The Old Ones and their powers:

by admin on March 20, 2018

[If you would like a ritual –Here Are The Old Ones Rituals]

Shub-Niggurath – Dominates all financial matters, wealth, money and prosperity.

Can also help with business matters (anything business related), promotions at work and getting a job / career.

Brings prosperity in the form of business / career success.

Yog-Sothoth – Dominates knowledge, studies, secrets and communication.

Helps with short / long term knowledge for tests, exams or anything else you need mental acuity and enhanced memory for.

Brings you knowledge that is beneficial to whatever you need you have. Can be obscure or very practical.

Keeps and reveals secrets. Can reveal the truth of almost any situation as long as it is ethical to know.

Enhances communication in all forms that you need.

Hastur – Dominates emotions, love and relationships.

Aids emotions to help you through trying times; heals the heart after rough moments, and gives emotional strength.

Can helps any relationship that needs help. If the lovers are meant to be together, this will help them reconcile.

Removes our tendency to enact bad habits; we feel far more aware of ourselves, thereby removing the need / habit itself over time.

Cthulhu – Dominates the occult, protection, and healing of illness / disease.

Gives occult knowledge, power and control. Can help a magician reach their maximum potential through perfect guidance.

Aids with magickal and physical protection.

Resolves illness and disease in very creative ways (you will KNOW if you need this power).

The Attain Any Desire Power:

A culmination of all 4 spirits at once, this can help you attain any heart felt desire that you NEED to have happen.

(contact me directly for this – not a regular service, must be custom)

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