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Baneful Magick

Does someone you know need a little lesson?

(if you want guidance from the Qlippoth Angels – their baneful magick is quite powerful)

I won’t specify what the damage is, because the spirits determine that.

Just keep in mind what you want done to them, and after you buy you will get insight into what will likely happen.

Don’t pull the trigger and buy if you aren’t serious.

Baneful services:

Club to the head – Normal curse $650

They will know without a doubt that they f*cked up!

Smashed in the face – Large curse $825

Sometimes they need a little extra pain to learn their lesson. That’s all.

Life destroyer – Ultimate Destruction $1450

They’re literally just in power to screw people over and no one wants that. This will literally set their lives on fire.

This is about justification. If they haven’t done anything, no damage will be done. If they are truly assholes, the damage will be quite obvious.

Don’t even think about causing death without reason. Baneful magick is about lessons through pain, and now you understand why killing is a VERY rare thing for the magick world.

This is some serious stuff. You have been warned.

Mild Torture & Torment (that creates deep lessons):

Emotional Duress – $910

This lasts roughly a week and produces guilt and shame for past actions. It also causes fear for causing the victim any further damage.

You should see signs that this is working, but you must be observant as the target might become withdrawn and/or reclusive.

Reveal Your Enemies for Their Faults – $825

This reveals your enemies and their bullshit. This causes reputation damage in proportion to how crappy they act on a continual basis.

They will be publicly revealed in some horrible way where all their loved ones see them for who they are AND they will suffer extreme guilt and shame for what they did.

Enemy Destruction + Removal – $940

This is for a mild to medium enemy who attacks you indirectly (or mildly directly) and you just want the punished and GONE out of your life.

Very powerful service that will destroy all they take for granted in their lives, giving them a huge and nasty lesson, all the while removing them from your life an sphere of influence.

In some cases you might find that they just disappear without warning.

Enemy Removal – $750

When you just want them gone out of your life / environment / work / sphere of influence…THIS is what you need and they will be gone.

Don’t look for justification about why they left. It will likely just happen at random.

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