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Sumerian Spirits & Their Powers

Hadad –

Removes very problematic situations that might give you harm, or else cause you bad or negative things.

Enables you to think clearly, and a little more wisely, without so much mental confusion or clutter.

Grants you the power of deep mental focus so that you can concentrate on what you need for however long you need.

Enlil –

Causes you deep emotional control in very tense or stressful situations or events that are prolonged and very energy draining.

Controls tempers so that they don’t get out of control.

Enables understanding of difficult situations so that you can help others resolve it.

Anu –

Enhances understanding of what you need, and anything else that is required for other projects in your life.

Allows full understanding of a situation so that you can move on from it.

Develops your mental and emotional control so that you can feel more clear headed and happier more often.

Dagan –

Develops very problematic situations to conclusion and completion.

Removes conflict from genuinely loving couples so that they can be compassionate and peaceful again.

Enki  –

Grants very deep intuition and insight on how to deal with very deeply complex life situations in general.

Causes others to understand what  you are going through so no problem arise.

Ereshkigal –

Destroys enemies in very intense and direct ways, that literally leaves their lives in complete ruin.

Causes your enemies to be released in a very embarrassing way to those that most matter to them so that they get punished.

Destroys your enemies sense of self so that they are forced to reflect deeply on who they are and get punished for how they damaged others in the past.

Inanna –

Causes deep resolve to very problematic and troublesome personal matters that you cannot easily figure out.

Develops your sense of knowledge of the present and future so that you can detect future situations easier.

Allows you to understand where your life is going in relation to love, career and/or business life.

Marduk –

Grants very impossible understanding of how to enhance and expand our finances, in a way that brings incredibly deep financial luck and success over time.

Develops our understanding of a money situation so that we know how to deal with it successfully.

Enables deep insight so that we understand how to develop a money related project to be greatly profitable.

Nabu –

Brings you to speak well and communicate perfectly in situations where you need to have your messages perfectly received.

Causes others to speak clearly so as not to be misunderstood.

Removes misunderstanding from those who are dealing with challenging times; they are just understood completely and annoying people leave them alone.

Nanshe –

Deeply develops our focus for very long days so that we do not lose track of our goals and needed projects.

Causes others to see the best in us in a way that attracts the most genuine people possible for a deeply mutually benefiting friendship.

Nergal – god of plague, war, and the sun in its destructive capacity; later husband of Ereshkigal; baneful magick, can kill / destroy enemies.

Causes enemies to become mentally over loaded so that none of their plans work and they get exposed for hurting others.

Destroys enemies plans to harm others in any way by removing their ability to think; causes them to be exposed to the worst people possible so they are severely punished.

Ninhursag –

Opens your mind and eyes to understand why you might have some lingering false beliefs, then guides you to correct them.

Brings you to understand your own spirituality then helps to develop whatever your personal beliefs might be in general.

Aruru –

Causes very deep memory recall and focus during times of  stress and strain, then guides us to make the best of the situation in a beneficial way.

Develops emotional control during very challenging and emotional moments so that you can think clearly.

Ninlil –

Causes us better and stronger athletic performance when we desire and need better cardiovascular production and better breathing as it relates to performing perfectly well.

Grants emotional understanding to others when they are very cold hearted or simply lack emotional intelligence; guides them to understand how wrong they were for acting so insensitively.

Ninurta –

Guides the creation of a better lifestyle through a far stronger diet that benefits your life completely.

Causes those who annoy us to be removed from our environment completely.

Utu –

Increases happiness during events that are supposed to be memorable so that everything goes well overall.

Creates deep understanding of very complex situations so that you know what’s going on and passively guide others to resolve it.

Brings great satisfaction and understanding from current and past projects that were very challenges and/or draining.

Nanna –

Develops your mental speed so that you can be verbally clear and creative in needed tasks.

Aids others in expressing themselves perfectly so they don’t become misunderstood; this applies to written, verbal and any other form of expression that they use.

Develops your current projects in a way that they can be completed smoothly and successfully.

Dumuzi –

Makes your thinking stronger so that you do not get jarred and taken off guard by life problems and smaller issues that come up.

Guides us to know which spirits to use to resolve our problems; allows shows us which spirits to use for any need or desire.

Causes you to know how to make your plans more efficient, cutting away everything that is unnecessary.

Astarte – Grants wealth, money and life purpose.

Enables you to see your money path and how you can move forward without any hindrances from others.

Grants you deep inspiration so that you can solve situations and problems very smoothly.

Allows you to see the best in any situation so you understand where it leads.

Brings you great internal peace and serenity so that you can power through tough challenges easily.

Grants inspiration to start up, develop or conclude a project or money related venture.

Belphegor – Brings great insight, mental clarity and business prowess.

Allows you to create a new business with very profitable ideas.

Guides you to develop yourself so that you can use your talents in business.

Builds up your current talents so that you can become more proficient for career related purposes.

Chuzimu – Delivers incredible insight and understanding to those who are blinded by current problems and very complex issues.

Removes pain and suffering from those who are mentally and emotionally traumatized by events from the past and present.

Causes those who are in important situations to only speak and think relevant and beneficial thoughts so that no moment is wasted.

Enables leaders to direct and guide their projects and people so that everything runs smoothly long term.

Hecate – Causes us to deeply understand simple but deep life topics such that our future understanding cannot be confused.

Allows us to smoothly start, maintain and finish interesting and creative projects that are done for more than several days (can be a long term thing).

Grants deep wisdom and insight during very turbulent and challenging periods where clear actions and moves are not clear whatsoever.

Enables us to think deeply and accurately without interference regarding topics of great importance.

Ishtar –

Removes incredible problems, challenges…and very severe problematic situations from our lives so that we can continue onwards with our lives, with greater success for our general projects.

Causes others to relate to us better as we work with them and communicate with them on an ongoing basis.

Mithra – Brings everyone in a tense and conflicted situation to calm down and finally get along peacefully.

Destroys the outlandish feeling of doubt and skepticism in those who are otherwise certain about what is going on around them.

Causes us to gain deep and intense insight on how to resolve situations of

Azazel – Causes us to reevaluate our lives so that we finally understand where we need to be and where we need to go.

Destroys the ideas that we aren’t good enough and that we need something greater in this life, then shifts our thinking so that we can finally pursue those ideals.

Helps us embrace positive thoughts and emotions so that we can move forward with a calm and pleasant outlook on life, full with a persistent determination to get what we need done.

Removes the nasty feelings and things we need to let go of, then causes us to move forward empowered and stronger than we have ever been so that our future looks and feels much stronger than the past.

Develops our skills in a hobby that can be turned into a business so that our success in that venture can be long term, and we can enhance ourselves over time to possibly make more money from that thing in the near to far future.

Ahriman – Grants the ability to detect deceptions, manipulations and lies in general.

Guides us to understand why people lie and exposes their hidden intentions.

Allows us to feel into any situation to know who is trustworthy, loyal and can handle their own stuff.

Causes great life awakenings in such a way that we stripped of all past lies – especially from others – and we know our life path perfectly; we are guided to explore and enjoy our spiritual path completely in a way that benefits us and others perfectly.

Destroys the lies around us in a way that reveals our hidden enemies and those who are likely to cross us or betray us; removes the nasty people from our lives completely.

Enables our friends and loved ones to see who is genuine, trustworthy and loyal around them so they can cut out everyone else.

Causes a great awakening that forces the eyes of anyone asleep spiritually to awaken – they will not be the same remotely after this – and they will be far more aware and conscious of their lives.

Ningal –

Destroys enemies as they harm and hinder us on a consistent basis, then brings us minor fortune and and luck as it relates to our projects going well in general.

Develops very chaotic situations to be far better and stronger so that everything goes well.


Creates life transformation through mild disruption; causes the appearance of a life crisis for enemies, but really brings them to illumination, often through severe discomfort and pain.

Removes past misconceptions so that you can understand people truthfully and honestly.

Brings you to understand why what lessons your past mistakes held so that you don’t make those same mistakes again.


Leads you into a full life transformation that gradually pulls you away from an old life path that did not serve you and nudges you into a better, far more effective life path; gives a very powerful realization that this is your new life and that you are finally aligned with who you truly are.

Destroys enemies in the most embarrassing and revealing way possible so that they are exposed to those who most matter to them.

Develops others understanding of our life path so that they don’t question us so aggressively over things that are relatively obvious to others.

Creates deep understanding in our loved ones for our careers, businesses and life paths in general so that they don’t misunderstand and get confused – thereby preventing future conflict.

Enables deep life transformation that literally changes everything for the better; you experience deep change that flips your entire reality upside down or inside out – literally whatever works to get you where you need to be in a reasonable amount of time.

Destroys past misconceptions and misperceptions; creates fuller understanding of situations that thereby enhances intuition in an indirect way.

Creates deep life insight so that you know where to go with your life, why and what steps you need to take to get there.


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