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Qlippoth Demon Powers

1. Bael

Destroys misunderstanding in those who are severely stubborn and forces them to accept a significant thing, idea or truth that helps them and others in a situation.

Causes insane levels of life turbulence to those who actively work against you, either directly or indirectly – and whether or not they see you as being damaged or hurt or not.

Insight: Grants incredibly deep understanding of a situation or series of events such that you are able to further that project or other projects to successful conclusion very smoothly.

2. Agares

Causes drastic understanding and absorption of any project where learning deep and extensive information is needed for success.

Rejects the energy and physical entrance of hurtful and hateful stuff, ideas and anything that can severely negatively affect you whatsoever.

Baneful: Forces enemies to go through a prolonged period of disaster and personal evil where their minds and mental worlds do not work well.

3. Vassago

Removes misunderstanding of an event, situation and series of events or situations where too many things can go wrong and general understanding and comprehension is needed for all people involved to be alright – causes deep understanding of all things related to the events.

Destroys unhappiness in those who are very stubborn or have made some very unfortunate and bad decisions, then changes their mindset and emotions to be more positive and to have a far more positive situation and life in general.

Prosperity: Causes a series of events that brings you greater fortune, luck and almost miraculous things to come to you in a jarring life changing way that brings all involved into greater prosperity overall.

4. Samigina

Forces those who are angry and emotional in a very bad situation to find deep and intense understanding so that all who had been confused are now in full understanding of whatever they need – and all emotions have been balanced.

Brings luck and fortune to those who have gone through a very chaotic and hectic series of events that caused them to have a very different life.

Baneful: Causes enemies to fall into ruin in a very obviously catastrophic way that forces them to reveal more of their evil to those closest to them for a very prolonged life meltdown.

5. Marbas

Causes very deep life insight and an incredibly personal discovery of your life path as you explore who you are in relation to what your talents are – then guides you to the hobbies and career path that would best suit you over time.

Brings those who are wicked and passively and indirectly harmful to others into a very deep and severe state of mental and emotional disasters where they are forced to re-evaluate their lives as a whole.

Baneful: Causes a complete life cataclysm for those who are clearly and obviously evil and have indirectly and directly caused harm and evil to others – forces them through a series of horrifying events that brings them out of your life completely.

6. Valefor

Guides those are very foolish to gain wisdom and causes those who indirectly guide others into harm to become riddled with catastrophic problems and issues that plague their lives for an extended period of time.

Gives intense insight to those who need a large life breakthrough, then guides them to create better habits as they accept a far broader and more successful life overall.

Prosperity: Gives you great clarity on your current finances then forces you to change your habits and money mindset in general so that everything aligns with a far more abundant and prosperous life in general – causes incredible change and insight within your money life.

7. Amon

Causes bad and negative people to have a series of breakthrough realizations that removes them from nasty and negative situations, then forces them to see far greater purpose as it relates to acting better and more positively in general for them.

Forces hideous and incredibly horrific lessons onto those who keep screwing over others, then guides them into a very long period of self reflection where all their major projects go wrong and they are forced to see the error of their ways – causes them to cease their evil acts against innocent people.

Life Breakthrough: Causes you to understand what you need to do and where you need to go long term so that you do not have any confusions about your life purpose in general and as it relates to your career for long term work.

8. Barbatos

Guides you through an intense period of self discovery and ambitious work where you understand your goals better and create new and more creative goals to work on over time.

Shifts your thinking so that you can easily understand people and situations much easier in general – forces you to see how your thinking was faulty before so that you know what changed within you.

Baneful: Flips hideously and horrendously negative situations that have left you bad off and causes your enemies (2 or more people) to have a life crisis and mental breakdown where their projects fail and their minds cannot easily understand their lives anymore – then guides them into a series of situations where they are no longer in your life anymore.

9. Paimon

Influences those who are very stubborn and off track with their lives and thinking in general so that they act in a way that brings them into far better and greater life.

Changes the thinking of those who generally act foolishly and wrongly so that they are acting in a more positive and life building way that helps them long term – also helps them see what they are doing wrong and shows them their evil acts so that they are prevented from harming others so openly.

Influence: Causes others to see how they have done wrong so that they can correct those actions, then guides them to see how they have wronged you so they can correct that in a reasonable time frame.

10. Buer

Causes those who act against us to have their enemies turn on them for much harsher and more impacting lessons that pull them away from harming and affecting your life.

Dissolves harmful situations that have deep resonating long term impact on those involved, then guides everyone into either horrible life crisis’ or better situations in general.

Baneful: Causes black magicians, witches and evil sorcerers to have their energetic attacks and magick rebound into them causing them to fall into complete and total life devastation and ruin.

11. Gusion

Destroys the actions of the wicked and evil people in your life in general so that they cannot easily affect and penetrate your life almost whatsoever (if you commit bad acts – they can re-enter your life).

Guides those who are have hidden their evil to expose themselves totally so that others who can easily manage and handle them can deal with them directly – acts as a massively large and thorough curse for all involved to see how foolishly and harmful their actions have been over time.

Life Breakthrough: Forces you through a deep period of reflection so that you understand where you need to go in life then changes your habits, mindset and emotional control so that you are far more in control of your mind and life in general.

12. Sitri

Causes partners, friends and loved ones to go through a very severe and deep awakening period where they are forced to wake up in a very jarring and brutal way – helps them see their lives truthfully without lying to themselves and others.

Forces you to see how others might think and react to certain situations so that you know how to act in the future regarding sensitive subjects and situations where you might need to be more conscious of your actions and ideas.

Love: Guides you to understand your love life in a way that brings you deep and lasting clarity regarding what you need to do (whether you have a partner or not) and how you need to act and live in the near to far future.

13. Beleth

Allows you to see your smaller errors that possibly prevent you from understanding where you next need to go, then shifts your thinking and perception so that you make far fewer mistakes and errors in general.

Guides you away from people who do not help your life path, then steers you into hobbies and habits that can help you for long term uses.

Spirituality: Changes your thinking to help you understand your life better, then gives you emotional balance and control for long term clarity and personal life path understanding.

14. Leraje

Destroys our connection to evil, weak and otherwise very disruptive and harmful people that directly and indirectly influence and guide us into doing stuff that doesn’t quite make any sense – or else forces them out of our lives in a very clear and obvious way that brings them into a very dark and turbulent personal period.

Removes evil ideas, lies and manipulation from our lives so that we can easily see what is really going on, then shifts out our ideas, emotions and daily thinking so that we are far more on track.

Baneful: Forces those who actively and passively work against us to be exposed to all the worst people in their lives for a disaster and prolonged cataclysm that hits and just keeps hitting for long term ruination.

15. Eligos

Guides us back onto our life paths in a way that is startling, intense and clear that we should have been doing certain things long term – then helps us maintain these new changes going into the future.

Helps others see that our life changes are perfectly alright and beneficial, then guides away the influence people and ideas that can help derail and sway us away from what we should be doing.

Wealth: Guides you into projects and situations where you might financially benefit long term, and causes those situations to be positive long term – somehow guiding you into greater financial benefit over time.

16. Zepar

Helps change the way that you think about money in a very direct and clear way so that you no long have any frustrations or confusion about where your money goes – causes you to be slightly wiser about your spending in general.

Brings you into far greater clarity about your finances and what you want out of life in general so that you get into a very deep period of reflection and brings you to understand what to strive for within your money and finances in general.

Opulence: Guides you to see how you can adjust your budget and money situation in small ways so that you can get everything you want and need long term, without any problems or confusion.

17. Botis

Guides parents and guardians into understanding our lives in a very deep and satisfying way that brings us to the next level in terms of what we are doing and our lives in general – they don’t worry or think about us in a negative way.

Drives out the negative and hideous ideas, thoughts and general energy away from groups and situations that we might be in for the near and far future.

Baneful: Destroys slander and gossip that has been stated about us, then guides our enemies into a full reveal and exposes them brutally for all of their lies and manipulations to those who can best deal with them.

18. Bathin

Brings clarity to those who are severely confused about what the next step is in their lives, then guides them to understand and take action on their new found life purpose and path.

Guides those who want to learn more about a field or subject into an intense period of self study that allows them to see how that subject relates to their live purpose in a very deep and profound way that causes them to have a tremendous life breakthrough eventually.

Baneful: Forces those who are severely arrogant and incredibly loud to be bound and destroyed for all of their evil acts and attacks on others, then causes them to feel incredible existential doubt and regret about all of their past actions that have harmed others.

19. Sallos

Brings very intense and cataclysmic lessons to those who have acted harmfully against others, then brings their lives into very heatedly chaotic turmoil to the point that everything self destructs and everyone evil has been destroyed.

Guides people through intense life lessons and causes the arrogant and foolish to be forced through a brutal period of prolonged torment and agony as it relates to their life purpose – shifts their minds to prevent damage to others, then causes them to go through a series of life disasters that shows them how evil they have been.

Love: Causes those who are severely conflicted to find resolve and reconcile in a very straight forward and clear way that helps everyone involved understand each other far better – can happen in a very brutal or loving and compassionate way.

20. Purson

Silences slander in the people who are very gossipy, either on purpose or accidentally, then forces their lives through a period of intensely regretful conflict with others that cannot be easily resolved.

To change your perception in a very drastic way that enables you to come across treasures and fortunate situations that brings you physically and mentally into far greater clarity.

Baneful: Forces very horrible people and situations to be exposed to the people who can easily resolve and reconcile everything, then causes the bad people to be in severe conflict with their enemies for a very devastating conflict and war that destroys all wicked and bad people involved.

21. Marax

Brings you to understand what you want out of this world and life in terms of career, personal life hobbies – and anything else that can indirectly take you to the next level of mental and emotionally strength and well being.

Dissolves all the physical and mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your short terms goals in a way that helps you understand your future in a very drastically and startling way.

Prosperity: Causes a series of devastating changes that forces your life to accept far greater prosperity, fortune and luck for a prolonged period of time that helps you to see how you can manage your money far easier and better.

22. Ipos

Forces you to see a very different way to live life that is far more efficient, with new people and tools in your life that can help you reach the next level.

Shifts your emotions and thinking in general so that you are far more balanced and in control even in situations and prolonged events where there is tension, frustration and massive emotional drama – guides you to understand whatever you need to do in order to transcend these situations.

Life Breakthrough: Suddenly understand what you need to do in order to get exactly where you need to be, then be guided through a series of intense situations that shows you what you need to do and how you need to be and think in order to reach the next level – useful for whatever new career or other greater venture that you want to become proficient in.

23. Aim

For business people, develops your ability to see and feel into your customers needs and desires to sell to them easier and better, then guides you to bring your business as a whole to the next level.

Guides to see all possible and potential options for creating a better and stronger income in general, then causes you to see the best options and avenues you have for long term side income sources that can last long term.

Baneful: Removes potentially harmful people from your life, and destroys those who have actively and passively acted against you in the past. Everyone is brought into severe life destruction and you understand how to stay away from evil like that in the future.

24. Naberius

Causes the blocks that prevent you from performing at your peak at work and your career to dissolve and forces you to see the most efficient and ideal way to be in your particular workplace.

Removes negative habits and inefficient ideas from your daily routine and possibly work life in a way that causes you to have a far stronger routine and work life in general.

Opulence: Changes your life and mindset completely so that you are embracing financial freedom and abundance, then guides you to understand how to make everything drastically better in a very short amount of time that can lead to huge long term changes.

25. Glasya-Labolas

Brings those who are obviously foolish and unwise in their actions and thinking to see reason and change their lives as it relates to dealing with us on a regular basis – guides them to be less foolish in general.

Causes those who are seriously evil to be removed from your environment completely, then get pushed through a series of devastating moments and cataclysms that unhinge and change their minds and worlds forever – delivers a series of curse-like moments and hideous visions of their evil acts from the past.

Baneful: Removes the mind and perceptions from our enemies in a way that prevents them from fully understanding and reasoning normally, then brings them through a series of catastrophes over several months that leaves them in complete devastation.

26. Bune

Destroys inefficient thinking and spending in those who want a stronger budget, then guides them to see how they can make their money lives far stronger and more abundant in general.

Develops your sense of how situations might turn out and how people might act in general, then guides your enemies through a series of very devastating realization about their evil acts from the current reality and the past – forces everyone to go through a horrendous life catastrophe that prevents them from harming innocent people.

Prosperity: Causes those who are foolish with their thinking and money to see how they can be far more efficient and wise with their budgets on a continual basis, then guides them through a series of harsh realizations about what it means to act and think so foolishly in general with their lives and money overall.

27. Ronove

Brings you extreme clarity and insight into problems and challenges that seriously confound and confuse you (even those that have lingered for months and years) then causes you an incredible understanding and realization about how to best develop current projects to completion to yield the greatest and most positive results.

Heightens your awareness of those who act against you so that everything works out in a very positive way, but guides others to see their lives and actions in a very clear way that exposes them for who they truly are.

Baneful: Destroys those who are arrogant and enjoy showing off their lives and guides them through a horrendous series of disasters and catastrophes that ruins their minds and lives completely.

28. Berith

Brings whole groups of people to a new found level of mental and emotional clarity regarding an important subject that affects them all.

Transforms situations that negatively affect the people involved, and causes everyone to see a better way to think and act in general so that such a situation can never come up again.

Baneful: Removes very annoying, infuriating and energetically draining people from your life in such a way that your enemies get indirectly and directly cursed, then shifts your thoughts to see how you flip your current situation into something far more positive and beneficial overall.

29. Astaroth

Grants deep insight so that people can see how they are acting poorly or oddly in situations that might normally benefit them, then guides them to change their thinking and behavior.

Develops your intuition regarding work and personal life so that everything can be enhanced and explored to be more effective and efficient in a short amount of time.

Baneful: Flips the finances of anyone haughty and arrogant and shifts their entire lives out so that everyone goes into devastation and ruin for prolonged agony and destruction.

30. Forneus

To guide other into making good and smarter decisions as they work on something very important that affects their lives going into the future.

Causes massive frustration and distraction to wicked and evil people as they act directly and indirectly against you and others for any type of personal gain.

Baneful: Removes the opulence and prosperity of evil people as it relates to them showing off to others, then guides them to be exposed for their lies and evil against others for a full life catastrophe.

31. Foras

Influences people around you to give you signs, omens and any other things that can help direct you to other things that can greatly help you – causes a very drastic series of events to come together.

Changes the minds of very arrogant and stubborn people so that they are far less likely to screw over others with their actions and things that they do long term.

Baneful: Influences your enemies into making very horrifying decisions that they cannot believe (very surreal and horrible feeling) such that their lives are immediately torn apart by how foolish and stupid they have been for so many years.

32. Asmoday

Develops your thinking so that you are no longer getting swindled and scammed, and otherwise screwed over by the people around you – then guides you to be far more resilient and wise with your actions and who you deal with so that negative situations like that cannot easily come up ever again.

Causes immense disaster and mounting catastrophes to those who have previously screwed you over and either forgot about what they have done or hope it never comes back to them, then shifts your life so that you can see how everything can easily come together with your own projects in a short amount of time.

Life Breakthrough: Forces very stubborn and idle people to change their thinking and act much faster to get what they need and want long term, then changes their mindset completely so that they are no longer stubborn and stagnant with their thinking and lives.

33. Gaap

Removes negative and harmful people and ideas, or anything else that can take away from a goal or project and guides you to complete everything better than you could have ever expected.

Develops your mindset toward a project and larger idea so that you can easily figure things out in a way that benefits you long term.

Baneful: Causes all who have ever been against you to receive an incredible life meltdown and horrifying series of moments where your mental gets better and theirs goes into mayhem and they receive terrifying visions and life situations that break everything they have into ruination.

34. Furfur

Destroys misunderstanding and lies that others have upheld for months and years, then guides the evil people to be exposed through insight and very obvious situations where their reputations are completely ruined forever.

Guides very indirect and passively nasty and bad people away from your life and pushes them through a massive series of life meltdown moments to the point that they cannot act or think correctly – everyone involved is exposed for their bad actions and how they have screwed over others.

Influence: Guides those who are severely negative and angry to be removed from a situation such that others finally understand how bad they are then changes everyone’s situation into turmoil and severe life catastrophes through a series of very intense and brutal realizations – causes a very prolonged life crisis and meltdown.

35. Marchosias

Removes your false ideas and internal lies that you believe about projects and various things that are important but you don’t think about so often, then guides you to work on things that are very benefiting even if you cannot easily see how it might turn out.

Guides you to understand how situations can develop long term when the initial elements are very confusing or else just part of something that you cannot easily understand immediately – you are guided to see how things work overall and in general.

Prosperity: Develops your mindset to see easy to work with opportunities that can be worked on over time, then shifts your goals and perception so that you can see how those projects and opportunities can be useful long term.

36. Stolas

Changes your thinking and emotions to better handle tense and prolonged conflict situations, then guides the people in that situation to resolve things in a way that there is no longer any tense conflict whatsoever.

Develops a situation in a way that all the people or elements are brought away from each other, and the initial goal or topic is resolved and everyone is made better off through very intense realizations and lessons they receive from that situation.

Influence: Causes others to work with you or others in a way that helps everyone, but forces those who would act and work against you to be severely and violently shifted to annoy and have conflict with their own enemies in a very obviously violent and catastrophic way.

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