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Elemental Rituals

The elemental spirits are a very under estimated and often misunderstood bunch.

If you want to harness their power to enhance your life, here you go:

1 Ritual – $1800

These spirits when used together can be called upon to attain any desire – so the listed powers below are only a sample of what you can achieve; you just have to let me know what to make the ritual for, and we will work from there to get everything settled and worked out with the spirits.

Just look over their powers HERE. They enjoy working with people looking to boost themselves spiritually.

Elementals List and Powers


Sample email: Water Elemental Ritual…

Hi, I would like open up my fathers mind to accepting new ideas more.

I want this to primarily affect being retired so that he doesn’t reject and get annoyed by not having to work anymore.

If possible, i would also like this to affect his relationship with my mother so that they get along easier.

He’s at the house more so i don’t want them to have conflict. I just want them to get along.

Is there anything else i need to give to you. Perhaps their names?

Thank you.

My response to the email:

Got it. The rituals are already starting. And nope, i don’t need the names of anyone. The spirits know who to help.


If you have any ritual questions email me:

Send email to: magickislife@gmail.com

Join the facebook group:


If you need something else – Here Are All The Rituals Types


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