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The Old Ones Powers

Shub-Niggurath – Dominates all financial matters, wealth, money and prosperity.

Can also help with business matters (anything business related), promotions at work and getting a job / career.

Brings very deep and lasting prosperity and abundance for those who work hard to keep their financial ventures in good shape – for the long run.

Brings prosperity in the form of business / career success.

Yog-Sothoth – Dominates knowledge, studies, secrets and communication.

Helps with short / long term knowledge for tests, exams or anything else you need mental acuity and enhanced memory for.

Brings you knowledge that is beneficial to whatever you need you have. Can be obscure or very practical.

Allow us to understand deeper truth and hidden secrets that others have kept secret and mysterious for far too long.

Keeps and reveals secrets. Can reveal the truth of almost any situation as long as it is ethical to know.

Enhances communication in all forms that you need.

Hastur – Dominates emotions, love and relationships.

Aids emotions to help you through trying times; heals the heart after rough moments, and gives emotional strength.

Brings emotions to be focused, calm – balanced, and completely under control no matter what the situation or circumstance.

Can helps any relationship that needs help. If the lovers are meant to be together, this will help them reconcile.

Cthulhu – Dominates the occult, protection, and healing of illness / disease.

Gives occult knowledge, power and control. Can help a magician reach their maximum potential through perfect guidance.

Annihilates enemies through a series of horrifying disasters that leaves them completely without hope or resolve. This lasts for a prolonged period of time.

Aids with magickal and physical protection.

Resolves illness and disease in very creative ways (you will KNOW if you need this power).

Azathoth – Reigns over success, love and self improvement.

Creates insanely miraculous situations that bring evil to its knees and destroys those around you who have consistently kept you down, either obviously or indirectly – your life gets better as their gets torn apart.

Destroys sociopaths and psychopaths, then guides their thinking to be incredibly obvious to others such that they are exposed and removed from your environment completely.

Brings us into great success for whatever situations or projects we have going on. Helps with love and self improvement projects very deeply as long as you are consciously working on things.

Develops your skills in a field in which you have been motivated to enhance yourself, but somehow don’t know what to study or have not had your chance to excel and get ahead. Azathoth can guide anyone who is motivated to make themselves better get to where they need to be.

Nyarlathotep – Regains your control over your reality, and helps you restart life or situations when chaos feels present.

Grants understanding during troubling or testy times, then forces you to see the truth and how to elevate your understanding and internal energy (your entire life, but beginning with internal energy) and removes any doubts of your potential and abilities during that process.

Helps you fully develop your career based skills in a way that you are completely accepted and acknowledged for your expertise, then guides you to gradually promote yourself either in that profession or in whatever other field, position or career (could also be a business position) such that you are elevating your income and bettering yourself financially at the same time.

Forces situations in which your deepest desires come to life, and your hidden wants needs and desires get fulfilled in a greatly positive way that lasts into the years to come.

Yuggoth – Brings the wicked and evil to a halt as we reevaluate our lives positively.

Shocks those who have continually underestimated us, then enables us to ascend to a much higher level than anyone had previously thought – then guides our personal understanding to be perfectly in tune with where our lives should be going, with more ambitious goals added in along the way.

Brings wicked and evil into a life catastrophe so that they cannot harm others. Then guides our lives into focused work so that we can carry on with our projects without harm.

Creates intense but dramatic and drastic lessons for very stubborn and intensely wrong and incorrect people who just refuse to see reason and the truth for whatever their justifications are. This causes a small to medium life crisis in which they are forced to see whatever they have been avoiding and can be likened to a full life catastrophe for truly wicked and evil people if their wrongs are bad enough.

Brings incredibly complex and intense situations to a close, by concluding all misunderstandings and causing all problematic things and people to move on from whatever wrongs they have committed, then brings great clarity to all who have any connection to the situation.

Shoggoth – Shifts the mind and beliefs so that we can finally and fully reach our true potential.

Causes the weak and timid to open up, or else just remove them from your life if they are a block or hindrance to your life in any way.

Reduces and removes massive challenges and obstacles so that you can finally flourish in a system that supports your well being in the most positive and constructive ways possible.

Grants greater memory and thinking ability so that you can focus on past lessons that need to be reevaluated in order to get past and through current challenges – all of this happens very smoothly and easily without much inconvenience.

Migo – Forces a great awakening so that we all know who we truly are.

Banishes evil energy and people from our lives (can also cause us to release from evil objects) so that we can finally move on from our lives in general, but also pushes us to become as reasonably successful and fortunate as possible so that we can achieve all of our goals as quickly as possible.

Enables great focus, thinking speed and concentration when needed so that we can get through rough and challenges situations with less tension, anxiety and pressure.

Separates you and others from very problematic people in a way that causes them to wake up and see how evil or bad their thinking and actions are, then guides them away from you and any others you know of to protect you all.

Kassogtha – Elevates your thinking and spirit to the highest of your potential.

Guides you to the perfect teachers or tools you need to further your understanding in any topic.

Shifts situations and circumstances completely out and away so that you are out of unnecessary inconvenience and trouble, and guides those who can most help you into your life – or else, just guides the things and ideas into your life to help you reach your goals faster and in a much more fulfilling way.

Causes very troublesome people and things to stay away as you focus and work on any lengthy project long term.

Dagon – Brings our enemies to their knees, then help us move onward into greater personal growth.

Causes our enemies to feel a very dark and unsettling pain deeply within that guides them to a massive realization that they are truly evil, then forces their actions and thoughts to reveal themselves to the closest people around them for a hideously long life crisis which destroys them internally and with those around them.

Removes negativity from our lives then guides us into greater personal growth and making ourselves better through very practical ideas and actions.

Forces a dangerously complex series of events unto our enemies in a way that guides them completely away from your life and drastically, then causes them mental and emotional severe discomfort in a way that destroys their lives completely.

Flips the lives of the wicked and horrible enemies such that they are never the same, and they are guided to feel incredible mental and emotional torment for their evil actions and thoughts – they are brought into never ending suffering.

Tsathoggua – Flips incredible situations so that we win out.

Causes us to succeed in situations where it is obvious that winning out is very unlikely or unseen by others because of how everything looks and comes together.

Grants incredible speed to your success in events and situations where you are guided to conclude or develop a project or thing in a way that causes everyone you care about to win out, then shifts everyone’s thinking and mindset in the most fulfilling and whatever other ways that are needed for that situation (causes a massive win-win-win situation for all involved).

Flips negative situations  so that we win out and others who might have tried to set us up go through a terrifying series of immeasurable curses.

Develops your thinking for a project, life situation or general circumstance so that you can see how everything comes together exceptionally better with some specific actions and strategy.


Brings empowering strength to those who need encouragement in order to pursue or complete a large or complex task.


Causes very destructive damage to those who continuously act in very evil ways.


Dissolves very odd thoughts that distract us from pursuing greater things and ideas – then brings us to understand what might be hindering us and holding us back in this life.


Brings us to be more focus with greater persistence on projects, ideas – and general things that we need to pursue deeper to the point of greater progress or general conclusion, and completion in general.


Brings grand discoveries to those who have worked for the insight, and causes the lazy and wicked people to be cursed very deeply – with lasting torment that brings their lives into shambles.


Forces very arrogant people to reveal their wicked and evil ways to others such that they are completely revealed and destroyed for their bad and evil actions.


Brings very huge resolve to life conundrums and horrid situations of extremely deep – life confusion that has lingered for quite some time.


Causes those around us to be nicer in a way that events and certain situations are made incredibly easier to get through.


Brings knowledge and insight, and other possible tools to help us better understand people, ideas – bigger general thoughts, and anything else that we need to explore deeper.


Causes very deep and incredible discoveries for those who are not going the right way in life, and just need a bit of guidance to bring them back onto their correct path.


Removes idleness from your life when you need a small breakthrough that points you in the right direction.


Brings incredible shock and terror to those who are very evil, in their own ways so that they cannot easily act very wickedly against more people.


Forces bad people through horrible periods of misfortune to teach them a lesson about committing evil against other people.


To enable us to think very differently about subjects that are either confusing, or that we cannot easily understand – for whatever reason.


Guides situations of very deep agitation to be far calmer and for reason to enter those who are very confused – and brings everything into far stronger territory and better resolve in general.


Causes people to see the truth and for massive resolve to enter situations of very deep conflict and very aggressive fighting.


Brings luck and fortune to those who have long been patient for a breakthrough in a project or given situation.


Brings us knowledge of evil and why bad stuff happens to people around us – then guides us to understand how to remove bad situations and events in our own life.


Enables us to think deeper about our food and our daily routines so that everything is made far more effective and efficient for long term enhancements – these changes are made to make our lives as a whole, far better and fulfilled.


Guides us to understand how to make our lives more prosperous and abundant.


Brings very deep insight and discoveries to those who need a breakthrough on any given subject.


Causes relationships to be far warmer in a way that love and compassion and dominate.


Brings extra ways to make money for those who wish to get into business but have no idea where to begin or start.


Brings us to expand our mind situations in very creative and clever ways that are either hidden to us, or are impossible to think about directly.


Enables very deep periods of reflection and meditation for those who desire to a thorough and deep period of spiritual self discovery – through very intense and powerful life insights through meditation.


Brings us ideas of what literature we might like to read or of what videos or entertainment that might literally satisfy us for very deep personal satisfaction and enrichment.


Causes very stubborn and blind people to see the truth of people and situations such that they will act and speak accurately and correctly to resolve situations and problems – for the long run. 


Builds up our emotional and mental strength and resilience so that we can better understand who we are as people in general.


Removes spiritual questions we have and guides us to understand life purpose and ideas of spirituality with great truth and insight.


Allows us to see the truth of those situations, people or events around us – to see how things really are beyond the lies and manipulations of others.


Enables very deep resolve for people who are emotionally messed up and need a lot of resolve and comfort in order for them to feel better in general.


Brings us deep mental and verbal acuity when life requires that we be mentally sharp – with strong memory and full ability to complete whatever it is that we need to resolve or work on.


Guides us to help others in ways that is greatly beneficial for them, and grants us a more honest look at our own lives – and gains us success and luck as it relates to our projects in general.


Removes annoying and bad people from our lives in a clear and safe way.

The Attain Any Desire Power:

A culmination of all spirits at once, this can help you attain any heart felt desire that you NEED to have happen.


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