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Demons Powers

1. Bael

To produce incredible understanding and resolution in others who are severely confused, frustrated – and just need to understand something more fully.

Enables conflicted people to reconcile their differences.

2. Agares

To enable one to learn any school subject faster and better.

Reduces confusion during any learning so that topics can be learned easier.

3. Vassago

To give you a brief vision of the future regarding an important topic.

To enable understanding of past situations such that all confusion is resolved (can affect multiple people if you wish).

Reduces misunderstandings in groups so that they all get along better – work together better, can get a project done etc.

4. Samigina

To enable others to see you as an authority figure in your industry.

Brings deep calm to situations where there are heated tempers.

Reduces past traumatic memories so that they are no longer hurtful – you can now reflect on them without any discomfort or pain.

5. Marbas

Enables you to understand new technology in a way that leads you to benefit from it in some way – you deconstruct it and use it for other things.

Gives a powerful realization, a sort of past lesson that you never got, which gives you clarity for the present.

Reduces tension within a family if it should come up during a social gathering.

6. Valefor

To obtain wisdom and deep understanding about something that confounds you.

To reveal the truth of a situation that has been purposefully made secret by others.

Destroys attacks and slander thrown at us from others, then guides them to be tormented and punished for their actions against us.

7. Amon

To cause friends to reconcile in a peaceful way.

Grants deep insight on how you attain almost anything that you desire and work for.

Develops your understanding of big ideas and situations that are complex so that no confusions or problems happen in the near future.

Enhances understanding of how a relationship will indirectly progress through lessons; both partners will just understand a relationship for its faults and strengths, aiding them to prosper in the future.

8. Barbatos

Brings you to have much deeper and better sleep on a more routine basis.

Guides us to remove nasty, bad or generally negative habits in general.

To allow those who are influential to notice you and give you respect.

Gives deeper understanding of situations so that you can pull greater meaning out of them – understand omens and chance meetings for their greater significance.

9. Paimon

Influence others in however way works best.

Helps you describe a situation perfectly to others in a way that they will completely understand.

To improve reputation in ways that most benefit you.

10. Buer

Gives greater understanding of your needs and wants with guidance on how to best fulfill them.

Enhances understanding of sports performance so you can structure your exercise and practices to yield the best performance.

Reduces chance of injury on the field for all physical / athletic sports.

11. Gusion

Reduces / Removes sleep relates stress so that you can shut off your mind / emotions easier to fall asleep faster.

Enhances warm intimacy in bed between genuine loving couples (does not affect sex).

Enables deep understanding of your partner in a way that prevents future arguments.

12. Sitri

Deepens the emotional and physical passion between genuine long term lovers so that they feel very romantic and passionate again. This is about physical embrace, emotional connection and deep love. He strengthens the emotional bond between lovers.

Removes annoying people from your life that might cause problems in your romantic relationship.

Enables understanding of the people in your life who hinder your path rather than help you.

To destroy past relationship lies and misconceptions so that truth can reign freely.

Deepens the passion in a relationship such that physical and emotional connection between lovers is enhanced.

Connects lovers physically so that they don’t just have an emotional bond.

13. Beleth

To help you achieve full orgasm.

To develop a skill to proficient expertise.

To enable understanding of your industry such that you know what steps to take to master your trade.

14. Leraje

To reduce distracting pain.

To cause others to self-reflect and gradually remove their bad habits through heightened awareness of what they’re doing.

To cause disruptive thoughts to enemies or competitors who actively try to work against you.

To erase lies of the past by first revealing them then giving perfect insight to others about what really happened.

To aid the understanding of your own evolution in terms of your lover; you just ‘get it’ in terms of figuring out how and when things will happen and what you need to do on your end.

15. Eligos

To understand your competition better so that you can potentially outmaneuver them.

To gain deep understanding of yourself through your work and/or business.

To develop a deep connection to your co-workers / employees such that there is greater trust with everyone.

16. Zepar

To make you charismatic and attractive to others to help reveal those who are deceptive and manipulative.

To enhance your understanding of your finances in such a way that reduces needless spending; you will reprioritize your spending and budget so that everything is far more efficient.

To enhance your work life so that everything is made far more efficient.

To bring harmony between groups that are conflicted.

17. Botis

To know the thoughts and emotions of a named individual for the purposes of helping them.

To gain understanding of an emotionally tense situation.

To bring kindness to those who appear cold hearted and brutish.

18. Bathin

To transform your mood or way of thinking to one of your choice.

To enable faster thinking speed to connect relevant ideas faster from memory; creates greater cognitive speed – you just ‘get it’ faster.

Brings great harmony to neighborhoods plagued by violence and loud noise (quiets the noise).

Reduces the influence that bad people might have on your family.

19. Sallos

To attract someone who has the potential to love you, who has a strong desire to enact that love (they court you).

To enable creativity when surprising your lover.

To cause perfect understanding of your lovers sexual nature.

To create perfect understanding of you and your lovers sexual life.

20. Purson

Gives wisdom for those who wish to make fewer poor decisions; enhances general wisdom.

Enables others to see the best in themselves so that they experience a boost in self-esteem.

Removes guilt and shame as it relates to past events that seriously damaged us emotionally.

Develops our self of emotional resilience so that we can handle more challenging situations without feeling emotionally drained or wrecked.

21. Marax

To create deep understanding in your potential customers that you are the best and most viable solution for their situation / problem; let’s them know you are a long term asset to them.

Causes a business to flourish in a way that customers see that they are the best and brightest of their industry; they feel it is almost foolish to go anywhere else.

Deepens your understanding of people in your social circles so you know who’s worth working with / connecting with more and who’s not worth your time; gives you knowledge of who your business connections will be and how they can help you, and vice versa.

22. Ipos

Enhances mental clarity so that we can concentrate longer.

Develops our thinking so that we can understand complex topics, ideas, or lessons easier – applies to anything that is complex that stretches our abilities.

Guides you to understand how to bring in more luck, or else just have more money in general.

Boosts our ability to talk to others so that they understand what we need to say perfectly; enables us to speak perfectly and for the listener (audience) to understand what we mean perfectly for them.

23. Aim

Enables you to understand the money related thing that drives you so that you can align your passions with making money (a career, business etc). You can loosely consider this your success breakthrough.

Removes writers block so that your ideas can flow freely.

Removes writing procrastination so that you can sit and write when you need to.

Develops your ability to understand your customers’ needs perfectly and how to resolve their issues easily.

24. Naberius

Encourage restful sleep. Even when you are ill, this will open up your air passages so that you don’t wake up as often. Pushes you into deep, restful sleep.

Gives you understanding of your wants and needs so that your passions are more obvious to you; aids with leading you toward something that feels like you are fulfilling your life purpose – can apply to finding a job, a hobby, a career, spiritual path etc.

Removes misunderstanding in customers, clients – anyone we work with – so that they can understand how we can help them best (within reasonable means) without confusion.

Enables us to attract the best customers through very creative means; gives our customers insight on the best stuff to buy from us.

25. Glasya-Labolas

Aids your ability to shut off your mind / emotions so that you can get to sleep faster.

Heightens your ability to get aroused by your partner so that physical sexual contact is greatly enhanced.

Aids your ability to understand your partners sexual needs in general to please them maximally.

Discover the best new way to please your lover in a fresh and exciting way.

26. Bune

Make you self-aware of bad habits that you have that are possibly self-damaging or potentially harmful to others.

Make you self-aware of bad habits that you have that are possibly self-damaging or potentially harmful to others.
Understand yourself in terms of your love and financial success.

Reduces your foolish thinking so that you can budget more effectively; removes mental money blocks so that you can see your financial life clearer, and manage yourself more effectively.

27. Ronove

Grants insight on making any situation or project better – causes everything to be far stronger and better, as long as you work to create a better situation or project.

Develops any situation to conclusion, by guiding you and others to think clearly and thoroughly about how best to evolve and resolve…all problems related to that situation.

28. Berith

To cause others to see the best in themselves so they can achieve the maximum of their potential.

To create peace within a group where there is mild hostility or conflict.

To cause others to see that a fierce work ethic is what will bring them all that they wish to achieve.  

29. Astaroth

Guides you to understand yourself spiritually and as it relates to your love life; brings you to understand how to potentially find a love partner or wake up spiritually.

Brings others to see how valuable your talents are, even in ways that you might never expect.

Gives insight related to a project or business venture that you need guidance on; creates perfect understanding of what’s going to happen and how things will develop.

Creates deep understanding of how a project or business will progress over the coming months; enables you to see its true potential.

30. Forneus

Develop a better relationship with your parents; if things are rocky, this will bring peace.

Create a better and more peaceful home; if there is any tension or conflict whatsoever, this will dissolve it over time.

Creates deeper understanding for your relationships, namely that with your parents; you just understand them better in general.

Enables you to feel your way through certain situations using intuition.

31. Foras

Develops your ability to connect relevant ideas faster; this gives you greater understanding and ability to comprehend ideas faster.

Removes enemies from our lives through a series of very powerful situations that reveals how we can protect ourselves better.

Develops our emotional and mental strength so that life challenges do not hit us so hard.

Remove influence and projections from loved ones who hinder us or hold us back.

32. Asmoday

Develops your intuition and problem solving ability so that you can navigate problems and confusing situations better, and with far fewer lingering problems.

Guides those who frustrated into very deep and positive clarity so that they can benefit from their very deep understanding of something that involves you or relates to you and others around you.

33. Gaap

Makes you more aware of your life in terms of potential mistakes that could become problems, then guides you to enhance your life in all ways that could drastically affect the way that you life (huge life enhancement).

Causes black magick and evil attacks made against your life to be revealed, and for your enemies to retract their attacks.

Deepens your personal evolution so that you know how and what to do; shows you your spiritual path in a very unique way.

Develops your understanding of your spirituality so that others can learn from you by example.

Removes past misconceptions regarding your spirituality as it relates to self-love; enables you to see your proper path free of confusion.

34. Furfur

Deepens your ability to learn new information by enhancing memory and general mental clarity.

Opens up the hearts of both partners in a long term relationship so that they fall in love with each other again. Deepens the relationship bond both emotionally and intellectually so they understand each other better. Any possible relationship conflicts are now dissolved.

Creates deep understanding of a tense / confusing situation to others who need to ‘get it’ faster; creates deep resonating understanding that they can teach to others who are confused.

To destroy misunderstanding in those who are severely confused; very few words are needed, they just get it when you talk to them.

35. Marchosias

Gives focus and concentration to those who need stamina for a task or project.

Enhances memory for those who need it for a project or task; can also generally give a boost to prevent forgetfulness.

Develops your verbal fluency to the point that you can speak clearly to audiences.

Gives intuitive insight related to which financial project is most likely to win out; you gain deep understanding for picking the right thing (whatever it is – stocks, business projects etc).

36. Stolas

Protects you from curses and physical harm.

Causes you to understand your enemies in a way that makes it impossible for them to harm you.

Gives enemies a confusing illusion when they try to think about you; they will not be able to figure out anything you are doing, planning, saying – basically anything about you whatsoever.

Brings you to attract and attain anything you desire, that is currently almost out of reach – then changes your thinking to expand your goals to bring in more objects and goals in general that you can achieve over time.

Develops your mind to the point that you have better memory and mental focus in general.

37. Phenex

Gives enhanced mental clarity and memory as it relates to understanding words, numbers and how small pieces of an idea relate to the whole; you’ll understand how all the lessons in a class sort of add up to the big picture understanding of what the teacher (of whatever your subject is) is trying to convey.

Brings you to think very creatively so that problem resolution comes easier to you, and you can think of more abstract ideas far easier.

Guides you to develop a habit into a very beneficial practice or routine.

38. Halphas

Removes illness from your body that are draining your energy.

Gives you greater understanding of your medicines so you only use what you need and never anything that’s unnecessary.

Guides you to the best possible work and job, so that you can be happy long term.

Develops your work and career life so that you can maximize the potential of your work completely.

39. Malphas

Hides your personal data, items and anything else that you wish to conceal from others in a very clever way. You can choose to hide it from one person or a set time and/or a lot of people forever. They can be right in front of your belongings and their eyes will just pass over whatever it is – they will not see it.

Enables you to self-reflect and understand what in your life can be removed allowing to you be more efficient with everything that you do.

Opens your eyes to seeing who in your life holds you back and/or affects you negatively so that you can move on from them or remove them from your social circles.

40. Raum

Enables you to see and feel those who curse you; this lets you make your choice to defend yourself, confront them, or just rebound the curse if you feel this is justified.

Rebounds curses from those who have unethically sent them your way; very powerful for mild retribution magick.

Reveals your enemies so that you can see who in your life is secretly trying to sabotage your work.

41. Lucifuge

Cloaks your personal items, data or yourself entirely so that others cannot detect you and your information / belongings. Very powerful cloak that covers many aspects of your life all at once.

Enhance your financial understanding so that you understand your situation perfectly; gives visions of the future so that you don’t have any confusions whatsoever.

Gives visions regarding your finances / money and any potential surprises that pop up; enables perfect understanding of your financial life.

42. Vepar

Creates the illusion that you are someone else when enemies try to investigate who you are.

Makes your actions cloaked around your enemies (even if you don’t know who they are) so that none of what you do is detected by them.

Rebounds the attacks from your enemies so that everything they do benefits you in positive ways – slander becomes a reputation boost, trying to steal from you gets you more items etc.

43. Sabnock

Leads you to understand your current path in terms of success and money; you will understand if you are on track or not and what to do to align yourself to the next level for you.

Aids the understanding of our daily budgets so that there are no confusions; gives us great understanding through visions and guidance.

Reveal the future as it pertains to an event or subject.

44. Shaz

Increases cognitive speed so that you can understand relevant ideas faster.

Gives both partners in a relationship deep understanding of each other so that conflict is dissolved away. Gives them greater meaning for their loving bond and opens their heart for deeper love and emotional connection over time.

Enhances emotional intelligence for those who don’t have good social habits – very useful for those who don’t know how to act or react in a conversation with pretty much anyone.

45. Vine

Grants occult knowledge to those who want to know which spirit to work with; gives you a feel for who is best to work with.

Removes incorrect thoughts and misperceptions so that you can see the truth quickly.

Dissolves past lies that affect our perception in a way that can affect our work or livelihood.

Creates deep understanding of the occult; you know what books to read or things to do to get you where you need to be.

Destroys past misunderstanding regarding an important topic that confused or confounded you.

Gives deep concentration on any project that relates to the occult.

Brings the best customers to your business so that you both can flourish and excel long term.

Destroys past misunderstanding in others about your work so that people just have a calm acceptance for your life and their own.

Gives you mastery of writing and other arts that are needed to excel in your projects and endeavors.

Grants perfect wisdom on matters of great importance so that we can understand how everything comes together perfectly.

46. Bifrons

Dissolves pressure from work and family to do whatever they’re trying to coerce you to do.

Removes unnecessary emotional negativity from your siblings as it is directed at you or something else.

Reveals the truth of someone’s emotions toward you.

47. Vual

Resolves emotional conflict within each couple so that they no longer throw it out (express it) to others – namely their significant other. This affects both couples in a relationship.

Reveals truth of a situation.

Creates deep harmony and love between you and someone you care for but don’t know how to connect with; this can be a former lover you want to reconcile with, a family member, parent to child, or anyone you deeply care for.

48. Haagenti

Creates heighted creativity for those whose minds are more focused on logical work.

Boosts your reading comprehension and speed for those desiring personal enrichment or work.

Enables you to completely understand written text – books, novels, textbooks, etc – in a way that perfectly suits your way of learning.

49. Crocell

Gives visions of how a love situation will develop; gives you understanding where there are lies or misconceptions / misperceptions and illuminates all confusion.

Gives deep insight on how a love situation will develop.

Gives vision and/or insight into the bigger picture; how a big situation will develop over time.

50. Furcas

Enables you to experience greater intuition and psychic abilities.

Develops your ability to see the future so that you can detect relevant events in your life easier.

Enhances the understanding of those around you so that they won’t misunderstand your actions.

51. Balam

Creates an enriched environment that causes one to work more at peace; make your home work space very serene.

Destroys influence and projections from others; especially when they are aimed at damaging you, pulling you off track, or anything that hinders your path or progress in anyway.

Develops understanding in those who are foolish or stupid regarding an important topic or situation.

52. Alloces

Develops your understanding of time and space; enables you to know enough to answer any practical questions you have related to school work, personal life and work.  

Enhances your understanding of math and sciences (for all ages) so that any school work or career work is easier to grasp.

Dissolves self lies from the past that hinder our growth going into the future; this largely applies to those who have emotional and learning related conditioning that holds them back.

53. Caim

Resolves family conflict; especially in cases where the situation was caused by a simple misunderstanding.

Enables friends and family to get along easier; especially useful for social gatherings where everyone will be together.

Develops your understanding of friends and loved ones so you can communicate with them better.

54. Murmur

Creates harmony is others who want to get along with us but can’t; they finally understand self selves in a way that resolves any of their problems toward us.

Destroys money worries in a way that helps us understand the future perfectly; we get a vision of the future related to our money situation and we just get what’s going on.

Creates deep understanding of troublesome issues (such as money, love, health etc) so that you can develop yourself and transcend those problems easily.

55. Orobas

Attracts money for whatever you need it for – small / medium / large windfalls.

Corrects our views on money if we are severely off track; gives us mild financial wisdom and guides you to other spirits who can help you.

Removes old money beliefs that no longer serve you; replaces them with beliefs that actually helps you.

Gives business insight; creation of solutions out of nothing.

Gives ideal jobs / careers to those seeking something better – this becomes a long term thing. Also aids with getting promotions.

Attracts the best ideas for a side business so that extra money can be made on the side.

56. Gremory

Resolves any emotional conflict, either within a person or between a couple, so that they can perfectly understand each other. Deeps the emotional bond through loving respect.

Pushes people out of your life who are very emotionally unbalanced.

Causes those who love you to enact that love in a way that brings them closer to you; helps them approach you for a potential relationship.

Causes lovers who are far apart to understand how to get together; they are guided on the best plan to come together – even if it’s just one partner seeking the other, they are guided.

57. Ose

Creates calm understanding between those who want to get along but can’t; they realize why they don’t get along and eventually leads them to a mildly amiable friendship.

Destroys old misunderstandings as it pertains to relationship; this can be romantic, friendships, long term friendship, work relationships etc.

Develops any relationship faster so that you can see its true potential sooner rather than later.

Removes self-delusion in people who are trapped in mental fantasies; these can be mild or incredibly deep – they will be gradually pulled out of their worlds and brought back to reality.

58. Amy

Removes old ideas that are stuck or don’t work and replaces them with ones that work perfectly for whatever your project is.

Establishes the understanding in other who don’t know you, who and why you are in a project or endeavor in which they are established leaders, workers, people etc – they’ll just understand who and why you are there (common for school and work projects).

Builds upon old skills so that you can enter a new trade or industry to make things better for yourself.

59. Orias

To create the feeling of happiness when you know you have completed a project that took far longer than it should have.

To create deep understanding of your personal sexuality so that you can bring yourself to climax more efficiently / effectively; this allows you to master yourself before you get into a relationship (ideally).

To bring great happiness to relationships that have achieved a major milestone; if they have been together for a long time, someone has something big happen, or they just fall in love with each other again, this can bring them great happiness.

60. Vapula

Removes anxiety caused by those who annoy you; brings you immediately to a state of calm.

Creates a deep feeling of pressure for those who act arrogantly but can show for it; arrogant people are forced to admit that they can’t do the thing they say / imply that they do.

Removes old feelings of restlessness caused by memories that bug you; gives you insight on how to resolve those past memories.

Develops your understanding for a topic or industry that you want to master / become proficient in for personal enrichment or work.

61. Zagan

To bring anxiety to those who could needless criticize you / slander you; makes them uneasy about speaking against you.

Creates serenity in those who need to calm down after a rough time.

Removes unhappiness in those who are easily emotionally unsettled.

62. Valac

Causes an intense life breakthrough for those who are severely idle or stuck, within their lives as a whole.

Brings incredible lessons to those who are impossibly off track with situations, their lives as a whole – or certain subjects that are greatly important.

Removes severe distractions and annoying people and things…to the point that you understand the situation completely, and are able to complete all work in a timely manner.

Enables deep development of a project, situation – or event that includes too many variables to easily change, but you are able to progress and develop things beyond anything you expected originally.

63. Andras

To bring justice to those who severely wronged you; causes them to be hit where they are weakest for some obvious but mild damage.

To create peace between you and one who has wronged you in a small way; this is something where an apology is needed and they likely weren’t aware of doing what they did against you.

To remove unhappiness between friends caused by misunderstanding.

Delivers understanding to your friends and family about who you truly are.

64. Haures

To remedy illness or colds quickly; if it is severe it will take up to a few weeks.

To aid the understanding of a sickness so it can be treated properly.

To create conflict among your enemies so that they can’t concentrate on you.

65. Andrealplus

To understand others in a way that lets you know what their next move is likely to be; you can mildly predict their actions.

To bring justice to a nasty situation in which innocent people were wronged.

To destroy the idea within someone that they are worthless or less good than they really ago; helps boost confidence, self-esteem, emotional resilience etc.

66. Cimeries

Removes misunderstanding for legal cases in which the innocent could potentially be wronged.

Creates understanding in legal cases for which party is actually innocent or guilty.

To build stamina when studying or reading when it relates to self-knowledge and building a skill.

67. Amduscias

To remove mistruths spoken by those who don’t know what they’re doing; they don’t know they’re speaking lies and they get it in a startling realization.

To break past the feeling of being stuck and to finally understand where to go from here.

To create deep understanding of past situations that never made sense.

To bring joy to those who have experienced rough times; applies to mentally and emotionally demanding situations.

68. Belial

Removes bad things and general negativity from a situation that requires complete focus and…guides everything to be fully completed, concluded and just finished without problems.

Guides very special and unique tools and people into your life so that you can accomplish a goal, or series of things – then guides you toward larger achievements in very impossible and unexpected ways.

69. Decarabia

To bring joy to ones work where there is a dull or idle environment.

To create peace between those who inherently don’t get along.

To bring happiness to those who can’t understand how others think or act; calms down judgmental people.

70. Seere

To speed up development of important projects.

Develops situation and projects to full completion and conclusion without many problems or challenges.

Guides you to understand yourself fully spiritually so that you do not have personal confusions about who you truly are.

To remedy emotionally intense situations.

To create emotional understanding in stubborn or brutish people so that they can get along with others better.

71. Dantalion

To heal emotional hurt; can be from a fight or long term conflict.

To reduce emotional misunderstanding so that all parties involved are resolved.

To remove the feeling of hurt when it comes from pure misunderstanding; provides understanding of what really happened.

72. Andromalius

To embrace a group / family in a loving way; creates the feeling of a home away from home with this group.

To create peace among conflicted friends who were once amiable.

To remove animosity among friends.


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