Magical Defense & Control

by admin on January 16, 2018

Need serious protection / defense?

If you want enhanced life success and motivation…

…why not seek out the demons for guidance?

Protection is often an under estimated power.

Whether it is magickal or physical protection, this can help.

Magickal protection – $85 per 2 months

If you knowing people are cursing, just do this and everything should be fine.

Also reveals who has been cursing you.

Physical protection – $75 per months

This will keep your enemies away and their plans completely f*cked while you flourish in your own way.

If you have unknown enemies, they will be revealed.

Protect Your Business – $250 per year

This prevents any unexpected disasters, unjustified lawsuits, natural disasters, and other bad luck related incidences from hitting your biz.

If you run a legitimate / ethical business, nothing will derail you.

Protect Against Accidents – $25 per months

This is for the accident prone / klutzes who just want to be less awkward. Those events will be eliminated from your life, including those who cause those events in your life. If they cannot be removed, they will have that tendency removed from them.

This also protects against general accidents, whether they are a normal occurrence and/or from bad luck.

Remove Unwanted Attention / Make You Unseen – $28 per month

Sometimes you just want to be unseen / invisible so that others leave you alone. This removes you from all unwanted attention completely so they can’t detect you’re around.

Even if they look right at you, they cannot “see” you as their perception has been altered.

Whatever your situation is, this can work VERY well.

Protection Against Stalkers – $45 per month

If anyone is giving you serious unwanted attention, this will remove you from their attention and them from your life completely.

Protection Against Hacking & Identity Theft – $135 per years

This protects and prevents any and all digital attempts of hacking and/or identity theft. It just won’t happen to you.

Stop Gossip & Rumors – $18

You know word spreads fast. But what if it’s all chaty horseshit and lies? This will effectively stop all gossip and rumors against you or any others you target. You will also know who has started the rumors if that is relevant to you.

Protection Against STD’s – $35 per 3 months

If there was ever a question about your partners sexual health, this will ensure things go alright.

This also reveals if your partner has anything before they can contaminate you with it. You will just have a gut feeling as soon as it happens.

Protection While Traveling – $35 | $95 | $175

This accounts for all situations where there are active and/or unknown threats while you go about your business.

This service is setup to give you insight so you know which level to pick for your particular situation.

Curse Reversal (protection) $22

If you know you’re being attacked, or at least suspect it, this can make things really interesting.

This is about reversing the curse, turning into positive energy, and making you successful.

The ultimate comeback for your enemies is for them to see you succeed when you should technically be going down. Very curious how that turns out, isn’t it?

The curse rebounds, they receive the damage, and you win out. They won’t see it coming.

Protection from Influence – $27

Whether it’s just an asshole at work, or someone who just likes to throw their weight around in your sphere of influence. You will be immune to their bullshit and be able to spot when they’re trying to influence you and others.

Protect thy family & friends – $50 per months

Physical and magickal protection for your family and friends. They will be in a very powerful cloak of protection where enemies can’t detect or see them.

Protect my home from all outside negativity – $75 per months

Sometimes a good family is in a crap neighborhood. Instead of getting more locks for your front door, why not just make your home & family unseen and thereby undisturbed?

Applies to every inch of your property including family.


(all transactions can be paid through Paypal or Square cash)

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