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Love & Relationships

What an insane topic to cover.

But I can help in a very interesting way…

Attract your soulmate / twinflame – $950

He / she exists but you don’t know how, what, who or when. Things will happen in a miraculous way that they just come into your life. Problem solved.

Know Whether a Relationship will Work Out – $700

This will give you some confirmation on whether or not a current relationship is meant to last long term or not.

If you just can’t be sure for whatever reason, this can help. You will get confirmation (a physical sign or insight) into your relationship that is perfect for you.

Achieve Full Orgasm – $710 per partner

Does exactly what it says. If either partners has some problems fully enjoying the “experience” – this can help.

Increase Libido Maximally – $815 per partner

Enhances your metabolism and sex drive so that you can get in the mood easier and without any issues.

Embrace Your Sexuality in the Most Self Loving Way – $620

This guides you to embrace your sexuality in a perfect way that allows you to understand and feel complete self love.

Once this happens all your relationships are enhanced and your sex life (if applicable) gets a complete transformation.

This can indirectly lead to understanding your true sexual orientation, achieving full orgasm, and other very deep life lessons.

Encourage a Spicier Sex Life – $810

This affects both partners. Both partners will suddenly want to try what the other has been thinking about for years. You know exactly what i mean. Everything will turn out perfectly. Can literally save some marriages / relationships from the dregs of ruin.

Encourage Partner to Embrace Oral Sex – $750 per partner

If your partner is very reluctant to embrace oral sex and/or just refuses to acknowledge it as an option, this will open them up completely to experimenting with it.

It is basically guaranteed that if you are compelled to order this ritual, they will greatly enjoy it just as much as you do.

Attract better friends – $520

You know what I’m talking about. The people that are always around but just eat your time and energy. This pushes away the crappy people and brings in people who seriously resonate with who YOU are.

Attracts the best people for you and your life situation.

Resolve relationship conflict – $640

It was just a misunderstanding that got out of control. Understand their point of view then expand from that. They will understand what you saw as well and all will be fine. Resolution comes through speaking (discourse) and intuition.

Become the Best Parent – $830 per parent

You kind of know, but you need to know exactly how to be the best. This will give you insight / wisdom on how to be the best for your children.

Become the best child – $700 per child

You know they are good parents but you just don’t know how to appreciate them. This will show you the way.

Gain Better Social Skills – $650

You will remove the awkwardness and social bullshit so that you can become A LOT better socially, seemingly overnight.

Understand how people are and think – $725

You don’t get how people are or think and it’s just really seriously frustrating. This helps you understand all the relevant people at the perfect time so that misunderstandings just dissolve away.

Transcend being the societal rebel – $630

Understand your role in society / your community and just “get” how it all works. Insight comes gradually and/or all at once.

Transcend Perfectly Fitting in – $800

You understand that you are different. But what does that really mean? You try to fit in but it never works, and people don’t see that.

F^ck societal norms that say you have to be a certain way.

This is about being who you are and loving yourself.

Understand Past Conflict and How You Can Make It Better – $650

You know what this means. If you were part of something very nasty and want to make it better, here is your chance. Gives you perfect insight into how to fix everything.

Resolve Conflict with Parents – $600

The most basic of relationship can go very wrong very fast. This guides you to correct everything, and it guides them to correctly their bullshit mistakes. Everyone comes away happy.

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