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Money Magick

Need financial help?

(If you’d like to seriously explode your money life – Wealth Magick – Financial Evolution)

Everyone could use more money, but not everyone has the same situation.

Job / Career promotion – $980

If you need a little nudge, this can help. You will be seen in the most truthful / honest way possible that allows you to get ahead ethically. All those who are unethical will be ignored in all the right ways.

Become a Better Employee – $950

You know what you need to do, but you just can’t get yourself to be that person. This will give you the proper guidance to reach, achieve, and evolve in the work place.

Can be deadly effective with the job promotion ritual over time.

You just become better and better and NO ONE can stop you.

Stop Workplace Negativity / Sabotage – $750 per 2 months

They just won’t cut the shit and for some reason they just won’t leave (guides them to leave if they are truly horrible – otherwise they stay and become better).

Works to calm / resolve all conflict, and enhance the workplace environment as it relates to the person who uses this service.

Financial Wisdom – $800

Get the perfect insight / wisdom that allows you to perfectly master your finances in the best way that fits your situation.

Perfect budget – $750

Get the perfect insight / wisdom / plan that allows you to perfectly master your budget in the best way that fits your situation.

Master your Career – $1200

Understand everything you need to perfectly excel in your career, then do all that’s needed to reach self-actualization in that field. Enough said.

Biz Magick – Business Evolution

if you have a new or existing venture, business, partnership or whatever else that you would like to greatly expand into far stronger profits…

Biz Magick and the business evolution spirits might be exactly what you need to push forward –

They know exactly what you need, and how you can attain it much faster – and that’s not anything to ignore for your business success

This is not a small change, and can be a complete life and career shift at times, but now you will be guided to a life positively devoted to happiness, business success and far stronger and more consistent profits in the most positive way possible.

Take note: this can lead to significant change and growth – only pursue this if you are serious about your financial growth.

If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types

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