Egyptian God Rituals

by admin on June 7, 2018

These seriously powerful Gods, and they can help you in ways you likely didn’t know what possible.

If you know exactly the power / god you want, order here:

1 Ritual (up to 2 powers) – $35

2 Rituals (up to 4 powers) – $63

3 Rituals (up to 6 powers) – $98

Look up which power / god you want HERE.

Egyptian gods and their powers

Take some time to look through their powers. You might find some interesting combinations that you really enjoy using.


Sample email: Egyptian God ritual…

Hi, I have ordered an Anubis ritual to cause my enemy to fear me and not do anything against me.

This has been an ongoing problem and just needs to stop.

Do you need their names or is this all that’s required?



My response to the email:

Got it. The ritual is already under way.

Anubis already knows who your enemy is and they won’t be a problem in the near future.

Just let me know if you need anything else, but as i said your ritual has already begin and nothing future is required of you.


If you have any questions or concerns just message me or email me:



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