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Business & Success

Business and success were always connected.

(If you’d like to evolve your financial life in general – Wealth Magick – Financial Evolution)

Here you will embody both successfully, and your life will never be the same.

Business Overhaul – $1175

If you are struggling to find your direction, this can help.

This gives you pretty much everything you need to go from stuck and idle to complete clarity and understanding of what you need to do to get ahead.

Improve My Client Outreach – $1930

If you need more clients and more satisfied customers in general this will help you get all that you need to improve money flow and your client pools.

Increase the ROI of My Marketing – $1850 per month

Make your current marketing efforts stretch – $1 creates $2, $3, $4 and beyond (this gives insight into how to manually increase your ROI).

You don’t need to increase your marketing budget to make this work. Somehow your current budget will just create more profit for you. Almost like magick.

Ultimate Success $3600

Here you get perfect insight, luck, success, and everything that is needed to get you from where you are now to exactly where you want to be.

This is the inception spark – everything in your reality will shift toward wealth, success and happiness.

Other rituals might be needed later as maintenance to sustain / grow from what this gives you, but this is a great start.

Financial Wisdom – $1950

Get the perfect insight / wisdom that allows you to perfectly master your finances in the best way that fits your situation.

Perfect Biz budget – $1575

Get the perfect insight / wisdom / plan that allows you to perfectly master your budget in the best way that fits your situation.

Discover the Perfect Business – $900

Not sure what to do or what industry to enter? Get the perfect insight you need at just the right time. This is something you can work on for a life time. Your empire starts here.

Discover the Correct Business Adjustments – $875

You don’t know what you don’t know. Isn’t that a pain? Of course! Now let’s do something about those hidden problems in your business you never knew existed. You will also know how to fix them. Problem solved.

Discover the Right Manager – $550 each person

These are very important position that guide the direction of your company. Let’s not make any mistakes. This will bring you the right people for the position.

Discover the Right Employee – $650 each person

Good entry level employees are very hard to find. This will bring you the right people for the position.

Get the Best Business Connections – $450 per event

This works best at biz conferences or anywhere else where there is a big opportunity to link arms with beneficial contacts / connections.

Become a Successful Entrepreneur – $4500

You will embody all the traits of a successful entrepreneur over a 6 months journey. This is intense so don’t under estimate this process. If you are strong in business, it will make you stronger. If you are weak, it will rip you apart and put you back together like a nasty jigsaw puzzle. Are you are ready for the next level?

This gives you a massive foundation – and builds upon what Wealth Magick can take you later when you’re actually profiting.

Inspirational Ideas for Your Business – $750 for each set of ideas

Once you have the ideas, the industry is ALL yours for the taking. Don’t under estimate this power.

Understand your Competition Perfectly – $650 per competitor

Your competition will make perfect sense once you awaken your senses. Detect what they’re doing before they do it.

Be Aware of Industry Changes Perfectly – $815

Understand all changes in your eco-system of business perfectly when it counts the most.

Constrain Your Competition to Minimal Damage – $750 per competitor

If someone is being an asshole, reduce their damage to basically nothing while you flourish from their mistakes.

Understand what Your Enemy Competition is Doing – $625 per competitor

General understanding of what they’re doing and how you can make it better.

Understand How to Overcome Biz Challenges – $1900

Comprehend everything you need to know at just the right time.

Discover the Best Way to Grow / Evolve Your Biz – $1850

Know what, how, what and when for your biz evolution & growth.

Understand Your Business in the Perfect Way to Encourage Organic Growth – $2200

Create natural growth over time simply through understand your biz and the industry / market better.

Create the Best Business Model to Suit My Needs – $1250

You will find the best business model to help your customers and satisfy your passion(s).

Understand How and When To Make the Best Business Moves – $2800 per 6 months

You will know how & when to make those perfect moves. Your biz will grow and it will feel like a miraculous transformation.

Perfectly Avoid All Negative Legal Action – $2350

Legal bullshit plagues every industry. Be the one biz that avoids all of it.

Protect or Get Back Biz Account (paypal) – $950

Getting a business account shut down (namely paypal) can be the biggest pain in the ass possible.

This guides you to getting it back in the shortest amount of time possible. It will either happen through luck, knowing exactly what to say over the phone, or just knowing the right moves to get it back and properly restored.

This gets the account back and protects it permanently.

[this is paid through bank transfer or square cash – both are perfectly fine for this]

Avoid All Biz Disasters – $1500 per 3 months

Protect your biz from every nasty situation that could come up. You know exactly what I mean.

Discover the Perfect Biz Tweaks to make Everything Run Better – $1250

The tweaks are there…but what are they? Discover everything you need at just the right time.

Understand the Misconceptions in Your Industry Perfectly – $1650

Discover what is wrong and right about your industry and know how to transcend your weaknesses to overcome competition.

Discover the Best Way to Enhance Your Biz Generally – $1800

Find all the general enhancements that you can do to make your biz grow almost overnight.

Wealth Magick – Business Evolution

If you want a successful business or a huge boost to already existing enterprise – this will take you beyond the stars.

This is not about creating small change, and can be a complete wealth shift in your life – but now you will be guided to a life positively devoted to wealth in the most positive way possible.

Take note: this can lead to significant change and growth – only pursue this if you are serious about your business and financial growth.

If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types


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