1.  Medium Windfall aimed at reducing / removing debt:

2. Protect / Get Back Biz Account (paypal):

3. Influence a Person/ Group:

4. Demon Ritual: Bune – Manifest a reasonable amount of money for a great need

5. Get Out of Debt

6. Demon Ritual: Ronove – Receive Important Insight

7. Make Your Money Go Further

8. Get the Perfect Tax Return

9. Tiny Windfall (money)

10. Attract ideal job

11. Two Angel Rituals for Success and love

12. Demon rituals with Valefor and Bael – Remove money problems and life clarity

13. Angel and Demon rituals with Mahasiah + Vual – Make turbulent periods a lot smoother and luck to resolve problems

14. Life Breakthrough and Success With Aniel and Valac

15. Angel Rituals with Vehuel and Yelahiah for emotional strength and life clarity

16. Fallen Angel Ritual with Four Spirits targeting life clarity, mental growth and understanding yourself better