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Elementals Spirit Powers

Fire Elementals…

Bothigan – Regulates heated emotions, time and space – helps to restore balance in those who are mentally unstable or emotionally unkept.

Helps those who need internal peace and balance regain themselves so that they are not so emotional.

Guides the restless to understand their problems far easier so that their worlds and lives do not feel so antsy and weird.

Etansy – Creates a stable internal understanding and serenity for those who are plagued by life problems continually.

Establishes great life change for those who desire a far greater and better life rather than a possible mid life crisis, which forces us to shift life course and direction over nothing at all.

Generates incredible momentum and speed for various projects and whatever we need to have work out short term and long term, going into the future – but only works for necessary and things we have worked on for some time.

Grantey – Smashes misconception and destroys inner doubt regarding anything we hold personal or very close to us, then guides us to understand the full truth of our circumstances and situation as whole.

Guides us through a very turbulent and rocky, though positively challenging period that we know will help us (works for career and work, school or personal and family matters), and shifts our lives and worlds out in a way that generates deep life understanding for us and mildly for those around us.

Destroys any illusions and misconceptions that our worlds and lives are anything but what they are – then guides us to understand what we’ve been mislead on, and reveals our proper path and true life purpose.

Water Elementals…

Ragesti – Encourages the weak and misguided to find their way and path in life, then changes their thinking and actions to be completely aligned with a more positive and happier life.

Removes the lingering feeling of emotional and mental doubt  or skepticism we have for situations that are perfectly fine, but we have odd and weird (possibly negative) thoughts about.

Instills great positive feelings and thoughts into those who need very indirect and passive encouragement to get something large and big done in their lives.

Yastiesi – Brings our enemies into massively explosive situations where they are revealed and destroyed in the same instant, thereby bringing their negativity and horrid acts to an end.

Causes us to see the best in all situations in which a great or even mildly positive yield will be gained, then guides us to understand how everything can be smoothly and safely concluded.

Destroys our enemies in the worst ways that hurt the most, then shifts them out of our lives so that they live on in torment away from us completely.

Bushieti – Aids those who are most able to help you long term, then provides them with insights on how they can help develop your situation or project in the best ways possible.

Guides those who are completely wrong or mistaken to correct their ways and thoughts as quickly as possible.

Flips horrible situations so that we benefit in a very creative and unexpected way such that our lives are made quite a bit better and our emotions and thoughts are made clearer in general.

Wind Elementals

Sheyeti – Mentally converts those who are basically delusioned and are convinced of thoughts and ideas that are obviously not true, then changes their thinking so that they are no longer acting and thinking in foolish and stupid ways.

Causes those who attempt to harm or hinder our life paths to leave our lives completely, and we are left with valuable insights and ways to prevent similar people from entering our lives ever again.

Grants us insight into pulling in greater income over time, or for very short term situations where we need cash on hand but don’t have any obvious or easy means to receive what we need.

Galienti – Changes and shifts out entire very inconvenient and regrettable situations so that we are actually benefiting in an incredibly positive and fruitful way that can develop to be a long term positive thing.

Causes the stupid and very aggressive to leave our lives entirely so that we are left with only good and positive things and situations in our lives.

Grants great positive change to those are have worked long and hard for something good in their lives, then allows us to see how we can change our lives for the better through very simple and small changes.

Hayieti – Forces us to understand and perceive whole situations completely differently, in such a way that our lives and worlds are transformed into a more ideal reality.

Enables us to understand how to craft and reshape situations and our lives as a whole into something much more ideal and aligned with what we want so that our futures are far more aligned and much brighter than we could have ever imagined.

Guides us to understand deeply problematic situations in a way that forces us and others to understand why things happened, then shifts everyones thinking so that all who are involved are made better off.

Earth Elementals

Catiente – Changes the thoughts and thinking of the wicked so that they are revealed and forced into a life of horrible situations until they are destroyed by their own evil acts.

Causes the aggressive and evil people to get annihilated by their own stupid thinking and destroys them completely through incredibly outrageous situations that cannot be avoided (for them).

Enables us  to see how we can make our lives better through incredibly unexpected developments that shake us and leave us almost speechless in very unique and insightful ways.

Waltey – Creates a massive and positive shift and earth shattering situation and change for those who need a dramatic and almost mind bending life change very quickly.

Helps us transition into a new life smoothly and efficiently in a way that guides the bad people and situations away from us, and guides us to be around positive and beneficial situations and those who can help us best.

Causes our worst enemies to go through an incredible life crisis where their evil is revealed to them in a very obvious and life traumatizing way, such that their entire worlds collapse and they are left in the worst possible situation.

Petrise – Enables the wicked and evil to understand their own bad and negative actions such that they are forced to self reflect and know how bad they have been, then pushes them through a period of deep fear, regret and self hate such that they are mentally and emotionally destroyed.

Guides us to understand and enact great change in our lives such that the evil people are forced away from us in very unexpected ways that leave them destroyed and ruined, and our lives far better off.

Causes very bad people to reveal themselves in incredibly horrible and awkward ways that literally leaves them and their entire worlds completely ruined and almost beyond any type of repair – then shifts them so that they cannot harm anyone else ever again, but we are left with very valuable life insight on how to make our worlds and lives much better.


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