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Egyptian God Powers

Aker – Brings massively deceptive people to be revealed in incredibly obvious and hideous ways…that literally change the lives of everyone involved – forever.

Guides your daily routine and mindset to accept better habits and routines as it relates to health and money – then shifts your actions permanently to accommodate extremely positive life change based upon physical changes that you have to think about before you understand how your life has changed.

Removes very toxic thoughts and emotions from your life – or else, guides you to understand how to do this on a more consistent basis so that you don’t end up with mental problems.

Amheh – Guides very ridiculous people and situations to…resolution, and brings you fortune and success as it relates to you working on your goals and daily achievements on a routine basis.

Brings impossible unexpected surprises and luck in ways that will bewilder and extremely delight the target.

Destroys misfortune through enhanced understanding and guides in luck through very extremely unexpected thinking that can produce…very happy situations.

Amun – Destroys your enemies in a way that reveals them to their enemies and loved ones; they cannot repair their reputations or lies after this.

Encourages lovers to embrace each other once more – allows them to be loving and compassionate with one another long term.

Removes you from your enemies attention so that they cannot easily perceive you at all, and if they do somehow detect you they are greatly cursed with fear, guilt and intense shame about anything they had planned against you.

Anhur – Causes you to see the world in a drastically…illuminated way that guides you to explore all the tools – ideas and things that could possibly help you understand who you truly are, and what you are meant to do in this human life.

Brings out more honest behavior in those you associate with so that the bad and evil people are not nearly as hidden – and you can see the more genuine side of those closest to you, far more.

Guides you to understand how simple treats and snacks can help bring you a far more fulfilling life – then shifts your mentality to embrace, insane life developments…as you look to become a stronger and better evolved human, in general.

Anubis – Creates incredibly strong persistence and assertiveness in projects where you need to get things done quickly and well.

Makes your enemies fear you in a way that prevents them from doing anything against you at all.

Enables you to see what your enemies are doing so that you can avoid them, and they are guided into a trap that destroys their lives and reputations forever.

Aten – Creates the illusion that you are someone else or simply not there so that your enemies and annoying people just don’t see you, and don’t mess with you.

Makes horrible people reveal themselves to the worst and best people in your lives so that they can no longer continue with their deceptions, evil acts, and whatever other horrors they attempt to inflict upon others.

Removes enemies from your life and destroys their ability to harm you or others through heavily strangling guilt, remorse and intense shame for their evil actions and thoughts against others.

Bastet – Enables you to see how you can make a relationship or situation better through doing things differently; gives you ideas so that a situation can be made much better.

Removes old habits and nasty things that you do or that happen around you that prevent you from living a better life. Can be used on habits, addictions, or anything else that literally degrade your quality of life long term.

Provides the proper insight so that you are never out of shape; guides you to exercise and work out in the perfect way that fits your body and allows you to be the best of yourself.

Bes – Gives you the power to manifest whatever you wish in an easier way, allowing you to reflect on your desire so that you truly pull in exactly what you want.

Allows you to see what you want to create as a vision for the future in a way that prevents any regret or seriously negative situations in the future.

Develops your ability to communicate with others in significant way so that you can remember details easier, and communicate them back easier so that your connections with others in personal life and work are greatly enhanced.

Geb – Reveals how you can best develop yourself with the tools already around you so that you can easily and smoothly avoid a mid or late life crisis; you learn how to align yourself with who you truly are.

Encourages the best of you to come out, then a moment of reflection so that you are shown your best aspects in a way that allows you to embrace and embody more of those qualities on a continual basis.

Creates the illusion in others of whatever they need to feel and detect of you so that lies and rumors that might be spreading around do not affect how you are perceived.

Hathor – Grants the perfect mixture of intellect and emotion so that you can figure out complex problems that involve people who can’t easily get along with others.

Creates the perfect plan or strategy out of the worst possible situations that don’t appear to have any easy solutions, if any way to resolve it at all.

Develops your mindset so that your insecurities are brought forward and you deal with everything such that you are made into a far stronger person, with the best of you shining through.

Hapi – Encourages deeper love in genuine love term relationships that have been wrangled by conflict and fighting.

Destroys the idea that we are weak or that our lesser attributes define us and/or hold us back; encourages us to embrace the best in ourselves.

Reveals the worst in those around us so that potential and current enemies are fully revealed and exposed to everyone around them, including their family and loved ones. They must live a completely different life after they are exposed.

Horus – Creates deep insight of your life situation so that you know where to go; enables you to see that your future can be far better than the past, as long as you make the right moves which you are guided to do.

Develops your skills in any craft or industry so that can you can gradually develop proficiency and mastery in that subject.

Allows you to see truthfully and deeply into the situations of others so that you can act wisely and accurately to create the best result out of everything; you are guided to make the best of the situation.

Imhotep – Empowers your actions and mindset so that you are greatly persistent and aggressive, but still peaceable and kind to others as you strive to achieve your goals.

Develops your ambition and understanding of your goal so that you gain much deeper insight into achieving your goal or concluding a project much faster.

Allows you to feel into the needs and wants of others so that their desires are clear to you so that you can form a mutually benefiting relationship long term (they become genuine friends).

Isis – Grants deep insight so that you can increase your income and/or profit within a business; guides you to develop your overall income over time so that you have far stronger cash flow.

Develops your financial IQ so that you stop making foolish money decision and enhances your spending so that you are flourishing financially.

Allows you to fully understand your debts so that you can reduce and remove all of it over time; enables you to see the fastest and easiest way to make your finances stronger through debt removal.

Khepri – Gives you keen insight into any situation so that you know whether or not it can benefit you; allows you to avoid situations that don’t serve you, and brings you knowledge of people and events that can better help you.

Develops your mental acuity and memory over time so that you have far less brain fog and slow moments in general.

Grants deep will power in situations of great strain and discomfort so that you can withstand your challenges and get through them gracefully and stronger than you were before.

Khnum – Improves your knowledge of school related topics and ways to study so that you are never caught off guard by difficult subjects or problems.

Greatly enhances your ability to study so that you can learn with ease and become far more proficient in topics are aren’t so good in.

Develops your expertise in subjects and topics are already proficient in so that you can gain mastery through practice and study.

Maat – Shifts your life into over drive in a way that everything accelerates and you achieve your goals much faster; develops your long term vision far more so that everything just becomes a lot better.

Removes pestering people and annoyances in your life, in whatever form that they take, so that the future can be a lot more peaceful and in harmony.

Creates smoother challenges for you so that life doesn’t feel so weird during difficult periods; you are able to navigate situations with clarity so that things don’t feel overwhelming.

Nekhbet – Enhances life in very…small but extremely meaningful ways, that you might not have ever expected.

Destroys negative rumors among those who can easily speak out unjustifiably against others.

Greatly damages enemies in a very extreme way, such that their damage is greatly known – and helps create lessons of severe magnitude for others involved.

Nephthys – Removes and reduces bad luck cycles in a way that allows you to understand why they happen and grants you understanding of how to make them less intense in the future.

Allows you to understand how to enhance your lucky periods so that you can extend them much further out through life lessons that brings you far smaller bad luck periods.

Grants you far greater insight and understanding of your bad luck periods in a way that they feel far less rough and you experience less rough emotions and far stronger insight so that your future bad luck periods don’t occur so often.

Nun – Destroys the disloyal and untrustworthy around you so that you can live a life completely free of people who can and likely will betray you.

Removes the negative thoughts in your mind and gives you insight on why you had them in the first place so that they are prevented from coming back.

Enables you to think clearly and wisely about big situations and problems so that you can resolve them quickly.

Nut – Destroys the feeling of being unfulfilled and guides you to projects and hobbies…and even full life breakthroughs – that can better open your mind and general life up…to where you truly need to be.

Removes the mental blocks that prevent you from seeing an idea or…situation, or thing – for what it truly is.

Guides very successful ideas and brings you to actualize those plans and ideas – in a very powerful and incredibly direct way that brings you great personal fulfillment and extreme life lessons.

Osiris – Removes any confusion for any financial situation so that you are completely informed about what you are doing and have the greatest wisdom on your topic going forward.

Develops your understanding of financial matters in a way that makes you perfectly knowledgeable about everything you need to know so that you can get the most out of your money and the situation in general (great for investments).

Guides you to develop your personal budget and income in general so that everything is optimized and your foolish spending is reduced to nothing.

Ptah – Allows you to be seen as a leader in your group or project so that others respect you and respond to you positively; guides everyone to finish everything quickly and with the best effort.

Reveals hidden details in a situation so that you can easily understand things that are purposefully kept private which could be helpful in general.

Removes the feeling of being unwanted when you are in a group or around people who love and care for you.

Qetesh – Removes unwanted attention and very bad people from your immediate environment and life.

Destroys very hectic and chaotic people as they try to mess with others unjustifiably.

Guides you to understand how others are so that you can relate to them better.

Ra – Removes the feeling of inadequacy and not being good enough in your life so that you can plow ahead with full steam to achieve your goals.

Allows you to understand exactly what you need to do in order to develop greater cash flow and thereby prosperity long term in your life.

Removes unwanted people and enemies from your life in a very peaceful way for you, but potentially embarrassing and revealing way to them; they are removed aggressively in proportion to the damage they have cause you or those close to you.

Seker – Mentally destroys enemies in a very chaotic way…that helps others who are similarly evil and bad – get ruined and devastated in their own very extreme ways.

Brings very impossible life developments out of no where that can cause a very unexpected life breakthrough, for us.

Guides those who are confused to understand life in a very deep way – that brings them to a more satisfying mentality and way to live their lives in general.

Sekhmet – Enables lovers to experience far deeper physical love so that sex is greatly enhanced.

Develops the passion between committed lovers so that even outside strain and challenges cannot tear them apart.

Allows for deep understanding in any relationship so that peace and harmony can reign long term.

Serket – Drastically improves our understanding of others in very powerful and subtle ways that we might never have thought of…without guidance.

Creates impossible life resolve and solutions out of very stuck and impossible situations that literally might not normally have an easy fix or solution.

Set – Destroys and demolishes the lives of your worst enemies so that they cannot recover very easily, if at all.

Causes those who hate you and wish ill will unto you to see the best in you so that you are free of their attention completely.

Enables those who plan with evil intent against you to be torn apart and destroyed in their attempts; then completely disabled from harming you or anyone remotely connected to you ever again.

Shu – Helps to resolve love conflict as it relates to love and romantic relationships – then guides all people involved into a long term resolution.

Brings incredible resolve and passion back into very stale relationships…that are currently experiencing great problems and incredible strife.

Guides family members and anyone else in conflict – to feel and experience compassion in such a way that resolve and peace is felt in a very extremely deep way.

Sobek – Allows you to create the biggest impact to anything you are involved in so that are you better able to help yourself and others in a big way that shows the best of you to all involved.

Brings you to see that everything is perfectly fine – even in the middle of choas – and shows that you the truth that everything will be better than before – as guided by this spirit.

Causes you to see and feel if situations will turn out well or not so that you are able to remove yourself and/or just do other stuff that actually helps you.

Tawaret – Causes those around you to feel loved and compassionate so that they open up and respond positively to those around them.

Develops the feeling of love between friends so that everyone can just be peaceful and get along long term.

Allows those who are tense and irate to become relaxed and calm after a very frustrating and stressful period.

Tefnut – Enhances your personal endurance for physical activities and exercise so that you can push harder and achieve more within your personal fitness.

Guides your breathing so that your cardiovascular health is a lot better and stronger.

Brings you greater power and strength during lifting and muscle training exercises so that you are brought to greater fitness levels faster, with more effective exercises.

Thoth – Grants deep life insight so that you can unstick yourself from just idleness and huge life ruts that don’t make any sense; guides you to explore your truth life path in the best way possible.

Enables you to develop a strong vision for the future that doesn’t die away, and allows you to pursue that vision with full force and effort.

Destroys negative feelings within you so that can you plow through your challenges with ease and confidence; enables you to pull lessons from the negative moments in your life so that you can properly learn from them.

Wosret – Create impossible solutions out of very draining and mentally challenging situations.

Destroys emotional tension and mental confusion during times of increased mental stress and frustration.

Develops your mental grit and endurance when you come across very extreme situations of – mental and emotional difficulty…then guides you to resolve everything through persistence.


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