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Archangel Powers


protection, truth, loyalty, trustworthiness, create barrier against anger and fear, remove the curse of fear, shield against remote attacks, weaken anyone / anything who bullies, silence those who speak against you


anti influence, bad luck protection, loyalty inducer, speed up perception of time, enhance enjoyment of period of life / situation / event, bring loved ones closer, brings in genuine friends, causes one to see the meaning of a situation, brings happiness after a time of distress, creates serenity during a time of challenges, focuses the mind on important projects when it counts the most


good luck, protection curses, loyalty enhancer, business, protection, influence (small nudge), slow down perception of time, learn unual knowledge with ease, find practical solutions to mysterious problems, find motivation when overwhelmed, gain perspective in a difficult situation, play music well in performance, compose music creatively, work creatively with great honesty and depth


good influence, keep others safe, keep children safe, make weather better, life guidance, revealing the truth of a situation/ others, keeping up with complex projects, managing your time better, understanding complex subjects with ease


see how a relationship will develop, know how somebody feels about you, clear your mind, promote fertility and pregnancy, obtain clear insight into what you really want, find your way when lost, understand how others relate to you in a way you perfectly understand.


maintain a creative project, improve courage in a specific area of life, to project love (have them feel your love), understand essential knowledge, make somebody know you have been hurt, to weather the storm


find a solution when all seems lost, understand that which seems incomprehensible, develop original ideas, access your magickal ability, see the truth about a situation


experience authentic optimism, increase the perception of beauty, bring beauty into expression, beautify your environment, understand the beauty in others – especially when others don’t see it, removes past misconceptions about a person, place or thing, removes nasty beliefs that don’t serve us anymore, connects us to our higher selfs


find immediate solutions to complex problems, find peace when mentally troubled, plan with a sense of foresight and perspective, find lost objects, improve the quality of that which is sought, release anger, removes the feeling of idleness / being stuck, creates peace where there is tense conflict, removes anger where people are very conflict ridden and/or violent, creates peace where there is potential for conflict in any form


heal painful memories, understanding your role in the past, understand present possibility, bring prosperous fortune to a venture, improve intuition, improve visual imagination, experience emotions without restriction, recover from loss, break a habit, improve sexual experience


make a wise decision with speed, clarify a message to others, find serenity in a tempest, establish emotional boundaries, to expand boundaries, creates humor out of very serious situations


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