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by admin on March 25, 2018

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Wealth Magick is a truly unique ritual series dedicated to expanding your wealth vibration to a significantly higher level.

With 6 total rituals it pushes you to greater and higher levels of prosperity and wealth. Once the spirits have worked their magick, your life will never be the same.

This is a large series of custom rituals – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Please keep in mind that these rituals take about 4 months to complete and it will create a complete life overhaul in the process.

Let’s not kid around about what’s happening with this ritual series, because you will be amping up your focus, energy and general life momentum to bring in far greater money, prosperity and happiness. Do not look this direction if you don’t want serious and monumental financial change to happen in your life…

A breakdown of the rituals:

R1 – Mahasiah (fallen angel) – Expands your wealth vibration into a much higher level so that you can handle far greater money flow and abundance.

R2 – Sitael (angel) – Gives your personal life and job or career a boost so that others see you in the best way possible, getting you ready for larger changes soon to come.

R3 – Orobas (demon) – Destroys any beliefs or ideas in your mind that you are or should be in poverity or without money – at this point some larger money and prosperity changes should be in effect.

R4 – Netahiah (fallen angel) – Pushes your mind and emotions to be far stronger in the present and future so that challenges don’t push you to your limits; guides you to be far more resilient under stress and all chaos and even catastrophic moments that life can bring, while still guiding you to bring in and sustain greater money flow and long term prosperity.

R5 – Lucifuge (demon) – Brings you to see how you can make your life happier in small and moderate ways through greater cash flow and creative means to expand your money situation.

R6 – Plutus (Greek spirit) – Transforms your life so that you are more readily able to accept wealth, and grow your current or new business into a whole new level.

Plus several other spirits targeting wealth mindset shift, business startup and growth – and a few other crucial points.


Wealth Magick Level 2
This is where things gear REAL and seriously life changing…

This cannot be used without first using WM lvl 1 first. It’s just not a good idea at all.

Each of these rituals is designed to leave your old lower and weak money life behind as you ascend the huge mountain of wealth to the very top.

This is a big series of custom rituals – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

There are several emotional buffers to help you handle everything, but this is only available to those who have completed Wealth Magick level 1.

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Och (Olympic spirit) – Increases wealth vibration significantly so you can handle the other spirits.

R2 – Bune (demon) – Pushes your motivation and persistence so that you have the momentum and endurance to get everything you want, done – with far greater ability to see how to profit from opportunities as they should pop up.

R3 – Mimir (Greek spirit) – Drastically increases your mental drive to get things done faster so that all of your projects are developed and concluded without much if any delays; guides you to prioritize the things that will bring you the most money and cash flow so that you aren’t losing out on positive money situations and opportunities.

R4 – Marduk (Sumerian spirit) – Causes you to see and take action on all wealth, abundance and money related situations or opportunities that you have so that you always have something going with positive cash flow coming your way, or in the works.

R5 – Mudhib (djinn) – Destroys any previously hindering or blocks you have toward having much greater cash flow, wealth and prosperity in general, then guides you to think and attract the people and events that can lead to even greater and stronger money related breakthroughs.

R6 – Orobas (demon) – Develops your mental endurance so that you are always willing to work for what you want without losing motivation or the will to pursue your money and ever career related goals; removes the idea that you aren’t good enough, or that you simply can’t make it happen.

R7 – Achaiah (fallen angel) – Boosts your finances and puts everything on over drive as you see and act upon different money producing opportunities, especially those that can bring you long term cash flow that steadily increases over time.

R8 – Melahel (fallen angel) – Fixes your money and abundance mindset for good so that you don’t get pulled back by negative money beliefs; then attracts all the good and miraculous money luck situations that can seriously put your life into that next level financially.

Plus other spirits targeting expanded mindset shift, persistence vision and motivation – with growth and several other crucial points.

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Wealth Magick Level 3

Reserved only for those who want a truly plentiful life.

This pushes everything to the next level and beyond so that you can finally feel wealthy and true abundance and opulence in your life.

This is for those who have completed wealth magick levels 1 and 2.

If you want to greatly enhance your money life in a way that brings you into the stars and beyond – this is exactly what you need…

This is a massive series of custom rituals – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Reserved only for those who can handle some significant personal growth and mild life changes in order to live the abundant life you’ve always wanted to have.

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Osirus (Egyptian spirit) – Causes you to think in grander terms so that you can expand your situation out perfectly to accommodate perfectly higher and greater wealth.

R2 – Marluk (Greek spirit) – Delivers massive insight so that you can build and sustain far greater wealth and money flow going forward.

R3 – Shub niggurath (the Old Ones) – Guides you to avoid all money related problems so that you can enjoy boosted cash flow without future problems derailing you.

R4 – Melahel (fallen angel) – Shifts your mindset and life into high gear by removing your fears about bigger money relates projects and situations that can seriously help you.

R5 – Typhon (Greek spirit) – Removes all negativity and nastiness in your life so that your money and wealth can greatly boost and grow over time.

R6 – Plutus (Greek spirit) – Develops your understanding for how you can steadily increase and grow your money situation over time through more efficient projects and budgeting.

R7 – Gaap (demon) – Removes the idea that you can’t easily boost and sustain your wealth long term without problems derailing you; guides you to see all the easiest and best ways to increase your cash flow long term.

R8 – Baphomet – Removes all problems and issues that have previously and currently haunted your life and finances so that you can move forward without any problems whatsoever.

R9 – Yeretel (fallen angel) – Guides your daily life and habits to support far greater wealth, abundance and having a lot more money in general so that the world feels like it’s honestly and seriously supporting you getting to the next level of prosperity.

R10 – Jupiter – Ensures that you are thinking and acting in a way that supports long term abundance and success


Here are some other rituals which can help open your financial mind more gradually to greater abundance:

Life breakthrough aimed at helping you understand your money situation and life purpose more…


Expand your money mindset and life with milder money magick…


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