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Sumerian God Rituals

This is a lesser known paradigm full of spirits that are very powerful.

If you know exactly what you want, order here:

1 Ritual – $1400

Several spirits work on each ritual, so you might want to aim for something a little bigger or just a bunch of smaller things that you want to achieve.

Look up which power / spirit you want HERE and be absolutely certain you want this ritual.

Sumerian Spirits & Their Powers

Working with these spirits can be very empowering, but do you have what it takes?

Only work with these spirits if you know 100% what you want without any hesitancy.

They work with the strong and empowered.

Being timorous and hesitant is not something they like, so choose wisely.


If you have any ritual questions email me:

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Join the facebook group:


If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types


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