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Djinn Powers

1. Mahamas –

Enables deep understanding of enemies to overcome them in battle. 

Creates deep personal comfort and understanding during chaos and conflict. 

Makes others see the truth even when they are behind a sea of lies. 

Causes general duress / distress and in targets resulting in discomfort and pain.

Creates shock from past lessons that aren’t learned; makes enemies feel a very intense moment of realization that they have messed up.

Creates understanding in enemies that harming you will cause them great lasting pain.

Baneful: Enemies receive small painful emotional sensation that gives a lasting lesson in relation to their harm to the victim. 

2. Muhnis – 

Understanding of your environment to stop any potential enemies as they come around. 

Gives deeper intuition for evil thoughts that might be projected at you from others. 

Make those in power see your truth. This causes them to like to due to your natural essence; who you are. 

Enables those who are lost on a project, in life in general or confused about something big or important to receive the needed information and knowledge that they require.

Baneful: Enemies are pushed into a nasty period of intense emotions of past problems that they need to deal with, then realize how nastily evil they are.

3. Naqik –

Peace and serenity dominate your work and personal life as you gain insight into why others might want to harm or speak against you; guides you to remove them from your life or resolve whatever conflict they have with you.

To obtain wisdom and perception regarding a matter that confounds you. 

Boosts your wealth, fame and success as it pertains to business, or whatever other money getting activities you have going.

Baneful: Grants your enemies hideous nightmares that follow them into the day with horrible visions of their past evil acts.

Enemies feel deep frustration that life isn’t working out somehow, even if everything feels fine. Causes them to self reflect and understand how badly they messed up. 

Targets enemies and causes them conflict in their relationships that lingers into personal problems. Friends dig into their lives in ways that annoy them. 

4. Mahid –

Understand the difference between right and wrong in very confusing situations that likely involve enemies you don’t see. 

Removes your misunderstand with and about others so that they can see what you mean, and you know how they misunderstood you.

Prevent financial mistakes and misunderstandings in a way that causes others to deal with you most honestly and accurately when it comes to money; guides your own finances to be more accurate and obvious.

Baneful: Enemies are forced to reflect on their conflicts and sins in a way that causes them to apologize to the victims genuinely. 

Enemies are made nicer in a way that forces them to self reflect on conflicts / sins thereby leading them to apologize. 

5. Jadbah –

Causes extreme fortune or luck in random situations that appears to be miraculous. Tends to be life changing and earth shattering to all involved. 

Causes us to experience serendipity (general luck) in small ways that can easily brighten any day.  

To attract situations and people that enhance your life and help bring you closer to your goals. 

Releases negative emotions within you so that you can move on from pressing current issues that you aren’t even really connected with.

Baneful: Causes enemies random feelings of doubt that destroys self confidence and evil plans. 

To cause enemies to become distracted or just not notice you in general.  

6. Quell –

Baneful: Destroys a large enemy by removing their sense of self and creating massive self doubt. 

Destroys a group of enemies (2 or more) by getting them to attack each other, thereby destroying their plans to harm the victim. 

Causes massive doubt in a group of enemies so they mistrust each other and fall victim to their own lies and manipulation. 

Causes a group leader to have fright toward a victim so that he completely reneges any plans against the victim. 

To attack lies and mistruth with understanding such that the liars become revealed and destroyed in reputation and experience great life reflection that leads to torment. 

7. Alghul – 

Guides those who love cats, and dogs to a lesser extent (loves both). Helps them during emotional times and keeps them healthy if needed. 

Helps greenery and gardens grow plentifully. 

Encourages action where there is prolonged idleness. 

Encourages parents to become better guardians for their children.

Remember the past for present clarity + understand what lessons past situations had for us. 

Understand parents such that conflict is far less likely. 

Baneful: Ruins the reputations of enemies and thieves. Carries them to the path that leads to total life destruction where it is visible to all. 

8. Sahiz –

Deep vision of the future comes and how to accomplish our goals while avoiding our enemies. Strategy comes from this vision. 

To bring awareness of what may come, in relation to a specific person or situation.

To increase understanding of those who have mental / physical disabilities so that misunderstanding and confusion is impossible. 

To remove belittling remarks in the work place such that conflict cannot arise. Problems can still be caused in other ways. 

Baneful: Causes enemies to feel strong horrible emotions when they come close to or are around a target – then brings them into a period of great internal suffering.

9. Al-nelmud –

Regulates all projects of deep desire, guiding you to more efficient and faster development.

Guides us to discover what we really truly want out of this life, and brings us to pursue those things with great persistence.

Drives those who are unmotivated to seek out their goals with great passion.

Baneful: The wicked are forced to reveal their sins in terrible ways to others, thereby exposing how wicked they are in general – then they are guided to feel incredibly negative emotions from their evil acts.

10. Madyan –

Gives wisdom and insight related to a subject or topic. 

Creates understanding of an industry or subject that can help the career of a target. 

Creates connections in the career of a target so they can ascend faster with promotions. 

Enables a stronger and better relationship with managers so that promotions and better work environment is possible. 

Give understanding to those who are very confused about a situation that concerns them in whatever way. 

Baneful: Evil people are destroyed completely, leaving them without the feeling of personal security and life purpose, then pushes them through a hideous period of personal distortion and damnation where they feel they are the worst people on the planet.

11. Latush –

Causes one to speak  perfectly and succinctly for enhanced communication.

Understanding of the respiratory tract so that you can manage your body more efficiently during exercise and straining activities. 

Gives insight during exercise that can literally feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Provides more efficient breathing during intense exercise. 

Gives understanding of the proper diet when doing more intense workouts. 

To cause a breakthrough when you have worked on a project for a long time.

To obtain insights and intuition regarding something deliberately made secret by others.

Baneful: Confuses enemies so that they cannot easily come into contact with us or hurt us.

12. Alsudat –

Understand the perfect diet to have during pregnancy.

Understand how to create the perfect diet for the baby / child after pregnancy.

Enables deep understanding of caring for a child during their toddler and infancy years.

Baneful: To make a person feel guilty for their wickedness.

Causes a person to feel incredible fear and shame for their past actions…then reveals them for their horrible actions to others in a very painful and embarrassing way.

13. Alquah –

Reveals the truth of a situation in its entirety. 

Reveals the liars among our friends and social circles (can reveal any truth among those we associate with).

Reveals deception in others even if it doesn’t apply to us. 

Shifts our perception of finances to be more truthful and realistic if we are living a lie with our money. 

Opens our minds to greater wealth if we pursue business and general money related activities. 

See the future through visions. 

Generates project motivation. Get into a habit of focusing on what needs to be done to complete everything on time.

To cause rapid growth in a business or organization in which you are an established leader.

Baneful: Causes the target to feel great fright that lingers until they resolve their conflicts with the victim.

14. Dahash –

Baneful: Attacks enemies with darkness that eats at their minds. Gives them visions of weird things such as loss of sight and the loss of limbs. 

Causes enemies to build an ineffective battle plan that literally reveals their actions immediately to their worst enemy who uses the plan against them to ruin and destroy them. 

Creates the illusion of wealth immediately in an arrogant enemy who then spends all their money leaving them with terrible and lasting problems. Can cause long term ruin. 

Smashes lies of enemies by causing their families and friends to reveal the truth about them publically. 

Entices weak men to expose their weaknesses to their spouses so they can work on their issues mutually. 

Causes emotionally and mentally weak women to know and understand that they are attractive in all the ways that matter to them; likewise with men who have low self esteem. 

15. Nahazi –

Attacks infidelity in men and women with a horrible revealing of the truth to all who matter most in their life. Loss of reputation is likely, as well as family / friends. 

Creates hideous visions of the death in the enemy where they feel compelled to leave their victim alone. 

Encourages genuine feelings of love to stir in a dry relationship. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, both partners will feel compelled to enliven the relationship again. 

Encourages long term friends to reconcile conflict through creative means. They find common ground on matters that wouldn’t normally consider. 

Understand the nature of conflict as it relates to your friends and family. You then indirectly help them resolve it through projections and discussion. 

Baneful: Attacks infidelity in men and women with a horrible revealing of the truth to all who matter most in their life. Loss of reputation is likely, as well as family and friends. 

16. Aldabah –

To develop a personal ability to a previously unattainable level. This applies to mental, creative and physical skills, including crafts and technical work. 

Opens us up to whatever creative outlet we have that can best illuminate our talents. 

Opens up your sexual and sensual side to enhance your relationship at the best time. 

Removes old ideas within you that hold you back from achieving your goals. 

Develops your sense of wit so that you understand and create better social conversations and  jokes. 

To bring insight into how your ambitions can progress most efficiently. 

To help you develop and hone the skills required for your ambition.

Baneful: Creates the painful illusion of success and happiness that our enemies see so they are compelled into regret about hurting us in the past. 

17. Halmushrif –

Kills the bully tendency in those who are driven by ego. 

Enhances business, money in general, and possible projects that might relate to wealth. Can be applied to business if needed.

Enables one to feel serenity as it relates to our evolution / growth. 

To give clarity and emotional resilience in the face of a major life change. To heal the emotions and give you a restart. 

Cause a project or venture to become very popular consistently over time. It is a gradual boost that lasts over time as more people hear about you, feel that you are something worth their time.

Drastically improve the popularity of a project & get more people to join in.

Let’s us feel calm happiness in the face of adversity. 

Pushes our comfort levels to greater limits to enable significant growth in a short period (can be used continually for massive growth if applicable).

Remove writers block in all forms so that creative genius can freely flow. Enhances fiction and writing generally in all forms. 

Baneful: Causes extreme lingering fear in enemies until they leave us completely. 

18. Mudhib-

Grants powerful insight regarding money, finances and wealth.

Causes powerful ideas and inspiration to those who have worked hard for a long time, and guides them to actualize their life destiny.

Increases our understanding of a project and magnifies our internal motivation so that everything is completely on track to conclude successfully.

Baneful: Creates a nasty illusion that your enemies feel and see that their lives will get destroyed if they continue to damage and hurt others, including yourself.

19. Alhaya – 

Causes couples deep understanding of each other such that they develop a beautifully deep relationship. 

Gives deep orgasms to women and men that greatly enhances their sex lives. 

Gives inspiration for men and women on how to please their lovers in the best way. 

Attracts your soulmate in a way that gets them to you faster. Gives you both equal lessons along the way.

Inspires insight at random moments that can enhance a committed romantic relationship in significant ways. Always happens in ways you don’t think about. 

Baneful: Causes unethical couples to have incredible conflicts that lets them both know that they aren’t meant to be together. They are likely to break up in a horrible way thereafter. 

Creates hideous visions and emotions in very unethical people so that everything in their lives feels wrong and completely off track somehow, then brings them very roughly through a mid life crisis.

20. Aliah –

To cause those who are close to us to understand our situation and needs without saying a word.

To bring understanding through basic discourse. Using minimal words, everyone just understands. 

Creates visions for friends and family to understand us perfectly for any given situation. 

To bring understanding where your thought has been clouded or unclear. 

To cause breakthroughs in areas of research, design and science.

To understand yourself through academic projects you have or have had in the past. 

Can be through abstract subjects or practical stuff. 

Baneful: Causes enemies horrible visions based upon past wrongs and damage against others. Gives the sensation of ants crawling all over the body, inside and out.

21. Bohar –

To feel into a situation and to understand its significance in your life. 

To raise your intuition to understand your finances in a way you never thought about before (increases overall understanding).

To understand a friendly situation such that no romantic misunderstandings can take place. 

To resolve a mistaken romantic situation so that no feelings are hurt when you end it. 

Creates resolve between partners when others outside the relationship influence conflict of any magnitude. Understanding comes through insight and conversation which is compelled to happen. 

To sense the future of a relationship.

To sense the future of a romantic relationship. 

To create understanding in others in terms of karmic lessons and curses they might have on them. 

To make a situation understandable to others without saying anything to them. Lessons are imparted through projects from others around them. 

Baneful: Causes unethical people (enemies) to have their personal lives ruined in a tragic way that results in them understanding their past wrongs deeply and drives them into a very dark life of self hate and disgust.

22. Alzubdah –

Gives men the understanding of their wives through pregnancy developing a very close bond to them.

Gives women a very clear idea of how to manage themselves during pregnancy that avoids outside influence that would otherwise cause them distress. 

Gives lovers full understanding of how to please their partners sexually and all other ways that matter.  

To give you the power to be seen in a good light when your reputation has been damaged. 

Baneful: Attacks enemies by preventing their happiness in dark actions; they are guided to see how horrible they have been and stop their negative acts through a horrible period of massive terrifying realizations.

23. Alquohah –

Encourages business success through wise decisions. All bad connections fall away almost overnight. 

Encourages growth of profit for businesses through intelligent management. 

Attracts quality customers that prevent future problems with customers. 

Gives perfect guidance to those who are even remotely confused. 

Guides those who know what they want, but not how to get it – to understand how to act to receive whatever they desire.

Guides children in school to understand what they need and want at the perfect time. This can apply to what to study and what career and life path is perfect for them.

To transform the energy from curses and transmute it into success, wealth and prosperity in ways we need and want. Generally happens very creatively and randomly, but in all the ways we desire. 

Baneful: Causes enemies to feel as if horrible situations and possibly injury might come if they continue acting bad and negatively against others.

24. Alsisan –

To create emotional serenity when a great life shift happens. This applies to finding life changing news that must be properly assimilated. 

Eases the impact of intense situations so that we can assimilate them easier. Finds serenity and happiness in chaos. 

Creates a safe barrier between you and those you have conflict with. Eases the conflict without any words. 

Creates a protective barrier between you and your enemies so no conflict can arise. 

Baneful: Creates devastating lessons for enemies who lie continually. Life destruction ensues for those who cannot atone for their sins. 

Creates hell on earth for compulsive liars. They are separated from those they love and made to live in ruin. 

Establishes a hell like existence for those who help and aid liars. If they perpetuate a lie that should have died a long time ago, they will have a similar existence. 

To create emotional duress in those who make up small lies to cover up something big. They realize that their lies won’t do anything, and they are compelled to reveal everything to a friend. 

25. Qelnematah –

Creates beauty out of chaos and insanity. Produces amazing outcomes out of whatever complication arose initially. 

Establishes beautiful situations that get born out of craziness. Makes all involved grow and evolve in the best possible way. 

Makes very bad situations good and proper. All lessons are learned in a very systematic if not random and chaotically. 

Creates lessons out of chaos and horrendous situations. If the situation is horrible, you will understand why and how to transcend whatever happened. 

Pulls the best people to you so that you can endure insane hardship in whatever form it takes. 

Eases all emotional crap from any difficult situation so that you can endure things in the best way possible. 

Baneful: Removes and destroys hurtful people and bullies who tend to make life a living hell for you.

26. Fahyan –

Creates great motivation during a harsh project that appears to stretch our limits. Gives us insight into why we thought it was impossible. If it is truly impossible, we are given insight to get around the project. 

Develop a sense of self reassurance that you can rely on long term to get past intense challenges. 

Creates money out of random small projects we wouldn’t normally get money from. 

Gives motivation to children who do not want to work on projects that matter a lot to their long term development. 

Attacks and destroys unjustified regret and reveals the true cause of the feeling or problem. Reduces guilt, shame and fear. 

Creates understanding in men so they don’t have conflict with their spouses over money as it relates to guilt, shame and fear. 

Baneful: Removes the people in our lives that attempt to hurt us mentally and emotionally then shifts out all of their potential damage to us to destroy themselves instead.

27. Murrah

Enables protections against enemies, and insight on making life better.

Causes the weak and timid to gain confidence so that they can do exactly what they want and need to do without hesitation or delay.

Baneful: Eradicates enemies through a series of very nasty accidents and situations that destroys their lives in the ways that most hurt.

28. Alruah –

Give truth of a situation to yourself or others. Can be small or big truth; whatever corrects the situation completely.

To understand the dead and dead bodies with great precision. Great for doctors, morticians, embalmers, and any others with great interest in bodies that have no spirit. 

Gives great anatomical knowledge to those who seek the truth of the body. 

Gives understanding of math and science as it relates to the human.  

Understand the low moments in your life in terms of emotions and what they meant for your present life and future. 

Connects us to serenity and happiness as it relates to life lessons so they are better assimilated. This applies to tougher life lessons that are not easy for us to deal with. 

Baneful: Causes extreme melancholy and obsession with the dead (or some other deathly related subject) until the victim is completely confused and lost within their lives.  

29. Alqarsa –

To empower you to make wise decisions, especially in areas of finance.

Empower projects aimed at prosperity. 

To understand wealth through the problems of others. Where they struggle or fail, you understand and prosper. 

Creates long term understanding of how projects will manifest with clear knowledge of how to develop them with actionable steps. 

Keeps all problematic customers away so they cannot influence your biz. 

Ensures you only select quality employees and managers so that everything runs well. 

Ensures proper connections are made so that the biz can grow very rapidly depending on your situation. 

Baneful: Destroys the mental clarity and minds of enemies so that they are completely cut off from their personal and intimate lives, then drives them into severe frustration about their life purpose and finding greater meaning in anything.

30. Ruumnah

To transform your current mood or way of thinking to one of your choice.

Transform your money situation to whatever you desire. Just think it and it becomes reality. 

Understand the finances of others and give them perfect guidance. 

Attract prosperity and success for certain projects. Applies to businesses and anything that requires success through money. 

Can create massive success for any project that lasts long term and will exponentially increase then taper off with consistent growth. 

Attract money for certain objects that you desire or need. This can apply to anything that you are unsure about how to pay for. 

Baneful: Forces those who are unethical in the work place or business to lose their minds and possibly their money through very foolish and wicked decisions that ends up destroying their lives.

31. Alekhnamen

Creates understanding of mystical texts. Also attracts them to you if the information is significant to your life. 

Enhances understanding of current reading. Attracts all relevant books that can help with your life path. 

Attracts books relevant to your industry so you can become a master through study and practice. 

Guides you to books that perfectly fit what you’re looking for and need at any one moment. 

Attracts friends who enjoy similar books so you can compare and contrast viewpoints. 

Attracts teachers and experts if needed to learn a subject to proficiency. 

Reveals which books that we already own are best for our current needs. If we already own the book we need, it is revealed to us through immediate insight. 

Understand and transcend influence and manipulations as they relate to your life path and spiritual journey. You will know who, what, where and why then be able to resolve any conflict gracefully. 

Baneful: Attacks enemies by causing them to be stripped of reason, understanding and comprehension.

32. Habshahesh

Causes animals to obey and be more obedient. Understand their masters / owners better. 

Gives understanding of the best diet for an animal. 

Gives understanding of the best exercise for animals. 

Can attract the best animal to you through serendipity / luck (best deal, or get free via karma). 

To make others respect you and your ideas. 

To make those in your presence feel a sense of awe.

To project a sense of authority and power to those in your presence. This develops a reputation of power and control that people will feel and respect. 

Baneful: Causes enemies odd sensation in their bodies, simulates that bad people are coming to attack them, then they receive intense visions which terrify them and leave them helpless.

33. Latif

Inspiration for personal insight and knowledge

Understanding of our careers as it relates to our personal life and anything else that can guide us to a stronger and better life.  

Baneful: Removes the mental stability and positive emotions in our enemies such that their lives are thrown into severe ruin.

34. Smahel

Reveals the truth of the situation to all who are present. 

Helps you feel into a situation with intuition. 

Removes self doubt and doubt of a situation / life event. 

Baneful: Cripples enemies into a self delusion of fright. 

Destroys the mind of the hateful through remorse and guilt. 

Destroys enemy reputations if they are even remotely fucking with us (evil intent held against us).

Removes enemies from our lives in very creative ways. 

Destroys groups that try to mess with our lives (can level a business or corporation if they are truly bad / evil).

35. Bekasmin

Brings up painful memories in enemies that yield great but forgotten lessons. 

Think deeply and clearly about any subject to yield great lessons.

Understand languages with deeper clarity. 

Understand your sexual desires perfectly so that you have no personal confusion in your relationships.

Give help to others who need it most. Great if there are a number of people who ask, but you know some are somehow unworthy. 

To become the best of any skill or trade that you can possibly be. Unleash the best of yourself in all ways that matter most.

Understand which books and resources are best to get us to where we want to be about any subject. 

Baneful: Causes those who are arrogant and proud who act against you to be completely destroyed and ruined with their own self image, then conflicted with how they life their lives – leads to massive life crisis.

36. Al Ahmar

Causes those who are unwell to recover faster, and guides those who are worthy into greater health.

Enables those who want to understand a subject or topic better to find all relevant information as quickly as possible – thereby giving them all they require and need, plus much more.

Causes those who are of ill intent to make life threatening errors in their own lives so that they harm no one but themselves.

Baneful: Brings incredible pain and suffering to those who have wronged you more than one time, then drives them to reveal themselves for their ill intent to the worst people in their lives.

37. Tahlyaba

Creates incredibly intense lucid dreams that give great lessons. 

Removes all negative emotions and replaces them with a sense of peace, happiness, serenity, and the feeling that everything will work out fine. 

Remove lingering negative past beliefs that hold us back. Gives us lessons from the past wherever applicable.

Give others the truth to others and yourself through visions.

Removes bitterness and hatred within you or those close to you if that prevents them from moving on from the past. 

Baneful: Guides your enemies and groups of people against you to reveal themselves to the most important people in their lives then causes life destruction as their minds and personal lives quickly fall into ruin and mayhem.

38. Sefyre

To remove fears and doubts regarding your potential, to give true insight into what you are capable of achieving.

Builds our confidence as we move around within areas that don’t feel very well and that might reduce our abilities as we work within them or pass through them.

Baneful :Attacks enemies by causing them to feel emotionally unbalanced, creating both melancholy and great sadness. 

Creates fear in enemies that we will possibly know their deepest darkest secrets if they attack us or anyone close to us. 

Gives understanding to enemies that they should not attack us due to our unknown strengths that can destroy them.

Creates a false intimidating vision to enemies that attacking you would be the worst decision they made. Causes them to avoid you.

Increases fear in potential enemies that you should not be messed with. Any fear they have will be amplified when they think of you. 

Removes fear implanted into us (projections) that we should or do fear or enemies. This includes groups and single enemies. 

39. Hamudi –

Encourages men to open their hearts to their partners in a way that reveals their true desires. Must be a genuine relationship.

Enables a woman to open her heart up to a man in a way that he perfectly understands her true desires. 

Enhances a marriage such that both partners understand their needs independently. They then share their insight through discussion creating a very firm long term bond. 

Creates understanding in child so they understand their parents wishes better. 

To provide you with insight into simple, practical solutions you can apply to complex problems & give any additional guidance if needed. 

Baneful: Removes harsh and horribly damaging enemies from your surroundings and thereby your life as they experience very deep emotional and physical turmoil from their evil acts they have inflicted upon innocent others.

40. Alfenis –

Helps with sleep; causes you to remove whatever is causing sleeplessness during the night hours. 

Causes understanding of our sleep patterns, especially if they are irregular. 

Creates smoother sleep that can result in pleasant dreams. 

Causes one to get sleepier faster if they need. 

Leads us to items and information that can help our sleep. 

Leads both partners in a long term relationship to feel more than enough energy before sleep for sex. 

Baneful: Causes very sinister and cruel people to find flaws within their personality and life that forces them through a very long and painful life meltdown and mental disaster where others are forced to react negatively to them.

41. Hurta –

Gives positive ideas and emotions when needed. 

Aids children with self image and seeing the good in their talents. 

Understanding of plants and herbs in the sense that they aid our health and diet / metabolism. 

Remove misconceptions about herbs and plants so that your garden can flourish. This can apply to any number of plants. 

Creates inspirational garden ideas so that you can be very loving to your plants and they will reciprocate with amazing energy. 

Leads you to all the plants that you most resonate with. 

Leads you to all the plants that you can eat that you most resonate with. 

Baneful: Destroys and removes very bad people from our lives who we cannot tolerate and be around, then guides them to bother other severely unethical people so that they can experience conflict in all the worst ways.

42. Alrahiah –

To help you achieve full arousal and orgasm.

To gain full arousal even when a lot of chaotic and stressful events surround your life. Also works when your life is incredibly stressful. 

To understand others intimately so you can give the guidance indirectly.

Create understanding in your spouse that initiates new sex ideas that can spice up your sex life. 

To gain insight into the sexual desires of your partner, creating a deep understanding of each others sexuality mutually. 

Baneful: Brings great personal dysfunction and emotional pain to those who have greatly wronged you, then causes them to fight with others who they see as mortal enemies.

43. Alduhban –

Brings creative projects to safe development without confusion, then guides everything to whatever higher level of achievement that needs to happen.

Guides those who are very confused to see how to resolve their situations without any problems or issues.

Baneful: Reveals the nasty and horrendous people for their present and past actions, then guides those who can best deal with them into their lives or situations so that they are torn apart in a very spectacular and obvious way.

44. Alkhataf –

Attacks the target causing vomiting, fainting and rapid breathing (where they also hear whispers) and emotional distress. 

Gives targets great self doubt so they act foolishly causing them to lose friends and loved ones forcing isolation. 

Gives wisdom to those who wish to act / think less foolishly.

Gives understanding of our foolish actions in the past. 

Creates wisdom from foolish thinking; we reflect on the past and understand why we did what we did.

Makes us wiser as we reflect on the foolish thinking of others and reflect on it. 

Creates wisdom in others as they are compelled to reflect on their foolish thinking / choices. 

Aid with understanding of teleportation; how to do it / master it. 

45. Barqan

Delivers great mental and mind expansion and insights so that you understand yourself spiritually, with greater knowledge of your life purpose.

Understand lingering past problems in a way that guides you into releasing whatever mental and emotional problems hold you back from moving forward.

Baneful: Guides whole groups of your enemies to into a very rough mental and emotional crisis where they don’t understand their lives and life purpose, then shifts their perception to have conflict with everyone around them for an incredibly intense and aggressive period of life destruction.

46. Yan-meldem –

Baneful: Makes enemies misunderstand each others intention, thereby betraying each other. 

Compels understanding of enemies so that the target can out maneuver them whenever they are near. 

Creates tension within the enemy so that they can self reflect and understand themselves through deep lessons. 

Creates madness in the enemies of enemies so that fear, guilt and shame are created and they resolve their issues through pain. 

To understand your enemy in terms of their family and friends. This gives you perfect understanding of your enemy in a unique way. 

47. Alzusah – 

Perfect wisdom and insight into a past situation to yield lessons. 

Understanding of friends and family so conflict can be perfectly resolved. 

Gives parents understanding of their children to resolve conflict and prevent major future problems. 

Gives deep understanding of past conflict.

Understand the needs and emotions of others.

Baneful: To cause your enemies to act very foolishly around others close to them to the point that they are cause in prolonged conflict and no one likes or respects them anymore.

48. Alnabah –

Reveals the evil in our relationships. Applies to everyone with evil acts or intentions that are around us. We have the perfect insight to resolve it. 

Gives clear communication in social situations where it matters. Enables you to know who to talk to and when to gain valuable connections. 

Baneful: Causes accidents and mental confusion then anguish and agony to those who have acted against you in very obviously unethical ways, then brings them into a very nasty period of physical and emotional torment.

49. Almul –

Bring wisdom and clarity to situations that give you great stress. 

Enables perfect understanding of a past situation (even a past life) where a great challenge left us confused. 

Gives perfect clarity of thought when we need to contemplate a personal problem deeply.

Gives great understanding when a relationship feels like it’s falling apart. You realize what is happening and why. 

To enable favorable decisions in financial matters.  

To bring fortune to a project that is close to your heart, at an important time of change.

Baneful: Brings confusion and great frustration to enemies who think they can wrong us more than once, then destroys their personal life so that nothing makes sense anymore.

50. Alwiswas –

Causes very particular insight to come to us when it is most useful

Brings very incredible pain to enemies who have acted long term to thwart our efforts

Forces very odd situations to resolve themselves

Annihilates situations or events that need to be brought to a swift end or conclusion

Makes our lives luckier and stronger for periods where we could use success and luck

Guides very useful thinking and lucky situations into our lives

Baneful: Causes our enemies to think of very horrifying life moments, then brings them into an unexpected sequence of very intense life disasters that permanently destroys them. This will cause long term damage to them.

51. Alasghar –

To discover a new method or technique that can improve a situation or endeavor. 

To make one’s creative work more financially attractive to others.

To create money out of nothing. Especially effective for business deals and personal serendipity. 

Enables situations where there is no perceptible money source to produce money. 

Find new methods or techniques in your business that enhance your systems. Produces more efficient / effective ways to do the same things. 

To understand a problem in a perfect way that enables others to understand similarly, erasing conflict and misunderstanding. 

Creates perfect situations in which people who were previously conflicted can now get along and flourish. 

Baneful: Removes evil and unethical people from your life in a way that is very horrific and embarrassing for them and all other wicked people involved in that situation.

52. Alhamqa – 

Gives great insight regarding a very important topic or matter that needs to be resolved almost immediately.

Allows long term relationships that are loving to be free from serious conflict and arguments.

Compels the truth from liars when the situation affects many people.

Baneful: Destroys liars in such a way that causes them to have their lives and reputations ruined in totality.

53. Hasen – 

To understand a problem within a larger context – and to see what is significant and what can be ignored, in a current situation.

To create ease in others so they do not feel uncomfortable discussing ideas and positive conflict with you.

To erase misunderstanding in others so they see a problem in a larger context.

To enable a couple to understand each other in a problematic context that resolves itself almost instantly.

Baneful: Causes enemies to have conflict with their own foes and those they don’t like, then brings them into sustained and prolonged heated disagreement until lives are ruined and the evil people are completely destroyed.

54. Shamhurish

Grants help as it relates to love, passion, relationships and friendships.

Brings harmony to strained situations, even if there has been conflict lingering for years.

Causes those who are unwell and gain insight on how to get better much faster.

Baneful: Reduces the impact of greatly unethical people who act against you, then brings them into a great period of unrest and emotional and mental torment as they realize how bad they have been. They quickly remove themselves from your life.

55. Balem – 

Causes the sensation of broken flesh, disorientation, weird vision and unconsciousness. Attacks very quickly and relentlessly. 

Destroys self confidence in the wicked. 

Gives mastery of a subject that is greatly important to the target. 

Makes the target a master of self sufficiency. 

Gives understanding of personal self sufficiency and guides the target to mastery of that through examples. 

Gives the target persistence and motivation to practice / study something for an extended period of time. Can be for long term understanding and short term tests. 

Creates understanding in relationships where conflict reigns on a consistent basis. 

Leads you to the masters within your industry / career so you can model / learn from them in a way that you learn what they do and make it better. 

56. Shakhya – 

To make a friend see the error of their ways. 

To make sound judgments when investing money.

To foresee the future of any investment perfectly to make the wisest judgments. 

Baneful: Brings hurtful people and discomforting situations with others to a close such that everyone who has acted with evil and negative intent goes through a long period of internal and prolonged suffering.

57. Barduk –

To write with genius skill in whatever industry / topic that you want. 

To bring swift resolution to a situation. 

To achieve more in a short time.

To bend time and reality to achieve something faster, and with grace. 

Baneful: Causes the hateful and hurtful people around you to have their reputations ruined with the worst situations they will would never expected massively derailing and destroying everything they  had.

58. Behazid –

To appear to be more skilled, pleasant or intelligent than you are. This can be especially effective for performers or those auditioning or being interviewed.

To cloak your personal life so that none but those you trust can understand / see what you’re doing. 

To come across perfectly to those who matter. Your skills and true personality will shine thereby gaining you valuable information / contacts. 

Baneful: To cause very unruly people in your life to quiet down and leave you alone, then guides them through a massive life crisis where they are brought into deeply prolonged agony and pain.

59.Meruz –

To enable you to plan, schedule or otherwise time your schemes so that they are enacted at the most appropriate time.

To help others see the truth if you are innocent when in the presence of authority that can judge you potentially unjustly (police, a course judge, jury etc).

To maximize how you spend your money by keeping more of it long term. 

Lets you get deals, random money and wealth that keeps your present money relatively untouched as you pay for whatever is needed; essentially makes your money go as far as conceivably possible.

Baneful: To cause great guilt shame and fear within those who are severely unethical, and brings them into great life torment and mental and emotional unrest for an extended period of time.

60. Alnafedha –

To create a better study environment. This happens either by enhancing your study habits and/or changing your location. 

To create understanding through practice. Whatever you already do will be greatly enhanced. 

To learn what skills are required to ascend up whatever career or business you desire, then gain insight into how to attain those skills. 

To learn how others gained their mastery of your subject, then model it and make it better. 

To enable a period of practice that will rapidly make you an expert in any area of study. 

To enable a period of practice that will rapidly make you an expert in any art or craft.  

To improve the skills required for your profession, through a period of study.

Baneful: To cause an enemy to be greatly confused about their lives if they have been planning evil acts against others, then forces them through a prolonged period of life ruination and destruction.

61. Marweya – 

To detect whether another person is working magick against you, or to influence you, and to identify that person through intuition.

To discover sources of wealth that may be accessible to you if you respond appropriately to their discovery.

Uncover secret sources of money in your life that are accessible in unique ways; this can be a way to make money as a side gig, or give a service to others in very simple ways you never thought of. 

To gain insight into attracting the best deal for whatever you want. 

Discover those in your life who can help you make money in unique ways. 

Baneful: Attacks the target by causing them to become lost, wherever they are. Causes them to lose the mind and life path in the process. 

Destroys evil attacks against you as they are attempting to harm you, then shifts everything so that they are made the victim of their own ill intent.

62. Alfalij – 

To compel a change of heart in someone who is basically an enemy that you have to be around or work with. 

Gets you something you will greatly enjoy that leads to others larger positive things as part of a series of events that brings you something much deeper and greater.

Baneful: Shifts and bends time so that your enemies are brought into a chaotic and horrible periods within their lives, then changes their positive moments into skepticism and doubt so that everything falls apart quickly and gradually over time.

63. Zobaah

Causes those who are going through a rough period to find something in their daily activities that guides them to create a far more stable and happier life in general.

Guides those who are lost to find their life purpose, and that very likely leads to a career or something very big and deep for them overall.

Baneful: Completely destroys enemies without mercy or remorse.

64. Alyamud –

Brings intense situations to those who need to wake up through massive and startling realizations.

Causes the understanding of herbs and spices so that you are made into a better cook / chef. 

Baneful: Brings chaos and mayhem to the lives of our enemies so that they cannot concentrate properly nor think straight, and this causes them severe and intense life disruption.

65. Luq –

Reduces sleep problems in those who have random stuff they don’t know the cause of or what it’s called. 

Removes nightmares and night terrors then gives insight into why they happened.

Eases the mind when deep discomfort is present.

Reveals the truth of those around us who are manipulative so we can understand them better. 

Baneful: Brings our enemies into a horribly negative situation where their lives are completely ruined within a very short period of time.

66. Almarikh –

Grants fame, fortune and luck; especially useful for situations where you want to express your talents as it relates to your career and work life.

Reveals those around us who might be potentially problematic in the near to far future.

Baneful: Causes the ungrateful and others who slander you and those you know to become incredibly guilt ridden and noticeably pained or discomforted by their evil and negative acts against others.

Brings horrible and nasty people out of your life through a very sudden and dramatic situation that causes them to be revealed for their wicked acts to others important to them.

67. Alseahef –

Allows you to connect with powerful and knowledgeable people in your career or industry so that you can obtain the things or information that you require in order to complete a goal.

Brings those who are very useful into your life so they can help you resolve whatever issues you have, and enhance your life in whatever ways that you most need.

Baneful: Creates the illusion in enemies that the victim is very powerful so that all attacks are canceled forever. 

Enemies feel a sense of panic and fear that they can’t pinpoint and it drives them into their lessons through a false confusion. 

68. Alhimel –

Creates a time distortion such that events take more or less time depending on comfort, excitement, and enjoyment of the moment. 

Can extend time and reality through emotional transmutation; will literally extend the time limit or whatever other constraints the event / situation has (add more time to the clock). 

Baneful: Destroys the feeling of purpose and self worth if the enemy manipulates his victims to be too self conscious over self image. 

Destroys imagination in a target to ruin their plans if they are very creative. Gives creativity to the victim instead. 

Causes enemies to have a self crisis forcing them to re evaluate life. 

69. Qodsa – 

Enables superior vision when it counts most. 

Gives greater focus through the eyes when a situation or even requires it.

Quiets the mind when others are talking so that clarity can be experienced by the speaker.

Baneful: Cause enemies to silence if they are slandering you or plan to do so. Forces them to reflect on their plans and their relationship with the target. 

70. Shrahi –

Causes women in committed relationships to be more passionate with their men if they are withdrawn. 

Allows women perfect understanding of their spouses so passionate sex can be a consistent activity. 

Gives a woman perfect knowledge of her spouses body so that they can please them and guide their partner to please themselves for a mutual experience. 

Guides men to understand themselves and their wives better. 

Baneful: Causes enemies to forget what they were doing, then forces them into a severe and harsh period of self reflection about their evil acts against others – then makes them experience incredible mental and physical discomfort due to their actions.

71. Magshaghas – 

Causes the idle and those unwilling to take action or move to do whatever they need in order to complete a task, project or something else significant.

Brings those who indirectly speak against you into obvious mental and emotional discomfort and pain

Delivers incredible insight about a person or group so that you can better communicate with them and understand how they are in general.

Baneful: Removes the idea within enemies that they are in any way good people, then brings them to see and reflect on how bad they have been thereby destroying their self identity and pushes them through a life crisis that can last for weeks and months.

72. Maimun Abba Nuch –

Enables emotional control and mental clarity with focus in times of need.

Guides us to become far more aware of smaller things so that we don’t make large and small mistakes during a significant period.

Forces others to tell the truth regarding an important topic or matter so that you can finally understand whatever has been troubling you for quite some time.

Baneful: Destroys your enemies sense of life purpose and happiness by causing them great emotional and mental discomfort and pain from all of their evil and wicked actions over the years.


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