Personal Consultations

Personal consultations gets you in front of me for an intimate private session where we talk about your issues / topics / whatever.

You email me your questions before your call and I’ll have the answers ready with whatever else you need.

Simple. Straight forward. No bullshit.

This can be done over skype, facebook video chat or whatever other system you prefer.

It cannot be done over cellphone app. It must be desktop or online app (highest quality – cellphone apps glitch too much).

Video call rates:

30 minute video call – $150

60 minute video call – $300


Once you book a call, send all your questions to my email here:



Questions must be received prior to the call to maximize time efficiency. We both have other things to do, and i don’t want to waste your time.

I answer all your questions and talk to you about it on the call.

You get the email with your questions answered after the call for reference.


Aside from that, ff you have any questions or concerns just message me or email me: