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Qliphoth Angel Powers

  1. Vehuiah –

Enables deep understanding of the past, present and how current situations will unfold into the near future.

Deepens understanding of past situations where you thought you were wronged (you might not have been – possible misunderstanding).

Baneful: To remove enemies from your life

To cause life disruption to enemies who torment you continually. Creates severe life earthquakes that brings them away from you, thereby giving them insane life lessons.

  1. Yeliel –

Causes great insight during apparent times of suffering. The pain of the situation is alleviated.

Discover who you really are through random insight into your past.

Baneful: To create disruption in your enemy’s plans

To cause life disruption for your enemies wherever they might make plans. This forces them to reveal their hand accidentally, allowing you and others to see what they’re doing, likely ruining whatever they were going to do.

  1. Sitael –

Destroys past misconceptions that others had of you, and gives them the best view of you possible.

Enables deep understanding and dialogue between people who previously were in conflict.

Baneful: Embrace negativity and subvert into positive Luck (gives you good luck while your enemies suffer)

Cause severe bad luck to enemies who are very nasty. This gives them a few rough situations that seriously shakes them up, giving them the impression that you are not to be messed with and/or that they need to leave your life immediately.

  1. Elemiah –

Describes a confusing situation in full so that all parties are in full understanding of what went on.

Causes startling realizations of why others are the way they are, and how / why we misunderstood them.

Baneful: Creation of life distortion for the wicked

Smash the life path and alignment of the truly wicked, and see them fall mightily. This produces a catastrophic life breakdown for them, especially if they are in positions of power.

  1. Mahasiah

Causes death of the past by letting us see what parts of the past we need to let go of and gives us the proper insight into releasing everything that we unnecessarily clung to.

Gives us ability to new subjects rapidly so that we can flourish in the short and long term. Gives us understanding of what we need to know to have efficient learning.

Baneful: Learn lessons about your past pain and discomfort

Create painful lessons in your enemies about how and why they f*cked up in the past and present. This brings them to their knees, and possibly shows them how messing with us or those we care for was a VERY big mistake.

  1. Lelahel –

Creates startling realization of who we really are. Developing deep understanding so that we are never confused about who we are and what we want (life purpose).

Gives us understanding of ideas / topics that transcend time and space. Can give us understanding of abstract ideas.

Baneful: Create madness in the form of mental torment

Destroys the sense of self-worth and value in those who are seriously arrogant with minimal / nothing to back it up. Creates a severe life lesson to pack everything up and start over again; whatever it takes to move away from us.

  1. Achaiah –

Establish order with us as the leader. Removes inefficient leadership that might be in place so that more effective leaders can come in.

Gives popularity if you are in a group in which you are lesser known and need exposure for whatever reason.

Baneful: Catastrophically removes unethical leaders from power

If there are organizations / groups that have unjustified power, this will destroy them from the ground up. Any unethical activity will be revealed and a massive cataclysmic change happens to them. Anyone around the main leader feels as if they are contaminated, forcing them all into exile.

  1. Cahetal

Enables peace between those who previously had conflict. Enables them to have evolution through their own self-understanding.

Gives perfect understanding of our closest friends so that we know how to help them and give them guidance when they are down.

Baneful: Create Disorder in those who Torment Others

This is not about madness, but more about confusion and disorganization of thoughts. If you know an asshole tormenting others for their gain, this can help. They will have to remove themselves in order to recollect their thoughts + figure out who the f*ck they are as they have to recontemplate their life purpose.

  1. Heziel –

Destroys hate in others so that they can see the best in those closest to them.

Brings love to the hearts of those who are misunderstood so that others can slowly befriend them over time.

Baneful: Befriend an enemy for the sake of watching them fall

This is a very unique power that brings your enemy closer to you in a friendly way, just so you have a front row seat to watching their lives fall apart. Very sinister but justified power that brings their pain as entertainment for you. You’ll know if you need this power.

  1. Eladiah –

Creates peaceful understanding between family members who are in conflict.

Enables old friends to reconnect in a unique way that they likely can’t expect.

Baneful: Ruins relations with friends and family

If someone you know is truly an asshole and their family and friends just don’t see it, this will reveal them in full, causing their lives to be burned down completely with destroyed reputation and possibly life collapse. They will have to recontemplate who they are and where they’re going. They are not allowed to continue in the same way.

  1. Laviah –

Resolves physical pain in a way that we can better understand our bodies and health.

Let’s us understand past ailments that affected our bodies in a way that helps us prevent them from happening again.

Baneful: Creates nasty physical pain

This is an obscure power that creates physical pain in nasty people who secretly inflict physical pain on others. The pain can’t quite be placed, but it causes them great anguish and anxiety until they learn their lessons. The pain continues until the lessons are assimilated, which cannot be very long due to the severity of the pain.

  1. Hahaiah –

Destroys misconception of the self so that our true identity can shine through. Enables deep understanding of who we truly are.

Causes understanding of how we are sexually so that misunderstandings are dissolved almost instantly.

Power to understand your finances perfectly. You gain a much deeper understanding of your budget, how to make your spending more efficient, and to cut out needless spending.

Baneful: Destroys the self of self

For those who belittle and attack others unjustly, this destroys the sense of self so they no longer know who the f*ck they are anymore. A very powerful and nasty attack that can cause an instant mid-life crisis.

  1. Yezelel –

Creates deep resonating impact in those we love so that they can see how much we truly care / love for them.

Embraces our intuition side so that we can boost our creativity in a unique way. All artistic projects can be enhanced with this.

Baneful: Destroys creativity and/or “loving” relationships

This is about the asshats who think they can get away with being nasty. No, they cannot. If they have loving relationships, those will be destroyed and stripped away. If they have artistic talents, that will be stripped away and a mild / severe life crisis begins where they have to figure out who they are in a different way.

  1. Mebahel –

Brings together groups of people who resonates at their core so that they can become friends.

Brings deep understanding of those somewhat connected to you so that they can see you as a true / genuine friend who is there for them, and they for you.

Baneful: Reveals enemies / Brings swift justice

If you need enemies revealed, this can do it. If you want to bring justice to a very unjust situation, it can also do that. If you just need the justice part, that’s completely fine. It will destroy those who have been unjust and reveals the enemy to their own enemies so that a new side war begins for them. Quite a nasty revenge power.

  1. Hariel –

Enables a good reputation if you have worked hard to get recognized.

Develops a better reputation over time for those who are working themselves up a social ladder of some sort, or just haven’t yet been recognized for their efforts.

Baneful: Destroys the reputation of the wicked

This is a power that is reserved for those who lead a positive societal image, but bring home hate and nastiness to their families. It destroys them from the top down and forces them to separate from their families in a way that keep the innocent completely safe.

  1. Hakemiah –

Reveals traitors and those who might betray you. Enables you to remove them from your live by either avoiding them or nudging them out without work on your part.

Reveals questionable thoughts within friends who need to vent and/or just have deep misunderstandings within them that you can help them understand and resolve.

Develop emotional understanding of yourself and others around you (if applicable)

Baneful: Destroys Traitors / Those who betray you

Destroys their power & reputation so that you can somehow benefit. Even those who have unjustly betrayed you will be forced into a horrible life lesson that brings you mild prosperity while they fall from grace.

  1. Lavel –

Erases sorrow and torment if it comes from traumatic life events. Prevents it’s recurrence through deep understanding of how to find serenity in chaos.

Creates deep understanding of our past sorrow and pain so that we can transcend these old lessons.

Baneful: Creates deep sorrow and torment

When someone nasty inflicts this on others, it now rebounds so that they feel very deep sorry, torment and regret. An apology is compelled, but if that doesn’t happen, their lesson just deepens and it becomes a very nasty fall.

  1. Keliel –

Reveals if our friends have any enemies or conflicts with others so that we can potentially guide them toward resolution – she makes the process very easy.

Dissolves old misunderstanding of enemies who were never enemies, and were just misperceived for whatever reason.

Reveals how we can better manage our finances. We are shown where there is inefficient budgeting and the way to resolve that.

Baneful: Reveals your enemy to their own enemies

Reveals your enemy and what they’re doing to their own enemies, thereby igniting serious war between them and others. Reveals them to their worst enemies who can best destroy them in the worst way possible.

  1. Lovel –

Enables wise decisions that lead to personal illumination / evolution.

Destroys the idea that we have to be alone and guides us to friend who most resonate with us for deep lasting friendships that last a lifetime.

Baneful: Causes poor decisions and ostracisation  

Destroys the reputation of enemies in their inner circles AND gives them very poor decision making power such that they are seen as an idiot. It is very hard for them to bring themselves out of this horrid cycle of lack of friends, and very poor / foolish thinking.

  1. Pahaliah –

Understand your spiritual path through a great awakening that leads to self-actualization and complete life fulfillment.

Embrace happiness and joy in a way that allows you to understand yourself, your life and how to be happy long term.

Baneful: Destroy the spiritual path / remove joy

This can be very frightening to the bullshit spiritualists around us. If they cross us in a big way, this might be something you get into to remove the joy and spiritual connection they have. Very significant power to those who swindle others using spirituality.

  1. Nelachel –

Reveals those who might talk negatively against us and removes us from their thoughts.

Destroys negative self-talk so that a positive self-image is enhanced and embraced.

Baneful: Rebounds slander and create negative thoughts

This causes slander to rebound in enemies creating negative thoughts within them. Very nasty power, especially if they talk a lot of crap to others.

  1. Yeyayel –

Enables wealth, fame and success for those who work hard for it. Provides the initial spark.

Develops our idea of wealth and success to the point where our goals are fully in alignment with true success for us.

Baneful: Destroys wealth, fame and success

If this trio applies to your enemies, this will remove them and give you a slight boost and/or the insight into your own ventures so you can have this in your life instead. Their “empires” are destroyed over a short period of time.

  1. Melahel –

Deep understanding of past illness and injury so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Heals illness and injury as long as we take the proper practical measures to ensure our ailment isn’t prolonged or made worse.

Develop deep understanding of your emotions so as to bring yourself to a serene state of being faster.

Baneful: Brings illness and injury

Causes those who constantly wish ill will on others to have illness and injury themselves in crazy ways. Brings the wicked very deep illness that lingers and doesn’t easily go away.

  1. Chahuiah –

Protects your personal property from potential thieves and hidden criminals. Makes it unseen if they are around.

Removes pests and infestation in situations where it is caused by outside influences that we could not control.

Causes great understanding of past and present money issues so we never make the same mistakes again.

Baneful: Causes infestation + items to be stolen

This is a very unique set of powers since it causes rats or pests to infest the home of the enemy AND causes their items to be situations where they get stolen. Forces your enemy into very unique lessons that seriously suck, but must be learned.

  1. Netahiah –

Reveals the truth to those who most deserve to hear it. Can resolve injustice from the past this way.

Gives understanding to loved ones about who we truly we, and what we want out of life.

Baneful: Reveals horrible secrets to loved ones

This can be devastating to those with a lot to hide. All their deepest darkest stuff gets revealed and their world collapses almost overnight. Forces the hideous pasts to be revealed.

  1. Haaiah –

To enable smooth execution of plans that are well thought out.

Enables deep understanding of complex situations that have many pieces. We are able to hold many aspects of the situation in our head at once without confusion.

Baneful: To cause plans to be completely destroyed

This causes all plans and/or projects to be completely destroyed / ruined. Your enemies won’t know how to think or carry themselves, especially if they are the type that has to plan in advance to get anything done.

  1. Yeretel –

Enhances life through illumination (everything that can be enhanced in your life is affected)

Creates money windfalls / wealth through serendipity. Happens after illumination.

Baneful: Spreads negative rumor

Causes nasty rumors to spread about our enemies such that they are annoyed and driven into random explosions that reveals how they really are to those that most matter. Very interesting power that can destroy relations with friends and loved ones.

  1. Shahahiah –

Protects us from unfortunate events and accidents that often happen through bad luck.

Causes us to understand why unfortunate events in our past happened so we can learn from them for deep personal insight.

Baneful: Causes random misfortune / Accidents

This forces your enemies to experience random misfortune and accidents in a way that pushes them into severe and surreal life lessons. They will likely initially reject the life lessons putting them further into crazier and more severe / surreal lessons that just get more painful.

  1. Riyiyel –

Protects you from your hidden enemies in a way that you basically no longer have enemies.

Allows enemies to sense that you are far stronger than anyone realized before so they feel foolish for possibly wanting to harm you in any way.

Baneful: Allows your enemy’s hidden enemies to discover their hidden secrets

Obscure but useful power that allows your enemies hidden enemies to discover their secrets. Causes a side war between the two of them so that you can escape without any conflict and/or just remove both enemies from your life completely.

  1. Omael –

Dissolves self-hate in those who have deep personal misunderstandings about themselves.

Creates deep personal peace and serenity for those who face adversity and often feel very down on themselves (they don’t know how to manage their emotions).

Baneful: Brings self-hate to those who fail / face adversity

This is a vicious process of self-reflection for those who are very nasty to their loved ones / friends. They hate themselves for failing, however large the situation, and feel horrid when they face various challenges.

  1. Lecavel –

Enables you to be recognized for your professional work in a way that gives you positive reputation and popularity (if applicable).

Removes bad people from a group or your work place so they cannot cause damage to you and/or projects that related to you.

Baneful: Destroys enemy’s professional work + causes the good work to be unseen

This is for the assholes in power whose work should not count whatsoever. Your enemy’s work will be unseen in the right ways and their primary work will be destroyed for all the wrong reasons. Very powerful for those who got into power through deceit and lies.

  1. Vesheriah –

Removes the idea of unfair so that we can understanding why crappy things happen to seemingly good people (there’s always something deeper going on).

Enables deep understanding of past wrongs of ourselves and others so that we are no longer confused.

Baneful: Pushes enemies into situations that are seemingly unfair

Curious power that pushes enemies into situations that likely seem very unfair to them. Somewhat mild punishment that forces them to discover small to medium life lessons through pain and discomfort.

  1. Yichuiah –

Allows superiors to see the best in us.

Enables deep understanding of big / complex projects that take a very long time to complete.

Baneful: Makes your superiors see the truth + destroys the plans and objects of your enemies

If your enemies like to lie a lot, this reveals them to your superiors, whether they’re at work, or wherever. This also destroys their plans so that everything is completely reversed, especially if the plans were against others unethically. Their personal lives also get turned upside down, with things like personal items breaking constantly.

  1. Lehachiah –

Dissolves anger and deepens understanding so that confusion is no longer a thing.

Causes us to remember past events that others made us forget so that we can understand the past easier / better.

Gives you the insight and inspiration you need to create better finances, make better deals (at work or in business), gain better position (promotion at works / career), and generally do a lot better with your finances. This is the first step toward a complete life over haul for your finances.

Baneful: Inspires anger and forgetfulness in enemies

Very nasty combination of attacks. Your enemies become forgetful about basic stuff then get pushed into anger at random times that ruins their reputation to others. Causes very nasty situations that pushes them over the edge and has them forget the situation while others remember. They are forced into very nasty life lessons from this.

  1. Kevekiah –

Enables your life to flourish as long as you work hard for what you have.

Creates a peaceful personal life. Great if you have a busy work life that could potentially drip over into personal territory.

Baneful: Destroys the personal life of an enemy

This happens in the most painful way possible. If they have a bad home life, it becomes far worse. If they have a rocky life anyway, it becomes a catastrophe. Very nasty attack here, with the enemy basically forced into some hideous life lessons they’ve been avoiding for a very long time.

  1. Menadel –

Let’s you understand the lies of your enemies so they cannot deceive you.

Let’s you understand the past lies of close friends and family as it relates to you to help dissolve deception and misunderstanding.

Baneful: Creates hideous lies your enemy hates

Hideous lies are created by the friends and family of your enemy that forces them to suspect others are talking about them behind their backs. Sometimes the lies are just a projected illusion, and other times they are truth cloaked as lies. Either way, the enemy becomes very paranoid and can’t stand when they detect others talking close by.

  1. Aniel –

Causes wise people to see foolish people for who they really are.

Enables you to detect if others are about to curse you and dissolves everything to prevent it from affecting you.

Develops higher financial IQ so that you are much wiser with your money, getting more of it, and keeping more of it rather than spending it on foolish things.

Baneful: Makes wise people turn against your enemies

If your enemies are trying to befriend or become closer to wise / smart people, this reveals your enemies nastiest side to them so that they are shunned. Very nasty for workplace or career related situations where your enemy tries to create lies in order to get ahead.

Ultimate Curse: Destroys enemies in the most painful / effective way possible

This uses all applicable fallen angels, and she works with whomever is needed to get the job done.

The result could be death, loss of limbs, loss of sight / senses, creation of permanent psychosis… pretty much just the nastiest stuff you can imagine. This is sort of reserved for the worst of the worst.

  1. Chaamiah –

Creates wise thinking and choices as it relates to eating and health.

Causes wise thinking in general to avoid disastrous life choices that those around us might have made.

Baneful: Causes foolish thinking and poor eating / health

This causes very stupid + foolish thinking thereby leading to poor eating habits and health. This happens somewhat quickly such that random life lessons hit your enemies forcing them to move away and/or reevaluate everything they do in a huge way.

  1. Rehoel –

To boost our energy during trying times.

To bring mental clarity during times where we need it most.

Baneful: To exhaust an enemy and cause mental confusion

Crazy attack that removes their energy (giving it to you) and causes deep confusion. They are only able to concentrate on past lessons they have yet to assimilate and it can cause a torturous feeling that they won’t get ahead without first admitting they messed up.

  1. Yeyizel –

To remove stalkers and those who mildly harass us.

To bring insight into the habit of close friends and loved ones. Learn why they do the random stuff that we notice that they do.

Baneful: Causes your enemy to be harassed by the past

Your enemy will have past mistakes bite them in the ass and it will be very amusing to see them try to cover everything up again and again. Their close friends see everything and question it all.

  1. Hahahel –

Gives great ambition to those who seek ethical long term projects that help a lot of people.

Destroys all competitors and anyone else who might speak against our ethical efforts to help others.

Baneful: Causes an enemy to lose all ambition

This is a very unique power where your enemy loses all ambition for their professional and personal projects. Can be a devastating blow to their lives when everything fails because their work ethic dries up.

  1. Michel –

Enables us to have access to invaluable resources that most others just don’t get.

Gives us invaluable connections in business and work life so that we have an easier time succeeding in our endeavors.

Gives you insight on how to get a promotion at work, make more sales in business, and become a better employee in general. Leads to better work life, business life and generally better financial situation.

Baneful: Destroys enemy’s connection to powerful sources

If they have / had connections to powerful people, all of that dries up fast. They are removed and seen as a very untrustworthy person and/or just removed from the picture altogether. Your enemy will be forced to progress without any valuable connections, causing them to face life in seeming isolation.

  1. Vevaliah –

Gives others a feeling that we are very powerful in ways that could help them. Creates a win win situation where they realize we are basically invaluable and they become powerful connections for us.

Enables understanding of our enemies even their friends and closest loved ones don’t see.

Enables deeper understanding of yourself, namely your emotions, so that you can better manage your temper, anger and other negative emotions if they creep up.

Baneful: Destroys enemies completely

If your enemy just needs to be taken down completely, Vevaliah is perfect. He will find all ways to punish / discipline the enemy into submission, causing them to move away, fall away and die into rebirth. Very powerful attack that seriously packs a punch. Destruction happens uniquely for each enemy.

  1. Yelahiah –

Dissolves angst and frustration and replaces it with deep understanding and peace.

Enables deep understanding of complex business matters that confused us.

Baneful: Destroys business matters + causes great frustration

This is a hefty attack that forces the enemy into submission, likely causing their businesses to bankrupt. The side effect is that great frustration is created, forcing them into deep life lessons that pull them away from regular life for a while.

  1. Sealiah –

Enable us to feel embrace great self-esteem and confidence.

Give us life direction that leads us to working with those people who most resonate with us.

Baneful: Destroy the self-esteem / confidence of enemies

This smashes any sense of self security and confidence our enemies have. This can be for business leaders or a neighborhood bully that hurts others, directly or indirectly, it doesn’t matter. Punishment will be in proportion to the target’s overall karma (not what you think).

  1. Ariel –

Causes great business insight in a way that leads to greater profits and sales.

Develops our idea of wealth in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Baneful: Business / personal wealth catastrophe

If your enemy thinks they are invincible, this destroys / removes their personal wealth and re allocates it to you or others who are deserving of it. Works two ways – it either destroys their wealth and it’s just gone OR it removes it and redistributes it to the target (those who deserve that money).

  1. Eshaliah –

Deepens our bond with who we are by empowering our spirit – enables great connection with our life purpose and spirit path.

Gives visions of the future as it relates to who we are and where we’re going.

Deepens our connection to the self so that we have a much deeper holistic understanding of our emotions and how to manage them.

Baneful: Destroy Sense of Self through Harsh Vision of the Future

Target gets a harsh vision of the future that pushes them through needed lessons. This often destroys their sense of self, personal identity, and other self-image based concepts they cling to.

  1. Mihel –

Creates peace in marriages who are mutually going through rough evolutionary paths.

Establishes peace between couples who are meant to last long term.

Creates harmony between couple friends who should get along but don’t through basic disagreements / misunderstandings.

Baneful: Destroys illusion of love in relationships destined to hurt others.

This is for people who have a relationship that is based on false love. These are nasty people who are worst together than apart, and who you know will likely hurt others. This will destroy them and their false partnership.

  1. Vehuel –

Enhances will power to persist through evolution and challenging times.

Shows you how to get into your zen so that you can feel serenity whenever you want.

Enables you to feel happiness in a different way so you can bring it up at will, whenever you want / need.

Baneful: Creates nasty destruction of self-image and identity.

Destroys who our enemies think they are and what they stand for. They have almost nothing left after this. Very painful realization that leads to great trauma and deep life lessons.

  1. Daniel –

Enables wise decision during your ascension period (prevents the occurrence of foolish choices).

Creates wise decisions during questionable times.

Enhances wisdom in general for those who help others in their evolution.

Baneful: Creates disharmony in marriages that harm other people.

You already know that some couples are shit. This just brings them to the harsh realization that they can’t continue their wrong doing. Brings a startling realization and harsh life lesson.

  1. Hachashiah –

Enables one to control / guide large groups who are pushing to evolve themselves – gives them mental abilities to handle everything.

Destroys and removes enemies to our evolution. They are removed from our lives.

Controls and removes nasty / aggressive thoughts in those who want to let go of the past.

  1. Omemiah –

Creates harmony in those who normally get along with society – pushes their evolution to be unified with others.

Creates confusion in our enemies so they cannot think about us clearly, ever.

Destroys our enemies sense of important and control so they are rendered senseless when they try to think about us.

Enables better control of our conscious thoughts in a very holistic way – intellect and emotions are better used / under control.

Enables conscious control over emotions in a way that you can self reflect and know how to bring your emotions back under control.

  1. Nenael –

Enhances our artistic expressions so that we can better flourish on our path to illumination / ascension.

Enables us to grow and explore our skills to embrace our natural talents.

Destroys the ego so that the artist within can emerge.

Baneful: Destroys the ego of our enemies.

Simple and destructive. The ego is smashed in half and they have nowhere to look but themselves. Causes them to reevaluate who they really are. They are forced into crazy life lessons.

  1. Nitel –

Punishes the wicked in order to push them onto their illuminated paths / ascension.

Pulls up nasty memories in others who need to transcend the past – causes a harsh life realization.

Destroys the idea in enemies that they are important or have certain hyped up powers. Their lives come to a crashing realization about who they are and what their purpose is.

Baneful: Creates hallucinations in enemies who don’t believe in the spiritual.

Gives them partial psychosis and visual hallucinations that forces them into seeing / believing in the spiritual. Causes a harsh life lessons about disbelieving in the astral plane / spiritual world.

  1. Mivahiah –

Creates the gift of illumination in others who don’t know how to do it themselves (they think they don’t know).

Destroys the sense of importance that we have that causes us / others to be arrogant.

Enables your parents to see that you are deeply grateful for a single event, or for whatever they need to see that they presently don’t.

Baneful: Destroys the luck of our enemies.

They feel deep torment as they experience a series of unfortunate events that lead them to the realization that they need to change or their lives will become infinitely worse. Causes a severe realization that they are assholes.

  1. Poiel –

Creates deep understanding of the self so that we are aware and conscious of our ascension / evolution.

Deepens our appreciation of our lives so that nothing is taken for granted.

Creates deep love in relationships that require more maintenance.

Baneful: Causes illness to enemies that feels like a slow poison.

Very intense punishment that guides them to realize that they have damaged others in a way that led them to great pain and anguish. Creates deep life crisis that lead to their lessons.

  1. Nememiah –

Creates ascension / spiritual ascension that is aligned with your financial / love life. This way you know when something is off.

Deepens your understanding of personal finances so that your budget is never off track.

Enhances your current prosperity so that everything consistently rises over time.

Enables deep understanding of your biz, career, etc so that you master your industry, and therefore your financial situation.

Helps us develop deep emotional resilience that allows us perfect self-understanding that leads to being much stronger emotionally.

Baneful: Causes great strife to enemies as they attempt to further their projects.

This is almost devious, but she guides our enemies to work on projects that have no chance of succeeding. They then learn through horrible realizations that their efforts went for nothing and that they have to shift their life paths completely before moving forward.

  1. Yeyilel

Creates sadness in the wicked who attempt to hurt others – forces a deep and shattering life realization that they are assholes.

Damages the self-image of those who are wicked – forces deep life lesson and horrid realization of who they really are.

Enhances the connection to our emotions so that we don’t feel disconnected to ourselves.

Baneful: Destroys the sense of self in the wicked.

Causes the wicked to lose touch with reality and who they are in a very abstract way. Their realization is very harsh, self-annihilating and disorienting causing a severe life realization and lesson.

  1. Harachel –

Destroys the illusion of sexual disorientation so that those who are sexually confused find illumination / ascension.

Causes big moments of insight for those who are very hard working.

Baneful: Creatively destroys enemies in all ways they can’t expect.

Devastating power that destroys smart / clever enemies in all ways that they would never expect. Forces a deep and severe life lesson and realization after all is said and done.

  1. Metzerel –

Baneful: Causes confusion in enemies who have wronged us.

Destroys their thoughts as they apply to us so that we are no longer part of their plans whatsoever. They are confused in general and any plans to harm other and do wrong are destroyed. They are forced through a mild lesson of personal crisis and they learn about who they truly are.

  1. Umabel –

Brings you friends who are most suited to help you on your path to illumination (and you benefit them – mutual evolution).

Encourages those who are most in resonance with your path to come into your life for mutual benefitting relationships (they become good friends).

Discourages those who are enemies to your life path from ever crossing your path.

Baneful: Destroys households that are run by the wicked.

Obscure power that destroys those in a family that are running unethical projects that hurt both the family and rest of the community.

  1. Yahahel –

Creates disharmony in those who try to manipulate you as an attempt to disrupt your spiritual path.

Establishes who are you and what you want, without uncertainty.

Destroys self-doubt as it applies to your growth, who you truly are, and what your life purpose is.

Enables you and others to see how amazing you are, and how your talents can help them succeed.

Baneful: Creates relationship mayhem for the wicked.

Destroys the harmony and grace wicked people have in their relationships and reveals them for who they truly are.

  1. Anuel –

Protect your illumination from those who can potentially harm you (gives you magickal / physical protection against enemies during your evolution).

Shows you how to grow your business in exponential ways, at the right time.

Creates huge windfalls out of big business deals.

Establishes useful biz connections for those who need it most.

Baneful: Destroy personal protection and property

This is slightly obscure because most people don’t realize how valuable protection is until they don’t have it. This could be magickal and/or physical, and once they lose valuable property it’s always a problem. Causes deep reflections of personal insecurity, emotional turmoil and deep reflection of the past and forces them through valuable life lessons.

  1. Machiel –

Boosts creativity for those seeking creative enlightenment.

Enhances written creativity for those struck by writers block.

Destroys creative blocks for those in any artistic trade.

Baneful: Destroys creativity in a target

This is a lethal power in more ways than one because most people under estimate how much they need creativity in their everyday lives. Once your target realizes they cannot think / act in the same way, it causes confusion, emotional angst, partial self-crisis reflection, and a number of other personal identity questions.

  1. Damebiah –

Destroys ignorance for those who always try to feign not knowing stuff (forces mild illumination / evoultion).

Creates understanding in the foolish about subjects they are desperately trying to learn.

Forces understanding of business matters for struggling biz owners who need a breakthrough. They also flourish in business in their own way.

Baneful: Destroys Business Success

Destroys business success and profitability for enemies who are inherently unethical. If they act unjustly this will literally light their lives on fire, thereby their businesses, creating a serious life collapse that will drive them partially into their own illumination. The primary effect is that they are no longer in business.

  1. Menakel –

Creates stunning life changing insight for those who need a swift kick in the ass (they always don’t get obvious shit).

Gives insight to those who work for it.

Allows one to work most efficiently within their trade. If you don’t know how to work within your business, job, personal life in the most efficient / effective manner, this will show you how to do that while also re aligning you to your path.

Baneful: Destroys Tempers through illumination

If someone you know has a temper, this can destroy those hot emotions by pushing them through illumination. This causes them to reflect on the damage their anger has caused and creates something like an emotional meltdown for them where they have to reevaluate who the fuck they really are. Quite a startling experience, but most often used for loved ones rather than enemies.

  1. Iyahel –

Increases understanding of your illumination path so you can understand yourself better.

Increase the positive popularity of yourself in groups, business, career etc.

Causes a life breakthrough through startling insight. Can lead those who are severely off track back onto their paths.

Baneful: Creates Notoriety through Horrendous Rumors

This creates popularity in the worst way possible: people know and think about you through nasty rumors that ruin your reputation. This actually causes the target to wake up, see that they are harming people, and move to a different life path / career so they don’t hurt anymore people. This tends to be reserved for nasty powerful people who think that all attention is good attention. No, it fucking is NOT.

  1. Chavuiah –

Shows you how far you can push yourself for your evolution / illumination so you know how much to grow.

Creates understanding in those who are foolish.

Enhancing understanding for parents who act / think foolishly.

Baneful: Creates Spiritual Awareness through Severe Life Disruption

Obscure power that forces an enemy / target to wake up to all that they have done wrong in life. This can be a hideous life awakening, though illuminating, can cause the feeling that they are in a full mid-life crisis. Very powerful but startling / shocking and greatly disrupted event.

  1. Raahel –

Illuminates your sexual life as you ascend with your own evolution.

Creates a better environment for those who need peace.

Baneful: Kills bad habits and anxieties

Removes the bad habits and anxieties / fears from a target. This can be for enemies or friends you want to stop acting awkwardly and/or get over past crap they cling onto.

  1. Yabahmiah –

Creation of hideous thoughts in those who deserve an awakening. Acts as the catalyst for foolish people who never learn their lessons.

Smooths your ascension if things get rough.

Creates harmony between you and others.

Baneful: Death of the past self through illumination

If you want an enemy / loved one to “wake up” this is a hideously strong attack to use. Not so much an attack as it is helping them to get better through pain, discomfort, suffering and massive life turbulence. It’s not even funny how crazy their lives will get, but it is essential that they come out alive rather than tortured by the past. Best to use on friends who you want to see grow into their best selves

  1. Hayiel –

Opens up your magick by expanding your access to the third eye.

Deepens your connection to the divine through love.

Baneful: Disrupts / Destroys Spiritual Path

This is a big one. This causes a life crisis for anyone who needs a spiritual awakening, but refuses to change for themselves. Causes deep self-questioning, a loss of self-identity, and a horrific realization that they are completely off track with their lives. Guides them to be better eventually, but the short term results are devastating.

  1. Mumiah –

Accelerates your illumination by forcing you through lessons you don’t realize you need.

Opens up your heart to accepting loved ones for who they are.

Baneful: Destroys personal projects / biz development projects

Destroys your enemies’ ability to complete projects and/or the project in its entirety. Also destroys business projects as they are being developed, or close to fruition. Your enemies won’t know what hit them.


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