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Orishas & Their Powers


Brings drastic mental clarity and enhanced memory in general so that we are more mentally sharp and – developing our minds on a consistent basis.


Allows us to understand very common topics that might confuse us…then guides us into deep clarity about how we can better live our lives.


Causes deep inspiration, motivation and persistence – for starting new projects and gaining drastic life movement in ways that we greatly need.


Causes very powerful situations that bring us deep life clarity and extreme breakthroughs on unexpected life topics that will literally change our lives.


Resolves conflicts in relationships – whether it be family, romantic or any other type of conflict that involves fighting and not getting along with others for whatever reason.


Forces completion of very impossible situations that require far more effort than we would have ever thought to resolve. Guides everything into conclusion without further problems.


Deepens our appreciation for life in general, then guides us to understand what it means to be – fulfilled and satisfied, in a very complete way…in this life.


Guides us to understand our love lives and the idea of having romantic – relationships, in such a way that we have no confusion about our love lives…and possible relationships.


Removes deeply frustrating problems from our lives in a very powerful, and deeply resolving – way that guides us into very intense life clarity about our weaknesses and problems in general.


Guides those who are confused about their careers into far greater understanding about their money lives, and whether or not they should stay with their current jobs or not. If they need better jobs, then they are guided to find better work with the great possibility of that turning into a career.


Enhances the sexual pleasure experienced by couples so that they can have a generally happier relationship.


Brings impossible insight to those who are in need of a situation breakthrough, and guidance on how to make life better – in general.


Causes knowledge of the spirit world and how we relate to the astral plane – and grants spiritual knowledge in general.


Brings mental rewards and life treasure – in the form of things that can greatly please us, as compensation for a prolonged period of hard work that drained us and exhausted our efforts.


Forces very bad people to reveal themselves through a series of very incredible life accidents that ends up destroying their lives.


Creates incredible luck for those who have persisted long and endured enough to reach a major personal breakthrough for themselves.


Brings us fame and fortune as a general reward for working hard.


Causes very dramatic life shifts for those who need very big life changes – in order for them to be aligned back to their true life paths.


Grants very deep wisdom and insight for those who are in need of a breakthrough on a project or situation that need development.


Drastically shifts very tedious life situations that we do not understand and we might want either resolved – or out of our lives completely.


Brings knowledge of who our love partners might be, and how we might attract a soulmate – into our lives.


Creates very intense discoveries when we are completely off track with understand who we are, and where we are at – in this life.


Causes very extreme life awakenings for those who are supremely off track and just need to understand what brought them off track…to begin with.


Grants deep knowledge of big brother, the devils – and how aliens might operate if they are a legitimate idea to understand.


Brings us insight and knowledge about topics and ideas that could easily develop and push our evolutions – to a much smoother and higher level.


Causes very slow and foolish people to become smarter and wiser, through a very intense – series of mental developments that bring them into more awareness and higher thinking.


Guides us to understand abundance as it relates to creating better finances for ourselves.


Reveals the truth of situations that are plagued with confusion and mystery – then guides all relevant people to understand that situation through deeper intuition.


Removes very deep issues and problems in our lives that have plagued us for quite some time – then guides us into a very thorough period of life and mental clean up so that we are actively dealing with our current problems to help reduce their impact on our lives.


Forces us to understand very confusing life situations and topics that seriously confound and confuse us, in incredibly – deep and very deeply frustrating ways. Guides us into deep general understanding of those topics.


Shifts very annoying situations so that our lives are not hampered by consistent situations that bring us great personal damage – then guides us to either change or avoid those situations deeply so that they are no longer problematic.


Causes very destructive damage to wicked and evil people who try to harm – or indirectly attack us…either through creative actions or anything that can literally cause us damage.


Brings period of luck and success for situations and general fortune so that you can better enjoy situations, events – and larger situations that require good luck and fortune to be properly enjoyed.


Guides others to understand very deeply confusing life situations that they are frustrated and genuinely – flummoxed by for long periods of time.


Brings us to understand what hobbies and personal activities we would greatly enjoy, then guides us to fully maximize our engagement into those activities and topics of great interest.


Enhances our learning and minds in general so that we can understand a very deeply complex or confusing topic – with great depth.


Guides very lost situations and people to realize and understand all the needed information that they need – then brings them very deep knowledge on how to maximize their lives and situations.


Removes worry and doubt from people and situations that need to be developed smoother. Can cause all emotional and mental confusion to be wiped out of a situation so that resolve or a needed development can occur.


Brings very unlikely situations that greatly please you, and guide you to understand very confusing life topics – in a very truthful and needed way.


Cause impossibly destructive damage to those who act, and work against us – even if it is by accident.


Brings great power to people, ideas, and situations that need more thought power. Guides you to understand how a situation or idea has the potential to help you out.


Helps you design your life in a very positive – empowering and constructive way.


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