Angels of the Throne Powers

by admin on April 8, 2018


Enables you to discover the liars and manipulators around you so that you can avoid them or reveal them in your own way; you will be guided on the best course of action.

Allows you to attract the best people to you in any given situation.


Causes you to see the best in others so that you are not stuck in negative judgmental emotions.

Allows you to be wiser with your decisions for a given time period so that you don’t make foolish decisions.


Increases your passion for life in general; allows you to appreciate life more so that each moment feels far richer and meaningful.

Enables you to see the best in the world so that even the darkest days feels good.


Allows you to speak with fluency and clarity so that others perfectly hear what you have to say.

Enables you to have cleared emotions right before you enter a conversation or gathering so that the best of you shines through.


Heals those who are emotionally damaged and torn; causes them to feel warmth and great comfort during challenging times.

Allows those who just can’t understand something or a situation experience deep insight that brings them full understanding of everything they need.


Allows you to find happiness even in negative situations; you are just able to see the best in all situation during a given period.

Causes you to understand why you feel a certain way; you just understand your emotions in a very deep and complete way.


Grants you greater access to intuition so that you detect situations and events much easier.

Allows you to see the future in relation to an event so that you can see how the situation turns out.


Allows you to bring the peace back to a relation that is troubled by heated tempers; you and the partner will just calm down and be able to talk about the situation peacefully.

Brings others to see the best in you so that they are warmer to you in general.


Enables you to find serenity during chaotic times; you can be in the middle of a crazy situation, but still remain at peace.

Causes you to discover the easiest way to calm your emotions during trying times.


Grants greater mental alertness so that you have more energy to work about your tasks.

Allows you to communicate with others in a way that is very concise; you will be able to express your message in the shortest way possible.


Purifies your emotions and thoughts in a way that removes negative emotions and you can think clearly.

Removes your fear, guilt and shame for any situation so that you can act with greater confidence.


Grants you greater confidence so that you can feel better in general; allows you to experience uplifted emotions in a way that you can continue without any deep internal negativity bringing you down.

Allows you to see how to develop a project or situation when you are stuck.


Grants you motivation to get important tasks done without distraction; enables you to finish projects without losing personal will power.

Allows you to focus on the most important things in any given situation; guides you to hone in on the significant stuff directly so that you can bypass the unnecessary stuff.


Causes great synchronicity to kick up when you want to see events come together faster; you enable certain situations to develop faster in a way that allows you to see if it worth your time or not.

Allows you to understand the meaning behind chaos; when situations get crazy, you see what the deeper meaning is no matter what went on.


Allows a situation to unfold at great speed so that you can detect its full potential faster.

Allows you to find the wisest answer when you are confused or unsure of what to do.


Enables you to enjoy your life in an obvious and simple way that allows you to appreciate what you have so you can attract other better things in.

Allows you to find the spiritual in the mundane everyday life; you start seeing deeper meaning in your daily routine.

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