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Full Angel Listing

This does not include the 72 angels (of the Shem Ha Mephorash) – if you would like the 72 angels – go here.


Brings very deep and majestic visions and knowledge of very interesting topics that would delight and surprise us.


Causes those around us to act properly such that no problems arise, and we get the best possible situation to arise without odd or bad things happening.


Protects and shields against emotionally intense situations in such a way that we are more mentally and emotionally resilient – but that whatever happens does not affect us emotionally.


Forces very bad people to either stop messing with others or else be punished for their evil ways.


Brings resolve to very odd situations that feel stuck or greatly confused.


Guides aggressive people and situations to calm down completely and fully so that no problems arise.


Brings might intelligence and abstract thinking when we need heightened creativity to complete a task, project or something that requires deeper thinking.


Brings us to see how greater prosperity can be brought out of all the current situations that we are already part of, then changes our thinking so that drastic – money abundance in our lives can be enhanced.


Brings knowledge of taboo ideas and subjects – including higher dimensions and hidden ideas and topics that we might not be directly knowledgeable about. Guides us to understand these ideas and topics in a very beneficial and possibly practical way.


Clarifies our needs and desires in a way that is very accurate and honest, so that we only seek out things, ideas or whatever else to obtain in a way that only brings in the things we truly desire and need.


Enhanced mind and mental clarity that also helps develop the mind for more regular mental daily clarity.


Causes very deep victory or success when we most need it, or when our efforts should have created some form of success or true victory – this angel can bring it to us through whatever means that can bring the most happiness.


Brings very deep meditation and focus so that we can explore inwardly and understand our emotions and mind – very deeply to gain very surprising and deep spiritual lessons that help us deeply understand this life.


Guides us to understand how to take care of our possessions and items far better, and brings us to attain higher quality items – of the things we most cherish.


Causes very incredible life pain and anguish to those who cross us in very obvious and damaging ways that hurt us.


Guides us to understand how to cook better, and to guide us to become better cooks in general.


Enhances our ability to reach into situations to understand what is really going on, and guides our intuitive powers to expand deeply so that we are fully able to understand basic life elements in a way that big life mistakes do not happen.


Causes us to be less affected by gore and extreme images in a way that brings us to greater mental and emotional power.


Guides us to very tasty snacks, and genuinely delicious foods that satisfy us very deeply.


Dissolves rage and anger, and other heated emotions in those who cannot easily control their minds in general.


Brings us to better understand our relationships and love life, in such a way that love and relationship problems resolve, and we generally have much stronger or better relationships with the people around us.


Brings us any desire or need that we greatly want, and that satisfies us deeply. Also guides us to understand what we want in a way that propels us to find the things that best fulfil and satisfy us.


Brings us positive emotions when times are either idle or stale, and we need to feel better – and good, and positive about life again.


Heals and resolves all life crisis and conflict – so that all that caused the crisis and turmoil gets healed and fixed – and resolved, without any lingering problems. Also provides an emotional and mental refresh so that positive feeling can dominate.


Brings us to avoid the problems of others especially if we are accidentally around those who have either conflict, or deep issues that they are actively going through.


Enables us to speak perfectly well when we need to communicate effectively and without problems.


Brings deep happiness and visions of our true life path as it relates to very deep and empowering – success, and living a good life.


Causes insight and deeper knowledge of the true nature of aliens, and otherworldly beings – in general, in such a way that we understand our relations with aliens…and even how the angels and aliens relate to one another.


Brings greater mental sharpness acuity and focus so that we can think with greater speed and general focus.


Grants emotional resilience to those who need mental and emotional strength during periods of stress or strain.


Allows us to understand our life lessons and challenges in a very direct and coherent way that is both illuminating and personally powerful.


Brings others to be very emotionally strong and mentally clear – so that they can easily manage and handle emotional life situations that might otherwise defeat them.


Causes people who act oddly or outright crazy, to be completely alright and mentally stable and balanced once again.


Guides us to understand those who lead us in very genuine and honest ways so that we accurately see and understand who they really are.


Creates very deep and horrific visions for our enemies who have acted against us in damaging ways that have upset us.


Causes very lazy people to act and think in very different ways, so that they are no longer so unproductive and idle.


Brings deep emotional healing when emotions are thrown into turmoil and not easy to manage or control whatsoever.


Heals a situation, relationship – or emotions and mind in general so that there is no conflict and that everything is completely resolved.


Brings us to understand what it means to be ethical, so that we can clean up our beliefs – thoughts and general mindset in a way that is very effective and helps us gain deeper insights into who we truly are.


Brings very deep clarity during times of stress or tension where the right moves are not so clear to make – then guides you to make the wisest and most intelligent moves so that problems do not arise.


Removes guilt and frustration from out minds and thoughts so that we can do what we need without hindrance.


Brings greater ability to understand the emotions of others in ways that you can read their state of being – far easier, which thereby improves your relations with them by understanding how to relate to them better.


Allows us to understand our weaknesses through very startling realizations that help us to overcome the areas where we need to develop ourselves.


Guides us to bring in very deep and meaningful success and – guides us to achieve our goals in such a way that we are brought into very deep life happiness and fulfillment.


Brings us to fully and completely work on something – to maximal completion without any holding back.


Brings us to understand how to take greater control over our lives, in a way that leads us to understand life purpose a bit deeper.


Brings very deep focus and thought so that we get incredibly deep insight on life lessons and things that we need to be successful in life in general.


Forces very impossible insight that resolves extremely deep problems and life conundrums, then guides us to fix very small errors in our lives.


Guides us to organize our routines and thoughts better so that we are far less confused, and more focused on the right things – so that we can better pursue our goals over time.


Resolves impossible mysterious and life confusions that have lingered with us for years.


Brings very deep reflections and hope to those who might have lost their way in this life.


Prevents evil and dark forces from entering our lives and protects us from current darkness in a way that brings our energies and lives into far better and happier states of being.


Causes very major triumph and success where our efforts have been aimed at creating a success breakthrough – or long lasting victory that brings us into great satisfaction. This situation or event becomes a major life triumph and moment.


Causes us to understand our metabolism better so that we can eat in a way that produces greater energy – we gain insights on how to make our diet better.


Removes power from evil people who we consider very bad, and brings them into a fierce series of very badly – impossibly bad events.


Deepens the love of romantic relationships in a way that is very obvious and clear if any issues or mistakes come up – that they get resolved very quickly and without any delay.


Causes very damages or torn apart situations to repair themselves, even if we have no connection to the people who were involved.


Brings us knowledge of how to deepen our life knowledge in ways that will greatly benefit us. This refers to general life topics that we feel we are not fully educated on, and we get guided to resources that can greatly help us out.


Causes very evil people to leave us alone in very clear ways that lets us know if they are a larger threat or not.


Guides us spiritually so that we do not have such impossible personal questions about life that go unanswered…then brings us to different ideas that can greatly help us explore ourselves to gain understanding of life purpose.


Brings very incredible resources to those who need a lot of help on their topic – or just general guidance to learn something but they have no direction. This angel can help bring us very valuable knowledge and resources to bring us great knowledge – or advances in tools and items that are useful.


Brings great comfort to those who might be overwhelmed with a severe or confusing work load.


Brings guidance on what spiritual tools are best to help us advance our evolutions – and brings us knowledge of how to best think in terms of growing our personal beliefs so that we are stronger people in general.


Enhances overall intelligence and abstract thinking so that we are able to think deeply about complex and bigger ideas – and our general intelligence increases as we think about different topics more.


Brings us knowledge of what evil is and how to avoid it in our lives.


Guides us to see and recognize friends and good people so that we can surround ourselves with a better people in general.


Grants knowledge of hidden and possibly frightening topics so that we can better understand a given situation – and our personal fears, in a far clearer way.


Deepens our understanding of topics that we have proficient knowledge of so that we can easily become – far more proficient and possibly masters of that field or topic.


Clarifies our projects or ideas in a way that is beyond anything that we could have expected, and guides us to enhance our projects and ideas in a way that brings us into much higher quality things.


Brings impossible triumph and victory when a situation demands great achievement – then brings our luck and fortune to higher levels as we enjoy our victory.


Resolves mind confusion and heals headaches in a very direct – and comforting way that brings us to understand how to prevent mental pain in the future.


Brings incredible emotional clarity and – resilience for very intense situations and events that test us very deeply – both mentally and emotionally.


Brings others into emotional clarity and balanced emotions for specific events and periods of time – so that they can get through their situations and that time period safely without significant problems coming up.


Brings us into harmony and mental control over past topics that upset us greatly, so that we have more understanding of the past, and how to get over – and upsetting past topics.


Brings passion and fire back into our lives to remove the feeling of idleness and stagnation.


Gives us a unique perspective on situations that might confuse us so that we see what others might be feeling and seeing.


Brings us to understand new methods and powerful ways to do stuff, such that we greatly benefit from this new discovery.


Brings us to see how we can improve our lives through very exceptionally – powerful but smaller tweaks that changes everything for us, in very extremely…deep and life changing ways.


Removes power from severely arrogant people, then brings them into very intense life destruction.


Guides us to understand how people truly are, then shifts their behavior just slightly so that we can see if they are mentally stable, evil – or even crazy and insane.


Shifts our attention and focus to be very attentive and aware of all of the things that need to be developed and worked on, so that we do not miss small errors and things that need to be dealt with early on.


Concludes situations that need to be resolved and ended, in however way works the best.


Causes great confidence when we are weakened by very deep emotional events, so that we can do the things that we need without being so emotionally shaken.


Brings emotional and mental balance for situations where we have to be very calm and focused – but in a way that is lengthy and causes us to focus for very prolonged period of time.


Causes a full emotional and mind – reevaluation so that we understand how we are weak, and other ways that we can resolve and improve ourselves…mentally and emotionally.


Resolves and heals any situation or thing – or problematic idea that brings greater issues. Resolves everything with a mental and emotional positive refresh so that good feelings and thoughts reign.


Brings impossible motivation and curiosity for us to investigate very serious topics that we would greatly enjoy exploring.


Grants deep understanding of remote viewing and other spiritual topics that can be very confusing – or extremely hidden.


Resolves and heals, any personal or life pain – and resolves the issue or problems completely. Can help resolve a life crisis through a mental and emotional reset.


Brings understanding of what out of body experiences are, the guides us to do this in very clear and obvious ways – such that there is no danger.


Enhances memory in general so that we cannot easily forget important and significant details, then enhances our minds overall so that we can focus on all the right ideas – and topics, in general.


Change my thinking so that I can easily think about odd and obscure things that I greatly desire and want, and that I have amplified energy – to attract in and receive all of these unique and greatly desired things.


Brings intense insight and understanding on how to succeed – and bring great triumph for a situation or even that requires very deep focus, strategy and knowledge in order to succeed and do well.


To understand our mistakes and errors from the past in a way that we resolve our life errors and mistakes in a very obvious and safe way, that brings us freedom from the past.


Resolves and heals any life crisis in a way that brings complete and satisfying resolve.


Brings deep knowledge of heaven and hell, and how each of their beings relate to one another – then grants insight on how each one is operated in general.


Helps to change situations that need great growth and guidance in order to be alright – then causes the elements or people to be higher quality in all ways without any major problems.


Enhances your overall intelligence and awareness such a way that you can finally see your major and significant life problems – then you get guided to resolve your problems with amplified intelligence and greater problem solving.


Guides couples into a more satisfying love and sex life, as long as that perfectly enhances their relationship.


Enhances our success in a given area of life until a major breakthrough strikes that brings us into very deep, and higher success.


Heals and resolves emotional and mental confusion as it relates to very intense situations that leave us perplexed – then guides us to understand what really happened.


Resolves and heals any situation or event in which multiple problems exist that cause very deep emotional and mental negativity. Resolves the situation by healing and resolving all problems completely within that situation or event.


Brings very intense life calamities and destruction to very bad and unethical people who keep continuing their mischief and evil acts, for long term pain caused to others.


Brings very deep and miraculous resolve to situations and problems that need a very powerful fix in order to be alright – then causes the whole situation to be completely fix through a series of resolving moments.


Brings almost life changing discoveries to those who need either deep understanding on a topic or those who need some direction for their spiritual paths. Causes very deep knowledge and insight that is very practical.


Causes our mindsets and general money lives to enhance greatly to attract and bring in far greater abundance and – stronger money habits in general.


Causes us to remember all needed details and have generally stronger memory so that we make far fewer mental errors and memory related mistakes.


Erases and removes very stupid and dumb thinking and items from our lives that have no purpose other than to distract us from other things that are important.


Guides very bad people into very destructive insights that forces them through a mental and emotional meltdown period – reflecting over how badly they have been.


Removes and resolves very intense emotions – no matter what the situation is, then guides in very deep mental clarity and situational understanding.


Causes much wiser and more intelligent thinking and decision making in a way that brings us to see how we can make our lives better – and more efficient through a series of life enhancements and tweaks that makes everything far stronger and more positive.


Brings very drastic and needed knowledge that we need in order to avoid bad or severely negative life situations. Also guides us into situations that change our lives through very subtle but incredible insights about life lessons that we need.


Guides us to awaken to knowledge of the higher dimension and how we fit into the bigger picture through a series of very drastic and startling insights. We are brought to understand what it means to be awaken in this reality – and on this planet.


Forces us to think very differently if we need a completely mindset change so that we can think productively without many wasted thoughts.


Heals mental and emotional distress and anguish, then brings a clearer mind so that we can think without confusion and emotional pain.


Guides us to understand how to prevent and avoid grave and horrible illness – during times of stress, strain – or life challenges. This knowledge could be used at all times to help prevent illness.


Brings us to understand astral projection and to practice this to basic proficiency – in a way that is enjoyable and a very deep learning experience and spiritual lesson.


Bring us to emotional clarity about a situation or person – so that we understand how to deal with them or that situation perfectly well, in the future.


Brings all relevant knowledge that we need about an idea that is greatly important to us.


Guides us to see life errors and mistakes that need to be corrected so that we can live happier and resolve mistakes and issues, and errors – before they become bigger problems for us.


Causes a very startling and deep life awareness awakening that brings us to see what conscious mental control means for us – then develops our mind and mental abilities so that we have deeper emotional and mental control


Brings very satisfying work that is fully flexible for long term promotions. You are guided to this work position through a drastic series of events.


Enhances your personal energy and guides you to get the best items of whatever you desire so that you can be greatly satisfied with the stuff that you get – and you have the attractive energy and force to receive those higher quality items.


Brings a job or career that is very satisfying for long term growth and development.


Greatly enhances mental stamina and mind focus so that we can think about very deep thoughts easily without getting distracted and pulled away from much needed mental topics.


Brings great spiritual understanding and deeply life changing breakthroughs through conscious meditation – where our awareness and spiritual path get amplified and better understood through a series of life changing realizations.


Brings us very good situations that indirectly and reflectively guide us to understand where we are in life, in a very honest and drastic way.


Guides us to understand and appreciate music and art very differently and deeply, so that we can take our own higher meaning – out of everything.


Gives deep insight on how to ascend in our chosen careers and professions so that deep happiness and long term achievement may be gained.


Heals and resolves very intense mental and emotional confusion in a way that is lasting and brings mental relief – in terms of understand the situation far deeper.


Enhances love and compassion in relationships so that things do not change into a very negative and bad situation – if small current problems exist.


Brings us to develop a situation or project into great development so that we greatly enjoy ourselves and – attain very deep life and soul lessons in the process.


Brings us to understand who the loyal, and possibly dishonest people our – in our immediate surroundings.


Grants very deep focus and meditation for situations in which we need to understand either the situation or our lives a bit deeper, for very impossible life meditation and – indirectly knowing that we are alright in general.


Great increases personal energy and general focus so that we are only attracting in and seeking out the things and items that we most desire and want.


Heals and resolves emotional trauma and anguish, and any other negativity that might disrupt our mind and thoughts. Provides a full mental refresh so that emotions are completely balanced and within control.


Brings a very powerful life breakthrough so that we can more fully understand our life purpose – and gain deep knowledge and insight on what our true beliefs are for spirituality and life, in general.


Enables people to act very quickly to avoid delay and deep hesitation.


Allows us to properly understand and manage situations in which we might be given little information or instruction. Then brings very deep insight on how to better manage things that we have deep questions about.


Bring me to understand my obscure and hidden needs and desires in such a way that I understand myself better, and I am guided to bring in these desires and needs in successful and satisfying ways.


Brings knowledge of divination and expanding our intuitive power to the point that we have – far greater and deeper clairvoyance, and that this ability gets stronger over time.


Brings very deep knowledge and insight on how evil and the devils of this reality – operate in such a way that we have a very crazy and prolonged life awakening to the higher dimensions of this reality.


Guides us to understand how our lives relate to our talents, and if we do not understand our skills and talents…to gain insight on how we can best do well and flourish in this life.


Brings us to transcend emotional grief and turmoil as it relates to us becoming stronger emotionally and mentally, then shifts our – brains and thoughts so that we know how to manage our thoughts to be more positive, more often.


Guides us to be seen as strong people who can handle our situations well if we know that others do not have the best or strongest opinions or beliefs about us.


Brings a job or career that is very satisfying for long term growth and development.


Grants great luck and success when our situations require that we have elevated fortune in order to go through events in a very positive and successful way. Guides us to understand how to make everything good without any problems, if that is possible at the time.


Allows us to stop desiring things that have no purpose in our lives. Also reveals and removes our desire for things that might not be the best for us.


Guides those who are mentally confused to be stronger and with clearer thinking – and resolves any emotional tension or negativity they might be feeling.


Guides us to see how we can win over our enemies in a very obvious and extremely positive and life enhancing way.


Causes us to understand our routines in terms of creating a better life that enables us to do things that we possibly – never thought was remotely possible before.


Brings deep knowledge of extrasensory perception and how to enhance these abilities within yourself – immediately and over time.


Forces very drastic life change where there is little movement and a deep desire for very large life transition to something deeper, and different.


Brings very dynamic and abstract thinking so that we are far better able to navigate life difficult situations.


Removes internal and subconscious blocks we have toward attracting and obtaining much needed or desired items – then grants us the wisdom and intelligence to get only the absolute best fitting item or thing that fulfills our need and desire.


Amplifies situations to the point of breakthrough and causing a major important thing to happen. Also allows us to discover what hidden meaning there is to different ideas and situations.


Enhance general intelligence to handle taboo or mysterious other topics that are greatly beneficial to know about – in this life. Also gain memory enhancements and mental endurance and stamina so that you can easily handle deep abstract and taboo topics that you cannot easily handle otherwise.


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