might just be better to do 2 rituals with the angels so that you have possibly more focus and intention for your rituals in general.

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