Elementals List and Powers

by admin on March 22, 2018

Fire Elementals:

Control emotions long term – gain insight into why you’re the way you way & control it well.

Boost understanding of your life path and the different challenges you have faced.

Create creative solutions out of really confusing situations.

Enhance understanding of others through insight and emotional / intellectual understanding.

Water Elementals:

Deepen appreciation for events / situations / life in general.

Open your mind to new ideas, especially major life shifts that make you uncomfortable.

Bring new people into your life who can help you with your goals and achievement – mutually benefiting.

Enhance understanding of your relationship to past challenges and conflict with others.

Wind Elementals:

Enhance understanding of your breathing and how to increase your oxygen intake / efficiency (very good for athletics / exercise).

Brings understanding to situations where you lost control, or a challenge that you couldn’t handle from the present or past.

Enables understanding of your guilt, shame and fear and how you can transcend those limitations going forward.

Boosts your ability to cope with stressful situations if there are temperamental / angry people around.

Earth Elementals:

Enhances ability to stick to a healthy diet (you are guided to the right foods that are perfect for you).

Brings awareness of the plants and how to care for them better – you use them to enhance your life (herbology).

Creates awareness / knowledge of the nutrients we are deficient in and gives us insight on how to correct them.

Brings better choices to those who embrace the earth and respect it – heightens their general wisdom.

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