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Planetary Spirits

Mercury –

Develops your popularity so that your projects can prosper and be much more well known and accepted.

Guides your thoughts and emotions to be clear and leveled in very strained and rough situations.

Saturn –

Guides the evil and hideous people around you to go through massive life meltdowns in a very rough and horrifying way.

Brings you life clarity when you think everything should be fine, but things feel a bit off or unsettled.

Uranus –

Grants deep understanding of any situation or event so that you are not left in confusion; you just know how everything comes together, even going into the future.

Propels your comprehension of a topic of importance into a much higher and deeper zone such that you can gain expertise in that area without too many problems.

Jupiter –

Enhances and amplifies anything to the point that a thing or situation is made better through raw effort and determination to get things concluded, accomplished or done in a very safe and more than satisfactory way.

Causes events and situations to be much smoother by allowing those who are troubled or anxious (even angry) to find peace within that event or situation so that everything can finish, conclude and end successfully without too many issues popping up.

Pluto –

Destroys negative or massively unhealthy ideas or beliefs from your mind and life so that you can move forward completely refreshed and reborn.

Brings your enemies to reveal themselves and flips their attacks against you to create success, prosperity and happiness for you in general.

Mars –

Causes enemies to feel incredible strife and mental torment as they push into a new level of personal hate and neglect.

Destroys our personal weaknesses so that we feel and experience life completely and to our fullest potential.

Neptune –

Guides you to understand any confusion or misunderstandings from the past so that everything just fits together completely perfectly and well without any hindrances or problems.

Develops your intuition as it relates to feeling into situations, events and any other thing or idea where you want to see how things might develop.

Venus –

Cuts off the self love in enemies so that they know how horrible and badly they have been acting, and guides them to be a lot more self reflective so they know exactly how crazily bad things can get.

Guides you to develop your love life to either meet your true love or else just enhance a current genuinely long term relationship; brings you to understand if a relationship has long term merit or not.


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