Archangel Powers

by admin on March 17, 2018

[If you would like a ritual –Here Are The Archangel Rituals]


Everything related to business and money growth
Ability to see the future of a business project or money related venture
Enhanced ability to handle stressful situations with ease
Enhanced ability to communicate with others so that they know exactly what you mean
Grants great insight so that you know what to do in any given situation
Attain any desire; allows you insight and guidance on attaining any desire you wish.


Protection for physical and magickal.
Reveals those who are loyal, trustworthy and able to handle their own stuff around you.
Enables you to know your true self without influence from others.
Causes bullies to back away and leave your environment permanently.
Silence those who speak against you.


Removes the annoying people in your life in such a way that they are no longer in your environment.
Attracts genuine people and friends into your life so that you are always surrounded by good people.
Allows you to feel happiness after a distressing period.
Enables you to focus on important projects so they can progress quickly and smoothly to conclusion.

anti influence, bad luck protection, loyalty inducer, speed up perception of time, enhance enjoyment of period of life / situation / event, bring loved ones closer, brings in genuine friends, causes one to see the meaning of a situation, brings happiness after a time of distress, creates serenity during a time of challenges, focuses the mind on important projects when it counts the most


Grants good luck in situations that could easily turn out bad.
Causes others to see the best in you in such a way that they know who you truly are and how you can help them.
Allows you to learn a subject with ease so that you understand retain the information better.
Grants clarity in situations where you can easily be overwhelmed; allows you to understand everything with great insight.
Enables you to feel great motivation and persistence when dealing with a longer project that takes far more focus than you expected; allow you mental clarity and insight where needed to conclude the project / situation in the best possible way, helping others if needed if they require assistance.


Understand how a relationship or situation will develop.
Knowing the thoughts or feeling of someone close to you so that you can help them better.
Enables you to have clear insight into knowing what you really want.
Allows you clear understanding of yourself and situations if you are lost.
Understand how others relate to you in a way that you perfectly understand.


Allows you to know how to develop a project in a way that concludes it in the best way possible.
To allow others know that you loved them, and have them feel your love.
Enables you to see into confusing situations so you know whether you should be part of it or not.
Grants you the ability so start a new project that is greatly enriching and benefits you greatly.
Helps you see the conclusion of a situation and how that comes about so that you can bring it to a close faster.


Causes those around you to enjoy themselves in a way that reveals who they truly are.
Enables those who are evil to reveal themselves so you can properly deal with them.
Grants proper perspective for confusing situations that make sense to few people.
Allows you to find a solution when all seems lost in a convoluted situations.
Brings understanding to ideas or projects that make no sense.


Enables you to find happiness where you might normally be down or feeling slightly negative.
Removes misconceptions about the past or a person.
Allows you to feel into a situation to figure out how it develops and/or how you can get more out of it.
Grants you deep insight so that you know where others are trying to derail you or harm you.
Creates a deep sense of satisfaction when you know a situation is going well.


Allows you to find solutions to complex problems.
Enables you to find peace and serenity when you are greatly troubled by anything.
Allows you to understand a complex situation and how it will unfold over time.
Grants you understanding of present conflict so that you can release all negative emotions related to that event.
Enables you to find your breakthrough when you feel idle and stuck; you just know where you have to go.


Allows you to understand past memories that hurt or have associated discomfort.
Grants enhanced intuition for those who have trouble seeing into a situation or understanding deeper meaning where needed.
Helps you recover from emotional trauma and loss; you just know how to move on.
Removes your tendency to practice a habit such that the habit is removed.
Causes deep insight into why a situation won’t work the way you expect it to.


Enables you to make a wise decision with speed
Allows you to find the deeper meaning in emotionally tense situations that have conflict.
Enables you to find serenity in chaotic and conflict ridden situations.
Grants the ability to find the perfect people to help you solve what problem you have.
Causes you to find emotional serenity where you would normally be very angered or emotionally tense.
Gives you insight on how to solve a very chaotic and complicated situation that others cannot figure out.

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