Rituals of the Fallen Angels

by admin on February 17, 2018

Did you know that the Qlippoth angels were really the “Fallen Angels”.

Even the darkest spirits on earth respect these angels, and that is saying something.

If you know exactly the power / angel you want, order here:

1 Ritual – $730

These are attain any desire rituals – so you might want to aim your request at multiple small things, a larger request, or a few medium / small things because several angels work on any single request, so you might want to ask for multiple things at once for one ritual.

Look up which power / angel you want HERE and be absolutely certain you want this ritual.

Fallen angel powers list

Working with these spirits not something to take lightly whatsoever.

If you’d like to work with the regular 72 angels…

72 Angels Rituals – plus the 72 Angels and their powers

** Disclaimer **

The fallen angel rituals are nothing to take lightly. If you are attacking your enemies, they will go down in a pretty startling way.

If you are seeking out the angels positively for illumination or something else, it will be a startling realization in a very unexpected way.

The angels will literally cause havoc for your enemies IF that is what you need.

When used for illumination, life can feel / appear to be chaotic, so DO NOT panic if your reality feels temporarily odd.

If you have any hesitancy, don’t order these rituals.


If you have any ritual questions email me:

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