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Life Breakthrough & Intelligence

Need a life breakthrough?

Just look through the specific service that you want / need (intelligence is at the bottom).

Complete Life Breakthrough – $940

This is literally a life changer for those who need a shift in direction.

If you need a big / drastic change, this is it. You will be shown where you should go and why that resonates with you (you receive perfect guidance).

Understand your life path completely – $760

You will just understand what, when and why about where you are and where you need to go. Everything will be clear.

Discover the next breakthrough you need to hit the next level – $150 per level

Discover the next breakthrough you need to hit the next level – $550 per level

Understand exactly what you need to know at exactly the right time.

Project / Life Breakthrough – $620

This applies to either a particular project or your life in general. If you want a significant positive breakthrough where everything just works out and makes sense, this is what you need.

Keep in mind that the further out you go decreases the likelihood that certain events will be exactly as you expect. Free will dominates many situations and your choices affect your reality on a day to day basis.

This is a great way to strategize for whatever projects you have going, confirm future truth, and get confirmation that things will go a certain way (or not).

Figure out why the past was so problematic – $780

If the past was a challenge, understand why it was so crazy / insane with challenges. All the lessons will be obvious.

Discover the truth in plain sight – $675

Understand what you were always missing. The lessons might be earth shattering, so brace yourself. The truth was always right in front of your face. You just weren’t awake to see it.

Understand self-love and how that affects your relationships – $525

Your self-love is a directly reflection of all your relationships. This will open everything up and nothing will EVER be the same. When love permeates your life, everything is a breeze.

Understand why you did those past mistakes – $720

You will just get why all those past mistakes were done. Just a onetime thing and everything sort of just comes to you through insight.

Find the Next Level for yourself – $780 per level

You will just know yourself and how you can reach the next level with perfect understanding.

Push your evolution to the max – $730 each level

Pushes you in every way that counts to the next level. Nothing is forced, but some very powerful spirits guide you along who force you into each challenge you were always fearful of facing.

Ready for the next level?

This is fucking it.

Reach spiritual transcendence – $800

If this means something significant to you, it will just be something HAVE to do. This is reaching the height of your own spirituality over the course of 6 – 12 months.

Reach the levels of the zen masters.

You always had it. Now is the time to explore it.

Find your Internal Serenity – $625

Understand how to reach personal serenity at all times. You will just shift into this state at will and it will feel perrrfect.

Understand your Role in the Universe – $750

You knew you fit in uniquely somehow, but here is your chance to find out how it all works out.

The insight might be simple but earth shattering.

It will shake your reality when you realize who you TRULY are.

Understand your Low/ Transition/ High Energy Cycles via Dates – $50

Bad luck exists. It is literally just the absence of good energy, and we all go through planetary cycles.

Astrology might not make sense to you, but it affects us all. Let me simplify everything for you into a series of very easy to understand dates that you can follow and chart your own life/ actions by so you don’t mess up important projects/ events by making the wrong choice.


low energy cycle: Jan 3 – Feb 13 (nothing works out – bad stuff happens constantly and we don’t understand why)

transition cycle: Feb 14 – April 30 (many things work out, but the important things just have small issues we can’t figure out no matter what we do)

high energy cycle: May 1 – July 31 (everything works out as long as you associate with those who are also in high energy cycles)

Create the perfect understanding in others of our spiritual journey – $625

Those you love but who just don’t understand WILL understand perfectly. They will stop questioning and just listen when the time is right. In some cases no words will be spoken at all. It will just be perfect understanding.

Align with the Proper Spiritual / Life Path – $725

You know you’re off track, but you don’t understand why or how. This will realign everything and hindsight will be 20/20 (you will just understand everything).

Understand the Truth of your Situation – $665

Something isn’t right and you just don’t understand where the original lie came from. Find out everything you wanted and MORE. It will all be revealed.

Be prepared for a startling realization.

Align your passion with your career – $675

Understand how your passion aligns with your career and/or align your career with your passion. Works marvelously when all the pieces fall into place.

Good Luck – $820 per 2 months

This flips the fortune switch on your life so that you literally feel like a lucky charm.

If you are familiar with felix felicis from Harry Potter (good luck potion), this is the magickal equivalent of that.

It grows over the 3 months and must be redone every 3 months. It maxes out after 18 months and becomes permanent after that.

Resolve inner conflict – $640

Something isn’t right but you know it’s YOU secretly. Do this once and you will understand all the internal bullshit you couldn’t even figure out before. If conflict lies with others, you will understand how to resolve it.

Stop Smoking / Addiction – $850

This can be a life changer. If you really want to quit smoking, alcohol addiction, drugs, or anything else that plagues your life this can help.

Works over the course of 3 – 6 months minimum. Severe cases can be up to 9 months.

Let go of the Past – $710

If you cling onto the past and you HATE it, this will help you release completely and you will understand why it happened.

Death of the Past – Let Go of the Past Through a Startling Realization – $525

This destroys the bullshit you cling onto from the past, and you know it doesn’t serve you whatsoever.

This annihilates all connection to everything from your past that holds you back.

Not for the faint of heart. If you read this and feel empowered, you KNOW what this can do for you.

IF you hate your past and want to transcend it in the most intense way possible, this is perfect for you.

If you cling onto the past and you HATE it, this will help you release completely and you will understand why it happened.

(if you want guidance from the Qliphoth Angels – their illumination magick is quite powerful)

Stop Panic Attacks – $635

Ends the panic attacks completely. You will know why, when and how it all started. Transcendence begins with understanding.

Understand Deception / Manipulation in Your Life – $825

You will understand why, how and when it all started. The people holding you back with be completely revealed. Mild punishment may / may not ensue depending on resonance (energetic karma).

Influence the Perfect Choice – $925

You know you have a few options, but which should you choose? This will give you the perfect insight / wisdom you need to understand the best move for the right reasons.

Influence a Person/ Group – $750

This can be about getting your foot in the door to a great opportunity, or something far bigger.

You can also use it to influence a group / person to make a decision in your favor (paypal chargeback, credit card charge back etc).

The power here is quite evident. Use this well.

Enable Past Life Recall – $600

Journey into lost frontiers with this abstract service. You will gain insight into your past lives which will explain current habits, relationships, and problems.

Do NOT jump on this if you have any emotional issues including and especially depression + uncontrollable rage.

This can be a very severe realization for many so please don’t opt for this without careful consideration.

Complete Life Transformation – $700

If you don’t know where to go with your life, this is the reset button for all the past bullshit.

If you want a completely new life direction, this will bring you where you need to be. Includes a job / career + new housing ritual if applicable.

** Phobias / Fears **

Overcome Your Fear of [whatever] – $885

You know what you’re fearful of. This can give you immediate relief that unfolds over time to become permanent change.

Overcome Guilt, Shame & Fear – $610

This might sound abstract but we all have guilt, shame and fear that we cling onto from the past. This can give you immediate relief that unfolds over time to become permanent change.

** Athletics **

Increase Cardiovascular Endurance – $750 per 2 months

If you need extra power during any intense cardio exercises / events, this can help.

Increase Muscular Strength / Endurance – $875 per 2 months

If you need extra power during any intense lifting exercises / events, this can help.

Increase Mental / Bodily Flexibility- $625 per 2 months

If you need extra flexibility during any exercises / events, this can help.

** Sleep **

Stop Insomnia – $825

If you suffer from sleeplessness, this can help immensely. When you need or want to sleep, this kicks in at the right time and you stay asleep without any issues.

Stop Night Terrors – $935

You don’t know what causes them but you want it stopped. This will end everything so they can finally get a good nights rest.

Encourage Restful Sleep – $725

Having weekly and daily restful sleep can mean a wondrous difference when it comes to staying focused and energized during the day.

Here you will enjoy much deeper and more restful sleep almost immediately.

Stay Energized During the Day – $700 per 2 months | $1800 per 6 months

Will help you stay awake daily for 3 months. Is not aimed at mental clarity, but rather keeping your mind / body awake so that sleepiness is not an issue.

** Intelligence **

IQ / EQ Increase – $775

Your intelligence will increase in proportion to whatever is best to achieve your current life goals. Any higher and you might run into problems.

This is an abstract service because i don’t know what your starting IQ / EQ is and it is NOT good to increase one without having the other.

This can be done 3 times over the course of 3 years.

Enhance Memory Generally – $835

This will give you a very nice and gradual memory bump that occurs over 1 – 3 months. General forgetfulness will reduce greatly.

Enhance daily mental clarity – $675 per 2 month

Lasts the full work day from the time you get up until the time that you sleep. Brain fog will dissolve and you will be guided to the perfect diet that embraces higher cognitive function.

Over time this can lead to a mild IQ / EQ boost.

Senior Intelligence Boost – $875 per 3 months

This will bring back the memory and intelligence of those who suffer from any mental degradation. They will be guided onto the proper diet that supports mental agility and memory (they’ll just do it, they won’t resist or think about it).

Protect Your Brain / Mind – $675

The brain / mind will be prevented from degrading in terms of memory and intelligence. You know exactly what this means for you and your loved ones.

They will be guided onto the proper diet that supports brain health long term.

End ADHD / ADD – $735

Just do this once and suddenly life isn’t so chaotic. Works wonders if this has plagued you for years.

The Hand of God – Transcendental Experience – $825

There are no words to describe this ritual. Know who you are and why you are on earth in a startling realization.

You will literally feel the hand of God touch your life in a truly transcendental experience that will leave you shaken and completely awake.

Do this only if you want to truly feel alive (includes other rituals that perfectly fit your life path – the angels will perfectly guide you to wherever you need to go).

If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types


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