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Greek God Powers


Aids with swimming and enhancing your stroke

Deepens your understanding of the water for swimming


Devastates enemies who attempt to harm us through incredible horrors and devastation completely permeating their lives.

Permanently changes our perception so that we can see our lives and spirituality in a true way that helps us form our beliefs…through very tremendous mental shifts and emotional understanding.


Enhances respiration and breathing for exercise and in general

Boosts oxygen to the brain when the situation calls for it


Enhances understanding of the heavens, atmosphere, space / time and anything that relates to creation of the Greek Gods

Boost brain power during stressful events / need times


Resolves family disputes and lies with truthful illumination for all

Creates deep understanding of past issues so you can let go of the past


Drastically shifts your current situation to be much more positive and smooth, which is greatly useful during catastrophe and disaster situations and moments.

Removes the anxiety and general negativity (angst, anger frustration etc) around situations and events that seemingly require deep resolution and resolve.


Enhances creativity for projects that greatly matter to us.

Gives visions of the far future so that wise and intelligent decisions can be made


Brings out the worst in your enemies so that you can see how they are when emotionally turbulent

Creation of nasty ideas within your enemies so that they fight amongst themselves


Aids relations with our pets (dogs, cats etc) and animals in general.

Creation of brilliant ideas related to pets and caring for them.


Aids doctors, healers and anyone else who helps others through health.

Boosts the understanding of sickness and disease for anyone trying to heal themselves and others.


Helps you find the creative angle in your work life that allows you to do well and flourish long term.

Guides your superiors and higher ups to see your project, work or small job to be something good, and something that leads to much higher praise and reward.

Causes luck and fortune to come to you through very small and startling moments of intense surprise and realization of higher meaning.


Increases insight into how the world works on a macro level. Enhances understanding of world level events: politics, economics, geography, and sociology (among many other subjects)

Enhances understanding of human anatomy


Develops our understanding of complex ideas or situations that need to be make better or concluded in a safe and productive way.

Boosts the regrowth of similar crops on the same field. Causes them to be equal, if not better, than the first round of crops.


Guides you to understand your life purpose and spiritual path a lot easier.

Brings you to understand how to make your daily routine a lot better.


Drastically develops your mind so that you can handle situations that are challenging and very mentally draining, far easier – with better memory and thinking ability in general.

Increases your ability to focus and work, with far greater will power and personal persistence to get what you need…done without focus issues.


Gives understanding of the seasons as they relate to cold and winter.

Enhances appreciation of the cold so that it can be fully understood rather than thought of negatively.

Enhances life understanding and life path; you just understand where you are in life and where you need to go – all life confusion is resolved.


Creates serendipity and luck based on karma.

Makes simple moments very memorable.

Aids the recollection of amazing memories.

Aids the creation of amazing opportunities that lead to self-actualization.

Brings powerful moments that can change one’s life.


Causes enemies to be bound and constrained where they can harm no one.

Disrupts the thoughts of enemies so that they cannot see, hear or detect us in anyway. They are blind to us.

Destroys our enemy’s sense of self and identity so they are no longer able to feel joy. This only happens if they are continually seeking us out in some way, either physically or in thought.


Creates shifts in perception based upon how we understand time and space; basically speeds up and slows down time depending on the situations that we’re in.

Enables understanding of space and time so that we can better understand the universe.


Brings understanding of confusing situations.

Enables us to feel satisfied with awkward bits of time; we are productive at all times, even if we feel we don’t have anything to do.

Gives insight and understanding of the true history of earth as it relates to us. We understand our role in the universe much more.


Enables deep understanding of the dead in a way that benefits our lives.

Gives very powerful insight into our own mortality in a way that gets us to appreciate our lives more.


Brings deep insight to those who are completely stuck in life, and guides them to find themselves in a meaningful and deeper way.

Destroys idleness in those who need to become better, then brings them to see how life can be made better and more fulfilling through a series of intense but simple changes.

Guides us into a project or personal hobby that brings us immense satisfaction long term – then brings us to see how this can be or lead to tangible rewards in our life.


Enables understanding of time and how to make the most use of it.

Creates perfect intuitive feeling of time as it relates to our lives and maximizing each minute and hour to achieve more.


Gives deep reflection over specific periods of time so that we can become better people.

Gives understanding of the heavens, namely angels and other beings that are misunderstood.


Boosts the harvest of all crops and planets.

Brings great enjoyment to passionate hobbies and work.

Enable deep appreciation of time and space.


Develops your work, job – and career understanding in very powerful and deep ways so that you are more satisfied with your work life.

Greatly enhances your finances from mindset to budget…so that you can have less worries about your money life in general.


Aids in preventing future bad habits from forming, especially when you have just dropped one.

Helps heal sore joints and ailments quickly; causes understanding of how to heal and rejuvenate in the fastest time possible.

Creates deep understanding of the pains and ills of others so we can better help them.


Enhances wines and grape harvests; helps wine makers select the best wines.

Boosts creativity in the arts, especially in theatre and acting roles.

Increases joy and appreciation of new knowledge, good drink and food, and powerful ideas.


Causes hidden meaning to be understood in a new context.

Causes deep life shifts such that you are re-aligned with your true path; you start to understand yourself as you truly are and all life confusion is dissolved away.

Creates deep understanding of what dark spirits are, and guides you to work with those you most resonate with.

Enables one to feel a deep connection to the divine as it relates to darkness and hidden knowledge of our universe.


Enhances sexual desire, attraction and love within already established relationships.

For those trying to conceive a child, he can also help with boosting fertility.


Causes tempers to reduce and for deep understanding of the seasonal shifts.

Gives deep understanding of the warmer seasons and how our evolution relates to them.


Enhances the amount of fish caught by fisherman. Use right before fishing to increase fish count.

Gives insight into the best fishing spots within your area (can be used to find the best general area for fishing if you need to locate a spot)


Gives enemies a foreboding feeling of our power so they won’t mess with us.

Prevents enemies from harming our lives in a way that we are greatly affected or harmed in obvious or significant ways.


Gives very powerful ambition that others can sense.

Increases your sense of personal power so you can power through challenges and projects.

Allows others to see the best of you so misperception and judgement cannot happen.


Gives us insight during work projects that require great creativity.

Causes amazing visions of what our work can become with the present effort; can also give us visions of the near future, of what our efforts can bring us.

God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. Created weapons for the gods and married to Aphrodite.


Dissolves very unfavorable and horrific situations such that you can think easier and life gets a lot smoother and less worrisome – and your enemies find extreme challenges and strife in almost basic and all aspects of who they are.

Develops a massive life meltdown for those who have continually worked against us, then reveals them in a horrifying way to all that are closest and mean the most to them – concludes in a terrifying catastrophe that brings cataclysm to that persons life completely, and destroys their reputation forever.

Causes incredible clarity and insight for those who are very confused about the negative and damaging acts of others – leads the relevant people to correct the situation and guide everything back to justice…even if that means pain for all relevant and closely related parties.


Become powerful in mind and body; aids those who exercise and want to become fit and lean.

Creates a powerful body that is very under estimated by others; it doesn’t look powerful, but it is very powerful.

Destroys any nutrition lies by getting to the root of what’s good for you and what should be avoided for your particular diet.


Guides situations related to money exchange to be fair and beneficial to all involved.

Brings deep calm and peace to those who are troubled by very tough and rough situations.

Enables deeper appreciation of our routines and daily activities so that we can find greater joy in the world in general.


Helps us stay productive into the evening.

Causes great lust for our partners at night; helps partners stay aroused during intimate moments.


Brings incredible pain to those who act indirectly and directly against us for a brutal life disaster.

Baits our enemies into very horrifying situations that bring them into the highest levels of pain, terror and guides their worst selves to be revealed to everyone around them.

Allows you to understand how to make life in general incalculably better through a series of small changes and enhancements.


Aids the establishment of marriage between genuinely loving couples and marriage ceremonies; causes the ceremony to go very smoothly and be memorable.

Develops the loving bond between long term genuine relationships that are meant to do well; causes them to feel a very deep and emotional bond.


Greatly enhances ability to fall asleep.

Aids creation of pleasant dreams so that nightmares aren’t a bother.


Guides you to see and feel into all the ways you can make your life better with very small shifts and moves that you can do almost over night.

Brings you to see who among your circles is untrustworthy or evil so that you can easily detach yourself from them and move on without much effort.

Opens your mind and eyes to see what your true life path is so that you can make all the necessary moves and mindset changes to be more aligned with who you really are.


Enhances and develops projects and situations to a very high level by guiding all involved to make everything the best and highest it can be in a short amount of time – it all becomes far better off than if they had never worked the same way before…deep life lessons for everyone involved.

Removes the problems and hurdles that cause a person, situation or project to be completely stuck, idle or just not moving at all – then guides all relevant people to get the most out of that situation or thing until everyone is better than happy.

Completely destroys arrogant and over confident people and brings them through a life catastrophe, and a series of major disasters where they realize that nothing is good – they are then made to reflect on how badly they have been, and everything conclusion with a life cataclysm that brings their worst nightmares and enemies back into their lives.


Enhances manifestation of our desires and general wealth attainment.

Develops our understanding of our finances so that we are never caught off guard by problems; we are greatly enabled to detect issues and prevent them.

Grants the ability to know which financial path or decision is best for us; guides us to the wisest decision that will help us long term.


Greatly enhances strength and power when most needed.

Boosts understanding of the body such that you know how to maximize your strength and agility through nutrition and exercise.


Removes confusion and frustration when dealing with insanely complex things, then guides you to understand everything better.

Forces very confused people to see the truth of a situation so that they can move on with whatever they need.

Attracts in very useful people and tools that can help you with a thing you haven’t even thought about that can enhance your life in very drastic ways.


Encourages deep growth by smoothing out turbulent periods and brings you to see the good in almost every situation

Develops your sense of what you can achieve so that everything feels within reach and you start working for bigger and more realistic but larger goals.

Creates hideous visions for those who try to thwart your efforts and your life; guides them to be extremely confused and focused on themselves and their own problems every time they attempt to think about you.


Enables us to embrace our spiritual side, allowing us to boost our intuition naturally long term.

Grants us the ability to see whether others help or hinder our life paths so that we can act most wisely in removing or shifting them out of our lives.

Brings others to see the truth of a situation so that conflict is prevented and they are given situation resolution in a very powerful way they likely didn’t expect.


Greatly enhances insight as it relates to any projects we have going on flourishing long term.

Guides finances to be perfectly fine during a period of incredible hardship or immense strain.

Removes the idea that we might be doing things incorrectly, then guides us to perfectly do whatever it is that we need…long term.


Develops conflict between your enemies so that they completely leave you alone and destroy each other in their own war.

Reveals our inner insecurities and shows us how to address them perfectly in a way that resolves them long term.

Causes others to see us as powerful and genuine for whatever setting we might need the best of us to shine through.


Greatly enhances genuine popularity so that your project can be greatly successful.

Brings out the worst in others around you so that you can detect whether you want them in your life or not.

Enables us to understand ourselves in a way that helps us to completely align with our true life paths.


Enhances wit, ability to handle mockery, censorship, writing and poetry.

Removes blame and unjustified criticism.

Brings out the creativity in whatever your artistic outlet is.


Shifts your understanding of any situation to increase understanding / take on someone else’s point of view.

Shifts the way you look so that others perceive you differently.

Can cause a complete reality shift. If you want a 180 degree change to your life situation, he is the one to work with. You will have a radical shift from this guy, and everything will be better and different.


Destroys all enemy actions as they are aimed at us, then guides us into a far better situation.

Causes our enemy’s success to be our own through very creative developments.

Forces us to see what we have done wrong and causes us to correct all errors immediately.


Causes us perfect understanding of situation that were previously complex and confusing, or just things we could never quite remotely understand.

Develops our sense of adventure so that we are not shy about exploring things more openly; also attracts far better people into our lives so that everything is made better through more genuine interaction.

Grants us deep understanding of others in a way that prevent future conflict and misunderstanding; also dissolves current conflict and misunderstanding.


Causes death of misunderstanding of the past and present.

Causes the oblivious to see the truth in any situation.


Causes speedy development of very time sensitive situations.

Brings very annoying and meddlesome people to undergo a severe series of life calamities and devastation moments of impossible destruction.


Destroys hot tempers by cooling them down almost instantly.

Causes understanding of why people get so angry and short tempered.


Greatly enhances your perception and intuition so that you understand certain situations…far deeper, and better in general.

Destroys horrible enemies that keep blocking us in certain ways, or else keep harming us in very problematic ways.


Protects travels at sea and any water body (lake, river etc).

Guides worthy travelers to see amazing sea life if applicable.

Destroys the misconceptions related to sea life – master of the sea.


Opens your eyes to see what your true path is; causes deep life shifts if you are off track / in need of deep re-alignment – all life misunderstanding and personal confusion gets removed.

Resolves conflict during trying times. This can be conflict between people or groups.

Causes understanding of another’s position to help resolve conflict. Can be for you or others.


Creates more loving relationships where there is conflict and confusion.

Deeply develops our life understanding as we think about and meditate with our passions and hobbies.


Enhances understanding of the sciences. Can be for school or personal study…or whatever!

Boosts comprehension of the elements / chemistry

Boosts mathematical understanding


Promotion of wealth / wealthy ideas when you need inspiration and/or a life breakthrough.

Increase understanding of your money and budget so that you make far fewer foolish decisions.

Makes new projects and biz ventures very profitable

Causes random windfalls through serendipity


Aids with the caring of animals.

Causes belief in the truth, especially if believable lies linger around.

Forces the wicked to retreat if they pose a threat to the innocent.


Aids with the discovery of new ideas.

Plants the seed of understanding in the foolish and stupid.


Controls and shifts how people behave and react in certain situations.

Guides through very confusing situations where there might not be a clear or obvious idea of what to do.

Aids with the caring of loved ones who are problematic.


Destroys old misconceptions of love and sex.

Aids crops and plants; allows for greater harvests.


Enhances understanding of livestock and powerful animals.

Boosts memory as it relates to how animals live and move around.


Causes very graceful and smooth thinking so that problematic thoughts and actions get eradicated.

Helps you create very creative solutions out of nothing.


Promotes virility and personal power (physical / mental strength during stressful times).

Promotion of sexual ideas in the bedroom (spices up sex life).


Brings us to understand deep personal and general lessons we need in order to avoid pain the in the future.

Causes our life to completely align to who we truly are so that we have no confusion or deep personal issues carried forward in our lives.

Develops our sense of intuition in a way that allows us to know who is best to keep and remove from our lives; also guides us to develop wisdom from our intuition so that we are far less foolish in general.


Brings love and compassion to a situation that is over whelmed with conflict, confusion and intense frustration.

Guides you to remember past events in a clearer way so that you do not have as many misunderstandings.


Causes deep sorrow to enemies who have done much wrong against others.

Destroys enemy’s sense of direction as it relates to their devious plans.

Develops understanding of enemies so that they cannot harm you whatsoever.


Causes death of the past and our connection to emotional heartache.

Allows us to let go of fear, guilt and shame.


Strikes enemies with deep fear and angst regarding their devious plans.

Destroys enemy’s ability to hear or think in terms of their devious plans.


Causes you to see insanely creative ways to resolve, fix, enhance or change a situation, project or thing in general to be obviously and impossibly better.

Removes the doubt and skepticism in people who just need to work or move on with an idea, project or series of things that they (or yourself) are completely idle or stuck on.

Causes very confuses enemies to be completely revealed to their worst enemies so that a horrifying confrontation takes place…leaving them completely broken and ruined.


Causes life turbulence for those who are unethical.

Destroys the luck of those who are unethical and/or unjust.


Enhances understanding of the idea of multiple gods and paradigms.

Boosts our divine connection to the gods of different paradigms.


Causes great motivation through ambition.

Destroys unhealthy rivalry, jealousy, envy, emulation and obsession.


Causes the acceleration of situations such that a conclusion is reached faster.

Destroys our enemy’s ability to prosper in anyway.


Creates justice where there is damage from deeply unethical events.

Tells humans which spirits best suits their needs (you’ll just know).


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