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Hindu Spirits & Their Powers


Helps with remembering important details from the past.

Curses those who attempt to thwart our positive movement forward.


Brings great calamities to those who are extremely unethical and lie their way toward achieving their goals.

Annihilates those who work – even indirectly…against us, then bring us great clarity and power as we work toward our goals.


Guides those who exert great effort to bring out the best in themselves so that they can achieve much greater things – over time.

Reveals those who work in ways that are hidden, then bring us perfectly clear knowledge of how they are genuinely without lies.


Delivers incredible insight to those who need additional knowledge to attain their given goals.

Cloaks our actions so that vicious enemies do not damage us too severely – then guides us to understand how to best deal with them.


Removes very horrifying problems from our lives, in a way that they do not bog us down mentally and emotionally (removes the conscious emotional – and mental aspect of severe life concerns and worries).

Traumatizes enemies and those who act against us in very direct and agonizing ways, then leaves them with lingering devastation.


Deepens our natural ability to meditate and to find intuitive resolve on topics that are incredibly confusing.

Removes the annoyance that comes from very irksome situations or people who just do not know how to stop their annoying behavior (you will not be as affected by their behavior).


Brings incredible distress to those who indirect or passively attack us with very subtle attacks.

Protects us from black magick attacks as they are thrown at us – then guides us to understand what caused the attacks.


Heightens our ability to recall very important information over time, then brings us into greater insight on how to make best use of that information.

Shifts the time space – and reality, in order to get us to achieve a goal…and especially larger projects – much faster.


Causes great destruction to very known but arrogant and over confident enemies who just keep causing damage to others.

Removes slander and lies from a situation so that the truth and deep understand can happen very efficiently.


Guides very abstract and theoretical people to be very clear and direct with their ideas and general communication.

Forces very absent minded people to remember details better and to focus on topics and situations with greater clarity.


Annihilates hope and positive thoughts for those who continually act against others, then drives them into a horrifying life tailspin that almost never stops.

Brings great insight from observing others in a way that guides you toward understanding yourself in very indirect, but incredibly deep – and satisfying ways.


Brings very deep and intense life clarity to those who work for their spiritual path – then guides them to understand their true life purpose more fully.

Destroys deep misunderstanding and purposeful confusion in situations and events that are accidentally dominated by severe lying, manipulation – and deceit.


Imparts great wisdom to those who work toward expanding their lives and spiritual selves, in very direct and positive ways. Then guides them into a life awakening and breakthrough.

Causes very impossible insight to those who are accidentally severely off track with their lives.


Guides very impossible and potentially dangerous situations into safety and resolution as long as your role within the situation is innocent (if you are in any way…at fault, meditating on helping resolution come faster will help).

Deepens the development of any significant life situation or development…such that everything is enhanced and made better in very unexpected and impossible ways.


Destroys impossibly crazy situations and life circumstances that literally cannot be easily resolved…almost, no matter what we do. Guides everything into much more reasonable territory, but also develops life into extreme positive ascension after this point.

Baits horrifying people – and unethical enemies into very deeply catastrophic life traps – that causes them to lose their minds and…forces them into a life disaster and massively severe life meltdown that lasts forever.


Causes very loud and obnoxious people to go through a supreme life breakthrough – which also curses them into understanding how horrible they have been to others. Either brings them into very deep illumination – or guides them into an impossible series of life catastrophes.

Forces very unexpected discoveries during times of incredible need and…very intensely fast, growth and evolution.


Causes a very impossibly prolonged and deep – life awakening that keeps going, and brings your evolution to a most ideal place without compromise.

Destroys any doubts or misconceptions you might have about a topic or situation – or general idea. Brings about full clarity as it relates to your overall goal.


Guides you to understand how to best make and prepare food so that everything is at its best quality for the situation or occasion.

Brings you to understand fitness in a way that maximizes your health for life in general.


Brings you to understand your own evolution and personal energy, as it all relates to your life path.
Removes doubt and misunderstanding as it relates to your personal happiness and well being.


Forces very horrifying people to reveal the truth regarding an idea, or topic of misunderstanding. Then brings them into a very obvious series of very serious life cataclysms for their wickedness.

Destroys very arrogant people who seem like they do not give a shit about who they hurt in general. Forces them into a permanent life meltdown.


Creates a very ridiculous series of revealing situations that guides very particular people to know and understand the truth (of whatever is needed).

Guides you to understand what snacks and food you most enjoy so that you no longer have misconceptions about this.


Guides you to understand which types of job and work place you would enjoy the most – then guides you to apply and secure the best career as it relates to your growth and evolution.

Brings you to attract in an ideal spouse or lover as it relates to you understanding yourself through self love – then brings in an ideal spouse to help guide your evolution.


Brings very intense life lessons about love and money, then guides you to maximize your money efficiency so that life problems do not come up later.

Guides in luck and success as it relates to general life, and money – but gives very intense life lessons if you are off track with life as a whole or your money life.


Shifts your mind to understand how to attract in, or attain anything that you need or desire. This can be for a short or…long term goal, or project.

Gives horrifying paranoia, fear – and regret to those who act against others in ways that causes severe damage…over time.


Helps you balance life in a way that is very satisfying and fulfilling in impossibly simple and easy ways.

Curses who who indirectly attempt to sabotage your life path…even if you do not detect that they are actively working against you. Works even indirectly, and without your direct knowledge of them attacking you.


Guides you to detox and purify your life through very simple actions and – detoxes your thinking in a very powerful and holistic way.

Brings intense peace and life clarity to those who are going through very hectic and troubling times.


Causes very dishonest people to reveal themselves to those closest to them, who can best punish and discipline them – for long term torment.

Guides very intense and life changing situations where those who are severely off track with life – finally gain serious illumination.


Causes us to understand our spiritual path in far clearer ways.

Brings the best out of the people around us so that we get to see who they truly positively are.


Opens your mind to understand what it means to understand the devil, and big brother – in ways that will leave you shocked and awestruck.

Guides you into devastating understanding of how to understanding if anything is keeping you back from achieving your goals – in this life.


Reveals evil around you in ways that you can easily understand how that might be affecting your life.

Changes your mindset so that you are more tuned to understanding very mysterious life topics that can easily confound and confuse you without assistance.


Releases personal stress and mental strain as it relates to work and personal life problems.

Opens up your perception to seeing other dimensions and possibly astral activity – far easier.


Exposes very obvious errors and mistakes that we might be making, and old errors – that have affected us for a long time.

Mentally destroys those who are close to us who indirectly thwart our plans and actions as we might interact with them – on a regular or continual basis.


Brings incredible life ascension to those who are severely off track with life – then guides them to understand how to avoid a negative existence.

Cause very devastating insight and life breakthroughs that will change your mind and world forever.


Causes very deep insight to those who are unfocused and very aloof with how they live their lives up to this point. Guides them into more focused thoughts and lives.

Causes extreme terror to those who use black magick against others in ways that are very dangerous and are intended to cause damage.


Reveals if black magick has been used against you in this life – and who obvious enemies might be.

Guides you to understand how to deal with hidden and previously unknown enemies who might be actively attempting to harm you – even indirectly.


Brings incredible life cataclysm to those who intend harm against others – constantly. Brings great devastation and annihilation to those who intend excessive harm against others, or else are just negative people in general.

Silences those who are very incredibly negative with their constant gossip or excessive verbal comments – in general.


Guides you to write and communicate well when it is important to be clear and – possibly precise with your verbal or written words.

Brings you deep verbal clarity when you need to communicate deep ideas.


Grants impossibly deep understanding of very confusing subjects that you might have been mislead on.

Builds your understanding of the behavior of others – as it relates to how they genuinely are, as helps you to understand why and how they might lie.


Resolves violent – or otherwise very turbulent systems of incredible conflict and turmoil, and forces very extreme resolve through a series of very simple events.

Causes very extreme disaster to those who attempt to seriously injure or hurt others. This will be obvious to others in a very extremely embarrassing way – and the targets reputation is forever ruined.


Opens your mind to the idea of death, and what really happens after we die – then guides you onto a very deeply powerful spiritual journey.

Mentally destroys severely evil people, then guides their lives into a full – and open, life cataclysm…that lingers for a very prolonged period of time.


Creates a miraculous life awakening that shatters any illusion based personal lies the person might be currently living with – then guides them into a very impossible life illumination that forces them to fully wake up.

Emotionally destroys evil people in a way that forces them to fully reveal their most evil side to others – over a very short series of events.


Forces very hidden but evil people to expose themselves permanently to those who can best destroy and punish them – for long term disaster and devastation.

Brings a very prolonged – apocalypse and life series of cataclysms that permanently destroys very evil people…who have somehow lived long enough to continually, harm others. Completely destroys them immediately, and over time.


Guides very devious and deceptive people, to reveal their evil ways – through a very horrifying series of disasters and life catastrophes that ends their evil ways as it relates to harming innocent people. They are guided to become fully exposed for their wickedness – through extreme life armageddon.

Brings you into a full life illumination and awakening in a way that helps to reduce…any life or late life – crisis, so that you can be more on track with your life sooner – rather than shocked into life discovery later and through a series of life meltdowns.


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