Greek Gods and their Powers

by admin on March 1, 2018

[If you would like a ritual –Here Are The Greek God Rituals]

Grants far greater creativity and understanding of whatever we’re doing so that we can complete it in the best way possible.
Causes deep understanding of any project that relates to the sciences or math.
Develops our skillset within our subject or industry so that we can become proficient and highly skilled.

Enhances respiration and breathing for exercise and during strenuous activities.
Causes others to see the best in us during stressful and frustrating situations so they are calmed and feel relief.
Brings deep insight to others in conflict so that they can move on from a frustrating situation.

Enhances understanding of our life path in a way that we understand generally who to talk to in order to get to where we need to go.
Boost brain power during stressful events and any other needed time.

Resolves family disputes and lies with truthful illumination for all.
Creates deep understanding of past issues so you can let go of the past.

Grants deep knowledge of whatever school subjects we struggle in so that we can complete whatever work needed in order to move forward.
Causes periodic insight about how we can better achieve our goals; allows us to see the perfect tools we can use to reach our goals faster.
Gives visions of the far future so that wise / intelligent decisions can be made.

Brings out the worst in your enemies so that you can see how they are when emotionally turbulent.
Creation of nasty ideas within your enemies so that they fight amongst themselves.

Helps us create the best environment in our homes so that we feel deep serenity and peace.
Enables us to understand our loved ones in a way that we can help them or care for them better.
Destroys the idea that we are unworthy or worthless in any way so that we can see and feel the best in ourselves.

Aids doctors, healers and anyone else who helps others through health.
Boosts the understanding of sickness and disease for anyone trying to heal themselves and others.

Develops our understanding of any written material we need to master; causes us to understand the main idea in a way that perfectly fits our way of learning.
Allows us to attract and discover all tools needs to become fully proficient in any subject.
Enables us to become very skilled in any foreign subject that is needed for a career or trade.

Removes the feeling of lack and poverity from peoples lives so that they can finally enjoy what they have and expand their abundance in a short about of time.
Causes the very oddly annoying and passively sabotaging people in your life to become fully and completely destroyed in all ways that most matter to them.
Devastates those who try to curse and cause you damage through the occult, psychology and their own minds, then guides them into mental insanity and full out torture.

Removes the feeling of idleness and replaces it with inspiration and understanding for where we need to go and what we need to do.
Dissolves the nasty emotions that tense and frustrating situations can bring and grants insight on how to resolve things indirectly.

Allows us to understand those who are cold to us so we can relate to them better.
Removes all misunderstanding so that people who are cold to one another finally start talking again; enables friendships to blossom once more.
Enhances understanding of cold people so that they can be fully understood rather than thought of negatively.
Enhances life understanding and life path; you just understand where you are in life and where you need to go – all life confusion is resolved.

Creates serendipity and luck based on karma.
Makes simple moments very memorable.
Aids the recollection of amazing memories.
Aids the creation of amazing opportunities that lead to self-actualization.
Brings powerful moments that can change one’s life.

Causes enemies to be bound and constrained where they can harm no one.
Disrupts the thoughts of enemies so that they cannot see, hear or detect us in anyway. They are blind to us.
Destroys our enemy’s sense of self and identity so they are no longer able to feel joy. This only happens if they are continually seeking us out in some way, either physically or in thought.

Creates shifts in perception based upon how we understand time and space; basically speeds up and slows down time depending on the situations that we’re in.
Enables understanding of space and time so that we can better understand the universe.

Brings understanding of confusing situations.
Enables us to feel satisfied with awkward bits of time; we are productive at all times, even if we feel we don’t have anything to do.
Gives insight and understanding of the true history of earth as it relates to us. We understand our role in the universe much more.

Enables us to reflect on the past in a way that brings us deep and insightful lessons; we are finally able to let go of discomforting and painful memories.
Gives very powerful insight into our life paths so that we know exactly who we are and why we are here.

Enables understanding of time and how to make the most use of it.
Creates perfect intuitive feeling of time as it relates to our lives and maximizing each minute and hour to achieve more.

Gives deep reflection over specific periods of time so that we can become better people.
Gives understanding of the heavens, namely angels and other beings that are misunderstood.
Deepens our connection to our loved ones in ways at allows them to trust us and enables us to see who they truly are.

Removes love misunderstandings and increases capacity for love others.
Reduces self doubt as it relates to loving others and partially self love.
Allows others, namely potential lovers, to see the best in you so that they can be attracted to your goodness.

Destroys groups of evil people while turning them against each other so that they all see and feel how dementedly and horrifically bad they all are.
Causes severe life meltdowns and catastrophe for those who are seriously bad and wickedly evil against their peers and loved ones; they are guided to live in a prolonged hell for their remaining years.
Pushes luck, fortune and success into your life unexpectedly in such a way that only you and those you trust and are loyal to you may see and understand who you are and whatever you want them to know.

Causes powerful insight and energy surges to those who need to overcome seriously powerful life challenges and situations that simply don’t make sense – they might even feel like impossible life events that have no solution.
Removes the idle, disabled, or useless feeling from the otherwise strong and emotional tough people who know they can power through their challenges and problems without much if any hassles.
Strikes the evil people in their financial lives in such a way that only death feels like an option for them, and they cannot get out of feeling retribution for all of their past life pain and worries they have inflicted onto others.

Aids in preventing future bad habits from forming, especially when you have just dropped one.
Helps heal sore joints and ailments quickly; causes understanding of how to heal and rejuvenate in the fastest time possible.
Creates deep understanding of the pains and ills of others so we can better help them.

Greatly boosts inspiration for businesses and those in need of money related insight.
Enhances profitability of money related projects so that they can grow and prosper long term.
Explodes the success of any project or venture where there is a lot at stake and much reward to gain; only affects those who have worked hard for what they receive.

Causes hidden meaning to be understood in a new context.
Causes deep life shifts such that you are re-aligned with your true path; you start to understand yourself as you truly are and all life confusion is dissolved away.
Creates deep understanding of what dark spirits are, and guides you to work with those you most resonate with.
Enables one to feel a deep connection to the divine as it relates to darkness and hidden knowledge of our universe.

Enhances sexual desire, attraction and love within already established relationships.
For those trying to conceive a child, he can also help with boosting fertility.

Causes tempers to reduce and for deep understanding of ones emotions.
Gives deep understanding of the emotions of those close to us so that we can understand them even in problematic situations.

To bring anxiety, brain confusion and mental anguish to those who are supremely wicked, evil and just destructive with their thoughts and habits.
Removes the ability to think and speak from those who are bad, greedy, evil and hardcore selfish to the point that they cannot easily live their own lives without fear of serious damage, death and other horrible punishments constantly eating at them.

Allows us to feel internal comfort during emotional moments where little else can help us.
Enables deep insight for situations where people are cold to us or others; allows us to see how we can help the situation in whatever way is easiest and resolves everything.

Enables your enemies to be completely destroyed in the worst ways that most matter to them.
Gives enemies a foreboding feeling of our power so they won’t mess with us.
Grants us full knowledge of our enemies plans as they relate to us and destroys them in a way that most hurts them.

Gives very powerful ambition that others can sense.
Increases your sense of personal power so you can power through challenges and projects.
Allows others to see the best of you so misperception and judgement cannot happen.

Gives us insight during work projects that require great creativity.
Causes amazing visions of what our work can become with the present effort; can also give us visions of the near future, of what our efforts can bring us.
God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. Created weapons for the gods and married to Aphrodite.

Causes great insight into your true life path in a way that you’ve never understood before.
Enables insight into the intentions of others so that they cannot lie to you ever.
Brings closure to intense situations that you want to end but don’t know how to.

Become powerful in mind and body; aids those who exercise and want to become fit and lean.
Creates a powerful body that is very under estimated by others; it doesn’t look powerful, but it is very powerful.
Destroys any nutrition lies by getting to the root of what’s good for you and what should be avoided for your particular diet.

Allows you to swiftly and quickly conclude a project so that everything is completed in the best possible way.
Guides those who travel to avoid thieves, find exactly what they need easily in other lands; guides them to make full use of the experience.
Enables full appreciation of sports, sporting events and the athletes within them.

Helps us stay productive into the evening allowing us great insight and understanding when needed.
Causes great lust for our partners at night; helps partners stay aroused during intimate moments.

Aids the establishment of marriage between genuinely loving couples and marriage ceremonies; causes the ceremony to go very smoothly and be memorable.
Develops the loving bond between long term genuine relationships that are meant to do well; causes them to feel a very deep and emotional bond.

Boosts our ability to stay energized during the day; attracts the perfect tools so that we stay naturally energized.
Greatly enhances ability to fall asleep.
Aids creation of pleasant dreams so that nightmares aren’t a bother.
Grants perfect communication to those who are drained after a very long project or situation; causes them to speak and express themselves perfectly clearly.

Guides you to see and feel into all the ways you can make your life better with very small shifts and moves that you can do almost over night.
Brings you to see who among your circles is untrustworthy or evil so that you can easily detach yourself from them and move on without much effort.
Opens your mind and eyes to see what your true life path is so that you can make all the necessary moves and mindset changes to be more aligned with who you really are.

Encourages lasting and quality social connection that only enhance your life rather than annoy you and take up your time.
Creates long term impacting projects that seriously bring your life and money situation to a far higher and greater level.
Develops your important ideas into reality so that you can enjoy long term benefit from seriously good and positive projects that can enhance your life.

Enhances manifestation of our desires and general wealth attainment.
Develops our understanding of our finances so that we are never caught off guard by problems; we are greatly enabled to detect issues and prevent them.
Grants the ability to know which financial path or decision is best for us; guides us to the wisest decision that will help us long term.

Enhances personal understanding so that you know what you want and how to get it; guides you to align with who you truly are.
Greatly enhances strength and power when most needed.
Boosts understanding of the body such that you know how to maximize your strength and agility through nutrition and exercise.

Brings great enjoyment to passionate hobbies and work.
Enable deep appreciation of time and space.
Greatly boosts our understanding of our life so that we are not confused about life path and direction.

Encourages deep growth by smoothing out turbulent periods and brings you to see the good in almost every situation
Develops your sense of what you can achieve so that everything feels within reach and you start working for bigger and more realistic but larger goals.
Creates hideous visions for those who try to thwart your efforts and your life; guides them to be extremely confused and focused on themselves and their own problems every time they attempt to think about you.

Enables us to embrace our spiritual side, allowing us to boost our intuition naturally long term.
Grants us the ability to see whether others help or hinder our life paths so that we can act most wisely in removing or shifting them out of our lives.
Brings others to see the truth of a situation so that conflict is prevented and they are given situation resolution in a very powerful way they likely didn’t expect.

Develops conflict between your enemies so that they completely leave you alone and destroy each other in their own war.
Reveals our inner insecurities and shows us how to address them perfectly in a way that resolves them long term.
Causes others to see us as powerful and genuine for whatever setting we might need the best of us to shine through.

Grants greater profits for business operations; enables them to grow and develop into more profitable ventures.
Causes a business or money project to be run far more efficiently; grants greater financial wisdom for those who run the business.
Enables a business owner to receive great inspiration to create new products and services; you get the perfect insight to make your business better.

Greatly enhances genuine popularity so that your project can be greatly successful.
Brings out the worst in others around you so that you can detect whether you want them in your life or not.
Enables us to understand ourselves in a way that helps us to completely align with our true life paths.

Enhances your thinking so that short and long term projects can be developed to full fruition and potential much faster.
Guides your finances to be much stronger in general so that you aren’t always facing money problems and you actually have money set aside to spend on whatever you want.
Grants you far greater ability to attract in whatever object or ideas that you want so that you can move forward without much hassle or frustration.

Enhances wit, ability to handle mockery, censorship, writing and poetry.
Removes blame and unjustified criticism.
Brings out the creativity in whatever your artistic outlet is.

Shifts your understanding of any situation to increase understanding / take on someone else’s point of view.
Shifts the way you look so that others perceive you differently
Can cause a complete reality shift. If you want a 180 degree change to your life situation, he is the one to work with. You will have a radical shift from this guy, and everything will be better and different.

Guides you to overcome all of your personal and life challenges with ease and grace after some effort as been expended.
Smashes myths and lies about your life so that others can see the positive and honest truth about who you are and what you’re about.
Forces your enemies to reveal themselves to the worst people in their own lives, causing them intense and straggled conflict that they cannot ever win – then ruins them completely in thoughts, emotions and life purpose.

Causes us perfect understanding of situation that were previously complex and confusing, or just things we could never quite remotely understand.
Develops our sense of adventure so that we are not shy about exploring things more openly; also attracts far better people into our lives so that everything is made better through more genuine interaction.
Grants us deep understanding of others in a way that prevent future conflict and misunderstanding; also dissolves current conflict and misunderstanding.

Dissolves past misunderstanding where you and a partner believed a deep lie.
Causes death of misunderstanding of the past and present.
Causes the oblivious to see the truth in any situation.

Guides your financial mindset, thinking and beliefs to be completely positive and stable so that you are thinking and acting much more wisely about your life and money.
Delivers harsh and very surreal lessons to your friends and enemies who need to wake up in very obviously clear, but almost life crippling ways.
Leads those who are passively wicked to reveal themselves completely and hideously so that they are fully exposed to those who most matter in their lives for the most severe punishment.

Removes manipulations and lies so that the truth can dominate a situation.
Destroys hot tempers by cooling them down almost instantly.
Causes understanding of why people get so angry and short tempered.

Destroys the idea that our enemies are winning or ruling over our lives, then guides us to be completely triumphant in all the small ways that matter most.
Guides the destructive aspect of bad people to explode out in front of those who can most severely judge them and punish them the most.
Removes the ability to speak from those who can slander and ruin your name, then guides them completely out of your life, thereby introducing them to completely life catastrophe.

Grants deep knowledge of proper nutrition for yourself so that you can discover the best diet for yourself.
Guides you to understand what supplements, if any, you need in order to sustain any fitness goals that you have.
Enables you to attract the perfect tools, products, and people into your life that help you achieve your goals fastest.

Opens your eyes to see what your true path is; causes deep life shifts if you are off track / in need of deep re-alignment – all life misunderstanding and personal confusion gets removed.
Resolves conflict during trying times. This can be conflict between people or groups.
Causes understanding of another’s position to help resolve conflict. Can be for you or others.

Develops our sense of a situation or project so that we see and feel where everything is headed even if we aren’t part of it.
Speeds up the development of projects.
Enhances clear thinking during stressful times / when you need it most.

To bring love to those who lack self love; allows them to feel love from others, thereby giving them the chance of a relationship that can last long term.
Removes limiting beliefs associated with self love.

Enhances understanding of the sciences. Can be for school or personal study…or whatever!
Boosts comprehension of the elements / chemistry
Boosts mathematical understanding

Removes the feeling in the young and old that they cannot achieve what they need, desire and want – then pushes them to become better people over time.
Forces severe and harsh punishments for those who try to damage, hurt and hinder the evolutions and growths of others at any point in their lives.
Causes deep life challenges for bullies, enemies and evil / nasty people in general, then forces them into complete ruin as their lives no longer make sense and they feel and realize only completely and absolute negativity without reservation for the remainder of their lives.

Promotion of wealth / wealthy ideas when you need inspiration and/or a life breakthrough.
Makes new projects and biz ventures very profitable
Causes random windfalls through serendipity

Aids with the caring of animals so that they are in the best health.
Causes belief in the truth, especially if believable lies linger around.
Forces the wicked to retreat if they pose a threat to the innocent.

Develops your understanding of old ideas so that you can finally understand where there was confusion before.
Aids with the discovery of new ideas.
Plants the seed of understanding in the foolish and stupid so that they finally get whatever lesson they missed before.

Enables you to improve your environment so that you can work productively and peacefully.
Develops your understanding of a time budget so that you always allocate the perfect amount of time to each task.
Increases your personal stamina and persistence in all situations so that you can complete a task to the best of your ability.

Destroys old misconceptions of love and sex so that you can embrace and enjoy both equally.
Develops understanding of a situation so that there is no confusion about planning or what happens with the people or events later.
Creates deep understanding of vague people so that you can ask the best questions to get them to reveal themselves.

Enhances understanding of any subject where you have to write a lot about it to comprehend it fully.
Boosts memory as it relates to any subject that requires intense memory to understand it.
Grants you greater intelligence so that any situation or project becomes much easier to conclude.

Causes you to fully understand those around you in a way that prevent any misunderstanding about who they are and where they’re going.
Grants perfect inspiration so that you can create of solutions out of nothing.
Deepens life understanding and provides new direction if needed; aids one to find life purpose if they are off track.

Grants deep knowledge of your partner so that you can please them sexually and all other ways that matter.
Promotes virility and personal power (physical / mental strength during stressful times).
Promotion of sexual ideas in the bedroom (spices up sex life).

Brings us to understand deep personal and general lessons we need in order to avoid pain the in the future.
Causes our life to completely align to who we truly are so that we have no confusion or deep personal issues carried forward in our lives.
Develops our sense of intuition in a way that allows us to know who is best to keep and remove from our lives; also guides us to develop wisdom from our intuition so that we are far less foolish in general.

Guides the weak and once strong to realize their true potential and understand who they really are.
Manages and guides catastrophes to not nearly be so aggressively bad and rough, then directs those involved to become better and far stronger people.
Everyone involved in an events gets a severe and intense personal life lesson that lingers and lasts their entire lives.

Causes deep sorrow to enemies who have done much wrong against others.
Destroys enemy’s sense of direction as it relates to their devious plans.
Develops understanding of enemies so that they cannot harm you whatsoever.

Causes death of the past and our connection to emotional heartache; allows us to move on peacefully.
Allows us to let go of fear, guilt and shame completely so that we no longer cling onto those negative emotions.

Strikes enemies with deep fear and angst regarding their devious plans.
Destroys enemy’s ability to hear or think in terms of their devious plans.
Causes our enemies to be completely destroyed in terms of any evil plans they have for us and those we know; the plans rebound and they are completely smashed.

Causes life turbulence and destruction for those who are unethical.
Destroys the luck of those who are unethical and/or unjust.
Removes your enemy’s ability to detect when things are going wrong for them so that they face complete life destruction.

Enhances understanding of situations and people who are different than us so that we can relate to them better.
Boosts our understanding of deeply confusing situations so that we can indirectly help in creative ways.
Develops our understanding of cold people who are deeply misunderstood and helps them become more welcomed; especially useful for those who are new and just don’t know anyone.

Grants you far greater understanding of your topic or industry so that you know how to get to the top through your hard work and talents.
Increases understanding of whatever industry you’re in so that you can become proficient in your trade.
Removes misunderstanding between you and your group / work peers to better your work / professional relationships.

Destroys bad luck and the feeling of emotional and mental negativity so that you are brought to a much higher and better place.
Creates emotional serenity and happiness during very incredibly challenging times and situations.
Develops your emotional strength so that you aren’t so weak during turbulent and challenging periods where it feels like everything is testing your wits.

Grants explosive project development when all pieces are in place; causes all who are on the project to work efficiently and quickly.
Causes great motivation through ambition.
Destroys unhealthy rivalry, jealousy, envy, emulation and obsession.

Increases our success to the degree that our enemies wish ill will upon us; causes them to become distracted with other stuff and to completely move on eventually.
Causes the acceleration of situations such that a conclusion is reached faster.
Destroys our enemies ability to prosper in anyway.

Creates justice where there is damage from deeply unethical events.
Tells humans which spirits best suits their needs (you’ll just know).

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