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Business Magick

Biz Magick is a very unique ritual series dedicated to expanding your wealth vibration to a significantly higher level. With 6 total rituals it pushes you to higher and higher levels of prosperity and success. Once the spirits have worked their magick, your life will never be the same.

This is a large custom ritual – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Please keep in mind that these rituals take about 3.5 months to complete and it tends to create a complete life overhaul in the process.

Normally these rituals can smash the hell out of your life as you push past your personal discomfort hitting new levels of achievement. To prevent too much life turbulence there is an emotional buffer that’s included to help you feel balanced emotions with a clear head. You will literally feel when the buffer activates because the life lessons will be intense, but somehow you will be in control.

A breakdown of the rituals:

R1 – Achaiah (qliphoth angel) – Enables you to see what moves you need to make in order to create or expand your business into another level.

R2 – Damebiah (angel) – Gives you greater ideas so that your new or existing business can grow in profit, revenue streams, money flow etc.

R3 – Bune (demon) – Allows more profit to flow through new or existing opportunities; opens up your life to accept more opportunities for wealth.

R4 – Iyahel (angel) – Enhances your new or existing client outreach. This might be the ideal time to start a new project, begin new marketing of services, or whatever else helps to stimulate more $$ for you.

R5 – Zagan (demon) – Gives you wealth and a good reputation as you embrace grander finances. Helps you to become perceived in the best way possible; enhances how some opportunities come into your life.

R6 – Morpheus (Greek spirit) – Transforms your life so that you are more readily able to accept wealth, and grow your current or new business into a whole new level.

Plus several other spirits targeting wealth mindset shift, business startup and growth – and a few other crucial points.

Biz Magick Level 2

This is where things get REALLY intense.

Each ritual pushes you to another level within your business / sales.

This is a big custom ritual – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

There is an emotional buffer to help you handle everything, but this is only available to those who have completed Biz Magick level 1.

This cannot be used without first using BM lvl 1 first. It’s just not a good idea at all.

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Hagith (Olympic spirit) – Increase wealth vibration immediately so you can handle the other spirits.

R2 – Lucifuge Rofocale (demon) – Gives small / medium windfalls, as well as greater deals, quality customers, and greater client outreach. Everything in the biz is enhanced.

R3 – Mimir (Greek spirit) – Enhances all current projects and gives insight to propel everything new into fruition.

R4 – Orobas (demon) – Develops current projects to launch, enhances cash flow and keeps ideas coming. Aims at long term biz development and keeping all projects in order and profitable.

R5 – Achaiah (qliphoth angel) – Enhances all business related promotions and client outreach; you just know how to market your business and get more higher quality clients, almost on autopilot.

R6 – Marduk (Sumerian spirit): Defeats competition in a way that makes your services look better (if they are equal or better – you can’t get ahead with weaker services). Guides you to make your services better so that competition and marketing is easier / more effective.

R7 – Aniel (qliphoth angel): gives you wealth through new lucrative opportunities. Generally expands your wealth with the other spirits over time.

Plus other spirits targeting expanded mindset shift, persistence vision and motivation – with growth and several other crucial points.

(all transactions can be paid through Paypal or Square cash)

Biz Magick Level 3

Reserved only for series businessmen. This is about taking everything from reasonably profitable, to greatly profitable within a very short amount of time.

This is for those who have completed wealth magick levels 1 and 2.

If you want to boost your business, make more sales, gain more customers, and generally push everything to even greater heights –  this is for you.

This is a massive custom ritual – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Reserved only for those who can handle some significant personal growth and mild life changes in order to live the abundant life you’ve always wanted to have.

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Jupiter – Enhances your wealth and money

R2 – Marluk (Greek spirit) – Wealth mindset boost, guides you to understand your current wealth and money problems – then brings you to a resolution that helps your business rise as your vision for the future enhances.

R3 – Shub niggurath (the Old Ones) – Biz / wealth / greater reputation

R4 – Melahel (qliphoth angel) – Great biz growth

R5 – Bethor (Olympic spirit) – Wealth / ideas and serendipity; causes luck and inspiration during the growth phase of your expansion

R6 – Plutus (Greek spirit) – Expanded wealth and keeping zen during troubling times

R7 – Mebahel (qliphoth angel) – Pushing yourself to new boundaries & wealth; this is the final push to reach the next level

R8 – Baphomet: Dissolves all current and past problems so that your biz can flourish long term. You get a vision for the future solidified from the other rituals. You learn how to pull in the proper staff / employees if that’s applicable. A grand vision for long term consistent cash flow is realized. You now have a strategy for long term wealth + asset creation if you want to go that direction.

Plus several other spirits who help with sustained long term growth, motivation and persistence, and far greater ability to expand client outreach + provide greater quality services and products to clients.

Biz Magick Level 4

If you are ready for something more intense, this is where the rubber meets the mountain top – and you want to go faster than your lowest great.

This is also about pushing yourself to new limits you never thought you had – and possibly getting you ready for Biz Magick level 5, which is the height of this mountain peak.

Once you have decided to dig this deep, the spirits are here to guide you.

This is a very large custom ritual – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Belphegor (Sumerian spirit) – Greatly enhances everything business and money related.

R2 – Yichuiah (qliphoth angel) – Biz momentum and long term vision so that success is sustain into the future.

R3 – Tiamat (Sumerian spirit) – Attain any desire (wealth); enables whatever it takes to get you to the next level for your business / organization.

R4 – Isis (Egyptian spirit) – Enhances everything business and wealth related; inspires you to do whatever it takes to explode your business in all the ways that matter.

R5 – Eshaliah (qliphoth angel) – Inspiration, biz growth, and grants new ideas to propel you forward with great success.

R6 – Prometheus (Greek spirit) – Grants great motivation, persistence and deep understanding of your business for long term growth; greatly improves planning for projects and wealth creation.

R7 – Nanna (Sumerian spirit) – Massively enhances wealth / reputation/ and provides deep inspiration; enables you to build creative / efficient systems that will last for decades.

R8 – Pricus (Greek spirit) – Enables deep contemplation for the long term vision of your business and life so that everything aligns with greater money flow, prosperity and happiness for you and all those around you going into the years to come.

R9 – Khnum (Egyptian spirit) – Develops your mindset and thinking so that larger problems and challenges are far easier to deal with; even the craziest situations don’t affect you so much as you are able to think deeply and clearly about whatever needs to be resolved.

Plus a number of other spirits who can expand your long term vision with greater motivation, stress handling and ability to manage many things at once – plus heightened ability to see problems before they form, and to resolve problems before they become a great headache.

Biz Magick Level 5

This is where everything is smacked into over drive and there’s no going back. You literally reach for the heavens and shake hands with the wealth gods on this one.

The price shouldn’t be a problem – if you have completed biz magick level 4 the price should not be a problem.

Reserved only for the titans and business leaders who steer entire industries.

This is a massive custom ritual – Contact me directly for pricing.

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Here is the ritual breakdown:

R1 – Ra (Egyptian spirit) – Grants the perfect business vision and guidance going forward; greatly enhances everything business related.

R2 – Lavel (qliphoth angel) – Brings far greater business momentum and understanding of what to do during challenges moments and periods.

R3 – Osiris (Egyptian spirit) – Guides you to do whatever is needed to bring you to the next level of your business, with clear actionable steps.

R4 – Astarte (Sumerian spirit)- Enhances everything business and wealth related; inspires you to do whatever it takes to explode your business in all the ways that matter.

R5 – Ninurta (Sumerian spirit) – Causes massive growth for those looking for the next level; business will be pushed to higher profits, greater customer satisfaction and a whole new world client outreach.

R6 – Yezelel (qliphoth angel) – Removes the blocks that prevent your growth, and gives you deep understanding of future problems that might come up; develops your ability to spot huge error prior to them becoming a problem, thereby saving you lots of headache later on when things get crazy.

R7 – Leviathan: The crusher; he will shift time and reality to help boost your wealth vibration over a very short amount of time. Nothing will be the same after he takes hold of your life.

R8 – Utu (Sumerian spirit) – Creates incredible momentum over time for your business and profits so that everything is stable for years to come; your personal motivation and will power is developed over this period so that you can handle more business, more clients and greater responsibilities in general.

R9 – Laviah (qliphoth angel) – Brings you to understand your business in big picture way so that you can easily plan and strategize for the future; allows you to think clearly so that you can easily deal with any problems and challenges that might come up.

R10 – Sobek (Egyptian spirit) – Enables you to bring in the best clients possible to maximize customer satisfaction and business long term.

R11 – Charon (Greek spirit) – Awakens your long term vision for business and greater profits in general so that you are always ahead with new ideas for products and services if needed; also brings you to see how you can improve your business over time through very simple and easy changes.

Plus 12+ other spirits who greatly boost your long term growth and motivation; with far greater persistence, and easier ability to connect with clients to provide much stronger relationships and services for many years to come.

Business Magick…levels 6 and beyond – occur when you are ready…and I have already had a few clients – who have reached this level and beyond – and their lives are deeply changing from extreme life changing…intense and real – energetic sorcery, and spirit based magick – that is only amplifying their lives for the long run. Business Magick is an infinite series of rituals – and there is no end point to the levels…so any customer can go upwards of level 70…or even 120, and beyond if they so desired.


If you have any ritual questions email me:

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

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If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types


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